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On Parenting

by Phyllis King

Energetically, there appears to be two patterns in play that may influence the decision to have children. One is biological programming from millions of years where pro-creation and sustaining human existence were powerful forces. I believe the programming in our DNA is still present. Even in these modern times when we can “choose” parenthood that programming still exists. It is still an unconscious motivation. Culture all around the globe supports pro creation, including America. It does so through religion, the pro life movement, and the tax code. It says raising a family is good, having babies is good. As a society we rarely push back on that to any degree. We believe that is a “normal” way of life, to pro-create and have families regardless of the circumstances on our planet. Many of us are acutely aware of over population and dwindling resources, yet we still pro create. That’s how powerful the programming is in us to multiply.

The second pattern has to do with the number of beings we have in our space. What I mean by this is when I look at someone’s energy and they ask me when or if they will have children or grandchildren, it is very easy to perceive how many potential children they will have. These beings do not show up like children. They show up as entities wishing to have a body and wishing for that “host” to be their parent or grandparent. The entity will play games to appear very appealing to the parent energetically. Say for instance a parent loves sailing. The essence may resonate at the vibration of sailing allowing the parent to feel an affinity and deep desire to bring in the essence. Or, if a parent wants a specific gender, the entity will project that gender energetically, even though the entity may not be that gender.

Depending upon how many beings a person has in their space, more often than not influences the likelihood of whether or not someone will have a child. If you have four or five beings trying to influence you, you will be affected much more than if you only have one being trying to influence you. Perhaps you may only realize two of those beings. You always have choice.

Sometimes, although the being exists around the woman, the most powerful agreements are with a specific man. I notice this almost instantly as the being gravitates or magnetizes with one or the other parent. They stick right next to the person. The being may not start to influence the woman until she connects with a certain man. The being can influence her interest in a partner if the agreement is with the man. It is not uncommon at all for children to have more powerful agreements with one parent than another. Perhaps the agreement is to learn about trust, or commitment, or baseball. The person who has the highest likelihood of helping the entity experience those vibrations will have the stronger agreements.

The agreements typically look like being bonded together more closely or being extremely adversarial with each other. It all depends upon the nature of the agreement. Agreements may be karmic in nature or simply on the evolutionary path of one or both souls. I notice in readings, as women begin to age and the realities of the body begin to create definition, a surge of energy to decide occurs. A woman will either do all she can to get pregnant or she will make her decision to let it go forever.

There is a small percentage of women I see who do not choose the parenting experience who regret it. And, another small percentage who have very strong feelings about not becoming a parent and choose to project a negative picture about parenting and children as a protection mechanism. Another percentage exists who are perfectly content without parenting and fill their lives with other things. For the most part pregnancy and parenting is a very complex issue that runs deep in most every person I have ever met. People have strong feelings about it, one way or another.

Phyllis King is known as the Common Sense psychic because she loves to give practical and down to earth advice. She is reknown as a syndicated radio host who uses compassion and humor to deliver her message. She has read over 5,000 people in 20 different countries with appearances on CBS TV, NBC TV, and radio programs across the country. Phyllis hosts workshops and events regularly across the country and teaches beginning and advanced psychic development courses.

Her new book, The Heart of the Matter, Life Lessons with the Common Sense Psychic is . available now, for $21.99. Phyllis is also the author of A Psychic Perspective, 10 Steps to Love, Wealth and Personal Happiness and the co-author of Bouncing Back with Dr. Wayne Dyer.

To purchase the book, or to learn more please visit www.phyllisking.com  

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