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Excerpt from "The Keys to the Universe"

by Diana Cooper

There are 48 keys and 2 golden keys to the Universe. Each key accesses part of the cosmic data, for example how to use the energy of the sun, the wisdom of the trees, the messages of animals or how to connect to angels. When you hold a key you expand your knowledge. When you hold all the keys to the universe you are an enlightened ascended master and you can access the true blueprint of Earth and help to bring it back. For the first time since Atlantis, we can achieve this.

2012 marks the end of a cycle of ten out breaths; the end of a cosmic era of 260,000 years. Towards the end of the out breath anything outstanding is brought to a conclusion, karma is balanced, the outmoded starts to collapse and this is what our planet and universe is currently experiencing. Then the in breath commences and all is called back to the Godhead. The old is dissolved or transmuted. When the next out breath begins a time of creation commences again.

After 2032 there will be a fresh blueprint for Earth, for humanity and for the Universes, so that another Golden Age can start at a higher frequency than the previous one. How we handle this 20 year transition is of vital importance. An understanding of the Keys to the Universe will help you to do your part to bring this about.

The First Golden Cosmic Key in Hollow Earth

The first golden cosmic key is in Hollow Earth, which is a seventh dimensional energetic space or cosmic chakra in the middle of the planet. Here is held the divine blueprint for the planet and all the ancient knowledge of our Earth.

Anchored in the central point of Hollow Earth there is a pyramid of light with a crystal on top of it that turns constantly, radiating the wisdom and knowledge of the ancient civilizations and cultures as well as the stars and planets to which they are connected.

The Great Crystal of Hollow Earth receives energy directly from Source through Neptune, Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades.

People can at last access this great Crystal when they open their twelve chakras and connect their roots down through the cosmic portal of Hollow Earth.

The Great Pyramid of Hollow Earth was mirrored in Atlantis by the pyramids of the protective Dome over that continent. These were energized by the cosmic heart. As a result of humanity’s prayers during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 the crystal pyramids from the Dome were moved and spread throughout the universe. They are connected to each other by pure love and are waiting to be switched on in preparation for 2012.

As the spiritual heart chakra of the planet opens in Glastonbury in 2012, it will connect to the cosmic heart and this will ignite all the pyramids, connecting the heart centers of all the planets, stars and galaxies in this universe.

When they are all linked, the pyramids will swivel and join their energy to that of the Great Crystal Pyramid in Hollow Earth, waking up the wisdom held here. Their divine essence will merge and be spread by water. This will happen by 2032 and will dramatically expand the consciousness of people. It will bring our universe fully into the fifth dimension.

There are 36 keys held within the Great Pyramid in Hollow Earth. For example, each of the five Golden Ages on our planet holds special wisdom which is waiting to be released. So do ancient cultures, cosmic portals and the animal, bird and angelic kingdoms.

In addition 12 keys are held within the golden cosmic key of Sirius. The first is Time and Speed which slows or speeds up depending on the frequency of your consciousness. Most people have experienced enlightenment moments during their lives or at times when they feel total peace and are completely in tune with their surroundings. In those times, you are in the seventh dimension.

An understanding of Sonics is one of the keys of Sirius. Actually snoring creates a sonic which is caused by a blockage, which can be emotional, or by eating the wrong food. However it is an unconscious effort to make the sounds that call in the angels to heal them.

There is a CD to accompany The Keys to the Universe. This offers the 48 sound keys. There is also an orchestration of the sound keys for Hollow Earth followed by one for Sirius. This is pure magic, for as you relax and listen with your heart open, you are being unconsciously opened up to the universal energies, which enable you to become a cosmic master.

Diana Cooper is author of 19 spiritual books in 26 languages. She lectures worldwide and is the Principal of the Diana Cooper School, a not for profit organisation which runs teacher training courses. www.dianacooper.com

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