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The Path To Heal

by Becky Cohen

Imagine living a life without struggle. Believe it or not, this is not only possible, but also is the natural way to live. We can release struggle with ease because we manifest our own struggle. Once we understand why we manifest struggle, we can break these patterns and the struggle simply dissipates.

Struggle is a function of lifelong conditioning. The most painful thing we experience as children is rejection in the form of “conditional love.” Conditioning ourselves to act in certain ways so that we are not rejected starts early and continues throughout our lives. Our parents, siblings, teachers, etc. condition us to express only the aspects of self that are “acceptable” and “manageable.”

Each of us has five basic needs: to be loved, to be cared for, to be encouraged, to relax and to have fun. When we ask for these needs to be met, and the person we are asking does not have the time or energy to fulfill these needs, we condition ourselves to stop expressing the need.

In The Path to Heal, a newly-introduced healing modality, the events that cause us to repress a basic need are called wounds. Because of wounding events, we subconsciously block ourselves from expressing a basic need so that we are not rejected by our loved ones. However, because the need never really goes away, it is bound to express itself at some later point. To help us further block the need, we subconsciously attract difficult situations that make it almost impossible to express the need. The Path to Heal calls these difficult situations obstacles. Obstacles are either physical issues or other negative life circumstances that stop us from being able to express and fulfill a basic need, but also cause us to struggle.

For example, when Lisa was five years old she would ask her father to play games with her so they could have fun together. Her father, uninterested in, and too tired for games, did not enjoy playing with Lisa. But to appease his own guilt, instead of just saying “Lisa I’m tired too tired to play,” he would turn it on Lisa and say “Lisa, you’re always nagging me to play. Can’t you see how tired I am when I come home from work.” Lisa felt dampened, pushy and unworthy of her father’s love as a result of these interactions. So as not to feel these painful emotions, Lisa not only learned to stop asking her father to play, but also repressed her need for fun so that the temptation was gone as well. As she grew up, she continued repressing her need for fun. To avoid risking the associated rejection she subconsciously attracted obstacles in her life that precluded her from ever asking others to have fun with her. The obstacles that Lisa attracted were chronic sinus infections, limited financial means and a husband who worked all the time in a struggling business and never had time for fun either.

The solution to Lisa’s lack of fun is very simple because we attract in life what we truly want. If Lisa expresses herself fully by asking others to join her in the type of fun she loves and is no longer afraid of the rejection associated with the request, her obstacles would no longer serve a purpose and would easily dissipate. However, we don’t always understand these patterns. Therefore The Path to Heal gives us the insight and the healing energy needed to let go of the wounds. The wounds and associated obstacles are defined by practitioners in The Path to Heal sessions. Through muscle testing, practitioners gently guide clients through a process that helps them understand the pain that their obstacles are protecting them from. Energy from crystals and tuning forks are then brought in to help clients feel complete self-love so they feel free to express themselves fully. With the full expression of self, obstacles are no longer needed and in their place, a life without struggle builds.

It is truly this easy to rid oneself of troubling health conditions and negative life circumstances. It may be a hard to accept that we manifest much of the strife in our lives, but there is such a happy ending to this concept. If we manifest the strife, then we can also manifest the peace and bliss to replace the strife. Moreover, we do not have to undergo years of therapy to understand these patterns, because our inner self already knows these patterns and, through muscle testing, the inner self can inform the conscious self of these patterns. Once we are ready to let go of the negative circumstances in our lives, The Path to Heal can help us release the dysfunctional patterns with ease. Then we aren’t just imagining living a life without struggle, we are living a life without struggle.

 Becky Cohen is the founder of the newly-introduced healing modality, The Path to Heal. Becky is an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner and a Reiki Practitioner. Becky’s office is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Prior to becoming an alternative healthcare practitioner, Becky received her MBA from UCLA and her BA from Barnard College and was a Director at a major US bank. The Path to Heal classes, which Becky personally teaches, are open to all. See www.thepathtoheal.com for more information. Email: becky@thepathtoheal.com Phone: 610-357-0377

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