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Rhonda Lenair: One Step Sobriety

by Barry Chalfin

Every day after finishing his work on his construction project, Dan would stop at the local bar with his co-workers and start his ritualistic drinking routine. By the time he got home, he was blurry and he continued drinking that night until he had double-vision and then went to bed. He awoke with a buzz and went back to work hung over, anxiously awaiting the day job to end so he could resume his ‘lifestyle’.

Dan’s drinking remarkably started when he was just 13 years old. Both his parents had been severe alcoholics, and although he knew the ravages of this addiction, he couldn’t find help to relieve his constant 30-year cravings for the substance which if he couldn’t give up, he felt would eventually take his life.

Dan had been lucky for he had never received a DUI or got arrested. He functioned daily but knew this problem would catch up with him. That’s when he decided to seek help beyond some of the traditional routes to stop drinking that hadn’t produced any success for him in the past. He wasn’t interested in sitting around with others who shared the same problem, as in AA. He had seen an ad for in a magazine about a healer who specialized in eliminating alcohol: he called Rhonda Lenair.

He recalls sitting in Rhonda’s waiting room and reading the hundreds of letters and testimonials of people who had effortlessly been relieved of their drinking and other problems. He then said, "If this could only work for me…" Today, after 7 years of not having any alcohol or thoughts or cravings for it, Dan’s life has been transformed in many ways. The gifts he received by experiencing the work of Rhonda Lenair – prophet, healer of addictions and renowned medical intuitive – even superseded the gift of losing his alcohol addiction. "Being in the presence of Rhonda and experiencing her special work has created contentment for me that is miraculous and almost indescribable," states Dan. Thousands of Rhonda’s clients report similar feelings.

Rhonda, who started her Healing Center in 1987, has seen over 30,000 clients from every walk of life, including royalty. The appeal of her work is that one does not have to commit to meetings or detox or extended rehabilitation stays. Her program allows one to experience their transformation in only three sessions. There are no withdrawals, meds, detoxification, or extended aftercare. The results are proven and absolute, and she has hundreds of testimonials and scores of favorable articles that substantiate her success with alcohol; she has similar success with other addictive issues but dedicates the majority of her working time with the issues that most negatively impact the individual, their family and those who could be subject to their reckless actions in the home and on our roads.

Rhonda Lenair’s work has been described as ‘sacred’ by her devoted followers; she has been compared time and time again to the ‘Sleeping Prophet’ Edgar Cayce, as she has the ability to provide exquisitely detailed information about one’s system at all conceivable levels, whether one is in her presence or not. As a hands-on healer, her work is unique to her and she soon will be teaching other eager practitioners from complimentary disciplines about the philosophy that governs her sacred and powerful work. For the most part, her work’s existence is spread by word-of-mouth and it’s presence on the internet as an alternative method to stop addictions, as well as by the many articles that have been written about her extraordinary abilities. In fact, she has been called a ‘legend in her own time’, but is still here now to help those needlessly suffering with their dependence on alcohol.

Despite the books stuffed with letters and testimonials from grateful former clients and a 30-page section of alcohol testimonials on her website, there are those who are skeptical of her work. Linda Hodges from Austin, Texas was one such client. In 2002, she and her sister, after reading about Rhonda’s work in Elle magazine, flew in to see if Rhonda could address both sisters’ drinking problems. Elaine was very skeptical and thought there was no way that Rhonda, or anyone else could help her. In fact, she thought Rhonda was a fake – just another person to take her money and not help her.

Linda’s background had been one long history of alcohol abuse: two head-on collisions going through the windshield, two treatment centers, several DWI’s, a wrecked marriage, and at the time a difficult time with a current relationship. She tried going to AA, but that program didn’t work for her, and while attending meetings she received another DWI.

Linda saw Rhonda on February 8, 2002 and recently celebrated her 5th anniversary of sobriety. In fact, both Linda and Elaine are ardent supporters of Rhonda’s work, being coordinators for her in Texas. They both have referred other family members and other ‘skeptics’ who were likewise healed and are part of the coterie of testimonials on Rhonda’s SEE/HEAR section of her website. Linda states, "I was a hopeless case and everyone had given up one me. I thank you, Rhonda, for giving me back my life! If you ever need a testimonial, I am the one. I am your miracle!"

Linda is not the only one receiving miracles as a result of Rhonda’s work. Although not many are able to articulate or explain what takes place in the presence of Rhonda Lenair, they understand the metamorphosis that takes place as well as the subtle changes that are immediate and that also softly emerge from their beings over time. They joyously report how all the transformative changes manifest after leaving Rhonda - from losing weight, to having more loving relationships with themselves and others, to understanding their purpose, to releasing guilt and shame over past actions, to being connected to their greater self, to taking better care of and honoring their own being. One client likened the experience to having ‘Shaktipat’ of their entire being, not just their spiritual being.

Many more stories abound about Rhonda’s profound influence on the lives of so many and the gifts that have been bestowed upon those who’ve received her healings of soul. Her website reflects her work: The testimonials are from real clients – their names in tact – and many have lent audio-visual testimonials that can be viewed from the LISTEN HERE link on her home page. Some clients, like Dan McKeon, have even listed their phone numbers so those interested in the process can speak with them. Others like Paola, Tara Daly, Norm McIver, Denise Hunter, Gregg Rose, and many others graciously share their words. Prior to becoming clients, many of these people called the Healing Center stating that they were probably the worst case we’d ever see, or that they were an accident waiting to happen; Rhonda Lenair retorts that she sees them all only as ‘miracles’ waiting to happen!

Barry Chalfin Lenair is Program Director of The Lenair Healing Center. He has personally witnessed the total transformation of thousands of clients who have come from around the world to be healed since 1993. For further information, contact the Center at 888-412-8392 or visit www.lenair.com. A free 48-page brochure is available, as well as information on Rhonda’s travel and teaching schedule.

R. Barry Chalfin

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