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How To Become One With Your Highest Power - Instantly

by Robert Barry

Through the ages there have many great prophets, luminaries, visionaries, and healers that have come to symbolize many religions, spiritual movements or become legendary for their unique skills and powers: Buddha, Christ, Muhammad, Rumi, Yogananda, Hildegard von Bingen, Nostradamus, and Edgar Cayce to name a few. Rhonda Lenair, a living prophet, luminary, and renowned medical intuitive also known as Self(s), the voiced reflection of all life complete, has often been asked if she is a reincarnate of many of these great notables, as she has often been compared to them by those who have been healed in her presence.

People continuously ask her what guide she channels and what she believes and/or practices that sources her prophetic wisdom and knowledge that Poemantrically* flows from her being. She states, "Seek and ye shall find no greater prophet that’s illuminated within you." And when you ask her what she believes in, she states, "I believe in what I become in your presence. I reflect truth you are and become one with." Like water, Rhonda reflects, and becomes

"… any life image as a seamless one, … Self(s) …

That all become,

By hearing what you’re Self(s) repairing,

Comprehending, and/or ascending …

Rhonda says, "I channel no one but all life complete,

… Where eternal life meets the same,

In one Self(s) center point that’s unnamed,

That illuminates and shines,

A light within all life divine …"

In the quest to find that place within oneself where peace presides, one soon recognizes there are so many different roads one could follow, but only one promises you will become one with your highest power and attain Self(s) enlightenment, instantly and effortlessly – the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) offered exclusively through Rhonda Lenair at The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center. SHE is offered in-person and via the phone.

SHE is the most successful, advanced, and immediate way to become one with your highest power, attain instant enlightenment and the sanctity of inner peace, and it’s legendary and renowned for a phenomenon it has produced for tens of thousands of clients worldwide for over 2 ½ decades whereby one effortlessly outgrows - in seemingly an instant - any out-of-control behavior or thought that stands in the way of inner peace without withdrawals, pain, treatments, or any side effects. SHE is a judgment-free, dogma-free, opinion-free experience that provides truth that emanates from your soul, that knows how you are and are not whole.

Since 1987, over 30,000 people from around the world have traveled to be in the presence of Rhonda Lenair. She has consistently been compared to the ‘Sleeping Prophet’ Edgar Cayce, although she doesn’t go into a trance and medical intuitive feedback is only one small part of the experience SHE offers that supersedes definition.

Most people who seek what SHE offers in-person do so because of the phenomenon SHE produces whereby self-sabotaging obstacles that have kept one in a living prison or taken over one’s life vanish in her presence. Even though it’s not the objective of the experience, she is legendary for this ‘predictable miracle’ occurring. SHE is also offered via phone and is a very powerful, time-concentrated and sacred experience where one becomes one with their highest power –instantly. "This experience provides one with truth they produce beyond what is physical but relates right back to all that is physical." Privately or in a Group, SHE becomes the synthesized voice of many or one that SHE becomes and reflects.

Although being a medical intuitive is only a part of what SHE offers, it is integral to what is ascertained during the sacred experience via phone. In this sanctified encounter

"… Pure truth that emanates from your soul (your infinite one Self(s) presence)

Centers you in all that’s whole

Your Self(s) echoes calibrated words,

That you profit from being heard …"

The SHE via phone offers extremely potent and concentrated information encompassing all realms and states of consciousness you’re ripe to hear and profit by. "All experiences are encoded within truth you are, produce and find that surpasses any human mind or intellect as you become one with an intelligence, that IS your infinite Self(s) presence."

SHE does not produce generic information, as "only your highest power knows what you need or not hear" that is transmitted and received throughout this experience. "There is no one stationary lens one will see, but all life through one Self(s) lens equally, as night and day are not separate from, but part of one continuum. All finite life is a microcosm or one infinite macrocosm of intelligence that SHE produces."

SHE via phone may produce and verbally reflect:

1. The constituents of obstacles that keep them stuck in holding patterns and how "your highest power absolves and solves what revolves to evolve."

2. What’s toxic and/or deficient physically, mentally, spiritually on any definable or indefinable levels of consciousness

3. Poemantras, Self(s) calibrated prayers that tell, how you can be whole and well, and/or comprehend what you’re primed to ascend.

In this encounter, you become your own seamless specialist, physician, dentist, surgeon, therapist, composer, artist, philosopher, scientist, mathematician, prophet and any other role you need to comprehend truth that frees you to transcend and evolve. All systems ascertain a Self(s) prescribed protocol that includes but by no means is limited to what to avoid or what to incorporate, e.g. foods, nutrients, Poemantras and other insights, foresights, and in hindsight iterations, dissertations, and other reflections.

According to Dr. Hyla Cass, one of the country’s foremost authors on integrative medicine, a psychiatrist and former assistant clinical professor at UCLA, "Rhonda’s hands-on healing work is remarkable in its ability to eliminate alcoholism. Rhonda is a ‘doctor of energy medicine’, encompassing all areas/branches of medicine. Energetically able to detect problems on all levels, she acts as the human equivalent of an MRI, CAT scan or diagnostic lab. Moreover, she becomes the client’s voice, beyond the usual constrictions of time and space. She knows deeply and expresses accurately what has happened, is happening, and what is pending within a person systemically and beyond physical boundaries. Despite the depth and fullness of her reading, she ensures that the individual hears what they need to without feeling intruded upon or threatened."

In and through all SHEs (in-person and via the phone), only the miraculous occurs although the ‘predictable miracle’ that has been extensively written about and reported by clients where addictions (like to alcohol, drugs, smoking, eating) and out-of-control thoughts (obsessions, anxiety) simply disappear, is best primed to happen in Rhonda’s physical presence.

SHE via phone can also be accomplished through a relative or loved one for someone unable to communicate or that is experiencing other difficulties. Often family members will use the SHE via phone for the elderly parent, infant/child or for someone with a brain injury, a child with autism or someone simply unable to communicate. SHE offers tremendous value by helping people understand what’s going on in their systems or another’s and why and how to heal.

*Poemantrically: as in Poemantra, a healing prayer that reads like a poem and calibrates like a mantra does.

If you’re unable to come into the office to see Rhonda Lenair in-person, the next best opportunity is through a private SHE via phone. Contact the Center at 1.888.412.8392 or visit www.lenair.com to learn more about the miraculous work of Rhonda Lenair.

To quote Rhonda again, "Seek and ye shall find no greater prophet that’s illuminated within you."

When you call for your appointment, mention Wisdom for $75 off SHE via phone or $300 off SHE in-person. Expires April 30, 2011. Cannot be combined with other offers.

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