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What is the Great White Brotherhood?

by George Lagos

Most people have never heard of, or know little about, the Great White Brotherhood, and since it is the highest and purest source of spiritual teachings, and the greatest help to mankind, I feel that there is a need to provide some information about it. The Great White Brotherhood is a heavenly hierarchy, for he most part. The word "white" refers not to race, but to the aura of white light around the forms of its members - they are "robed in white" (Revelations 6:11). Members of this Brotherhood have come from every nation, race, and religion. They are called Ascended Masters because they have mastered all of life's lessons, balanced their karma, fulfilled their missions, and have graduated from schoolroom Earth. They have ascended and become their Higher, DivineSelves. The ultimate goal of our lives is also to ascend and become our Divine Selves, to become Ascended Masters.

Many members of this cosmic hierarchy were once Earth's greatest leaders, teachers, and servants - ex., Zarathustra, Melchizedek, Abraham, Kind David, the prophet Samuel, the pharaohs Ikhnaton, Amenhotep III, and Thutmose III, Gautama Buddha, Confucius, Akbar the Great, Kuan Yin, Pythagoras, Jesus, John the Beloved, the apostle Paul, Origen, Saint Francis, Saint Patrick, Saint Catherine of Siena, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Yogananda, Pope John XXIII, Padre Pio, and Mother Theresa. Certain unascended chelas, or disciples, of the Masters are also members of this Brotherhood.

While most people are unaware of the existence of the Great White Brotherhood, more and more people are discovering it. Edgar Cayce referred to the White Brotherhood. Dannion Brinkley, the author of Saved by the Light, said that he met and was guided by the Ascended Masters during his near-death experiences. Dr. Brian Weiss wrote about Masters in his book, Many Lives, Many Masters. Information about the Masters and their teachings can be found on the Internet. The best website for this knowledge is www.tsl.org.

One of the greatest goals of the Great White Brotherhood is the enlightenment of mankind. To accomplish this, the Ascended Masters began communicating their higher teachings through their embodied messengers over a century ago. They started in 1875 when the Master M. (El Morya), K.H. (Kuthumi) and others worked with Helena Blavatsky to found Theosophy (this and the following information comes from "Historical Perspective", Church Universal and Triumphant, 1994). This movement introduced the Eastern teachings on reincarnation and karma to the West, and it greatly influenced some of the leading minds of the time (ex., Albert Einstein). Eastern thought also influenced the West through the efforts of Yogananda, the founder of Self-Realization Fellowship. In the latter part of the 19th century, the Ascended Masters also conveyed some of their teachings through Charles and Myrtle Filmore, the founders of Unity, and through Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science. In 1920, the Master Morya worked with Nicholas and Helena Roerich in founding the Agni Yoga Society. In 1930, the Master Saint Germain, the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age, began working with Guy and Edna Ballard to found the I AM Movement. In 1958, El Morya and other Ascended Masters founded the Summit Lighthouse through their Messenger, Mark L. Prophet. Mark was a Messenger for the Ascended Masters until 1973, when he ascended. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Mark's twin flame, was the last Messenger of the Masters. She ascended in 2009.

Being a Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood is beyond channeling or any other psychic means of trying to receive and communicate divine guidance, knowledge, and wisdom. Channels, mediums, and psychics do not have he level of purity, attunement, and attainment needed to clearly and accurately receive communication from the Ascended Masters. Messengers are very high and rare souls who have been chosen by the Masters. Some of the Messengers have since ascended and have become Masters, themselves.

I'm an astrologer, and I'm grateful for knowing the Ascended Master teachings on astrology, because they help us to know what our greatest purposes in life are. The Masters teach that every sign has a God-quality, and that a very important part of our purpose in life is to further develop the God-quality of our sun sign, and of the other signs that are most important in our charts (ex., our moon sign, rising sign, and the signs that the planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars are in). Another very important part of our purpose in life is to work on and eliminate the negative characteristics of our sun sign, and of the other signs that are most important in our charts. The Masters help us to know what those negative characteristics are and, therefore, what we most need to focus on and free ourselves of so that we can make great progress in life. Each sign has an Ascended Master who is the hierarch of that sign, and that Master can be of the greatest help in guiding and teaching us, and in helping us to fulfill our purposes in life. If you'd like to know what the God-qualities and the primary negative characteristics of the twelve signs are, and who the Masters for the signs are, go to my website, www.mercury7rising.com and read my 10-page paper entitled the"Astrology of the Great White Brotherhood". These and other Ascended Master teachings on astrology can be found in "The Cosmic Clock", chapter 15 of The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History, and Religion of America by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, published by Summit University Press, 1987.

One of the greatest gifts given to mankind by the Ascended Masters is the Violet Flame. That's because using the Violet Flame is by far the fastest way of balancing personal and planetary karma, and it is the best way of purifying oneself, one's emotions, thoughts, subconscious, chakras, and aura. We have a lot more karma and impurity that we realize because they have accumulated over many, many lifetimes. We, therefore, have a lot of work to do to free ourselves of them, and using the sacred fire of God is the best spiritual tool for doing so. The ultimate goal in our lives is our ascensions, and since two of the most important requirements for making our ascensions is purifying ourselves and balancing our karma, things that the Violet Flame does better than anything else, using this Fire of God is the fastest way of attaining our ascensions, and of becoming our Higher, Divine Selves. If you'd like to learn more about the Violet Flame, which was once the secret of alchemy, you can go to my website and read the paper entitled "Two Spiritual Tools for Balancing Karma, Purification, and the Ascension", go to the Summit Lighthouse website, www.tsl.org, where you can read about it and many other Ascended Master teachings, or read an excellent little book entitled Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind, and Soul by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and published by Summit University Press. If you'd like to learn more about the Ascended Masters (who they are, who they were in their many great lifetimes on Earth, what they've done for mankind in these lifetimes, and what they are doing for us now), I highly recommend reading The Masters and their Retreats by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, compiled and edited by Annice Booth, published by Summit University Press. In this great book there is information about over 170 Ascended Masters and over 60 of the Masters Retreats on the etheric plane.

My great desire is that many more Lightbearers learn about the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, learn their teachings, use their spiritual tools (ex., the Violet Flame), and work with these great Masters, not only to make the greatest personal spiritual progress in life, but to also help create a much better world. With the Masters' help, Lightbearers can create a great Golden Age of Enlightenment and Brotherhood. Such an Age of Love and Truth has been prophecied by the Ascended Masters.

George Lagos is a former English teacher whohas been practicing astrology since 1974. In addition to giving birthchart readings, he has taught and given lectures on astrology, and written monthly columns and a book on sun signs. He also has given lectures on how to work with angels, and has written eight articles of a spiritual nature that are on his website, www.mercury7rising.com. Contact info: gwbgml@verizon.net,


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