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Excerpt from "Saved By An Angel"

by Doreen Virtue

The following excerpt is taken from the book SAVED BY AN ANGEL: True Accounts of People Who Have Had Extraordinary Experiences with Angels . . . and How YOU Can, Too! by Doreen Virtue. It is published by Hay House (June 2011) and is available at all bookstores or online at www.hayhouse.com.

Seven-Day Plan for Having an Angel Vision

Here are the steps that I teach the students in my mediumship, psychic-development, and clairvoyance classes. Usually I suggest that people try one or two of these steps at a time, but I understand that you’re very serious about seeing an angel or a deceased loved one, so I’m going to ask you to go into heavy-duty training, and undertake all of the steps in sequence. Just keep going through the days until you have your breakthrough vision.

As I said earlier, it might happen on day 2 or on day 42. But one thing’s for sure: if you follow these steps as prescribed, you will eventually have visions. Your determination in adhering to the steps is up to you. If this process is truly important to you, then please perform these steps as long as is necessary. As an added benefit, you may also find that they help you feel lighter, happier, stronger, and healthier.

First, choose a day to begin, and write it on your calendar as “The Beginning of Angel Visions.” The day before you’re scheduled to begin, you’ll need to stock up on some earthly supplies and shop for foods that will enhance your psychic abilities. Go to a health-food store, if possible, for these items. Or, find a local fruit stand or a grocery store with superior produce.

Buy yourself several types of fresh fruit, preferably organic. In sequential order of their ability to support your psychic abilities, purchase: fresh pineapple, grapefruit, oranges, apples, lemons, berries, and melons. Then, purchase some organic, whole-grain breakfast cereal; whole-grain rice; mixed salad greens; natural salad dressing (without chemical ingredients); raw nuts; hummus; and some meat replacements such as tofu, seitan, and veggie burgers, or look through your health-food store’s deli and frozen-food section for various meat substitutes. While you’re at it, buy one or two vegetarian cookbooks, or Vegetarian Times magazine, to guide you through the ins and outs of this eating style.

Maintaining a vegetarian diet is the quickest route to developing clairvoyance. Even quicker is a “vegan” diet, which means that you avoid all meat, fowl, fish, or dairy products, and use meat substitutes and soy milk products. In fact, dairy products, red meat, chocolate, and alcohol are the greatest blocks to clairvoyance. For further explanation of the link between diet and psychic abilities, please see my books The Art of Raw Living Food (co-authored with Jenny Ross), Chakra Clearing, and Divine Prescriptions.

Note: Each morning’s activities will take at least 20 minutes, so you may need to adjust your routine and set your alarm clock 20 minutes earlier than normal. Some of the activities may seem odd to you, and you may wonder if you could skip some of them. My advice to you is to perform them all, and if you feel uncomfortable about any of them, ask God and your angels to help ease your discomfort or give you a substitute activity. The first day, you may feel overwhelmed by all that I’m asking you to do, but you’ll soon develop a routine that will take less effort. Besides, any extra effort will be worth it, and you’ll find that you have more energy throughout the day as a result.

What to Do Each Day

1. Morning meditation. Immediately after waking up and taking your morning bathroom break, engage in meditation before taking part in any lengthy conversation with family members or roommates. Each day, there’s a different morning and evening meditation to focus upon. You can combine this with your other regular meditation practices, or use it solo.

2. Journal. Next, write (on a notepad or in a formal journal or diary) a letter to whomever you want to see. It could be a carte blanche letter to “Whoever is my guardian angel,” to a specific deceased loved one, to Jesus or a saint, or to God asking to see whom you’re supposed to see. Your letter needs to be from your heart, where you pour out your feelings. Remember that all of the stories in this book showed the correlation between a person having strong emotions and then later seeing a deceased loved one or angels. So, let your feelings out in your letter! Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or proper syntax. Just write from the heart.

3. Chant. In this next step (you may need to go outside to do this and the following step), you will use the ancient science called “toning” to open up your third eye. Chant the sound of God or Creation seven times, preferably out loud. If your family is skeptical, you can chant quietly, but in general the louder, the better. If you have reservations about chanting, or fears that this may be a spooky occult practice, please read the section at the end of this chapter entitled “About Chanting.” You’ll read one woman’s remarkable story of having an angel vision after she began this practice.

Close your eyes and say “Aaaahhhh, Uuuuhhhh, Mmmm” seven times. While you’re chanting, place your focus on the area between your two physical eyes, and hold the positive thought, It is safe for me to see angels. Concentrate on seeing whoever it is you want to see. If you have any negative or frightening thoughts, please don’t fight them. Instead, mentally ask your angels to take the thoughts away.

4. Spin. After you have chanted the AUM sound seven times, stand up and spread your arms straight out from your sides. With your eyes open, find an item or a shape on the wall, a nearby tree, a curtain, or some other interesting eye-level object. This is your “visual anchor.” Then look at that object and slowly spin your body to the right (clockwise). Your body will get to an angle where you can no longer see your visual anchor. Just keep spinning clockwise, and turn your head to the left to spot your visual anchor again, and guide your body back to face the visual anchor.

Do this spinning exercise three times each morning. If you feel dizzy, it means that your third-eye chakra (the window of clairvoyance) is dirty. As you cleanse your chakra through meditation, chanting, light eating, and spinning, you’ll be able to rotate more times without feeling dizzy. For now, though, spin slowly during each rotation. You can also stop at the end of the three spins and put your hands in a prayer position (or “Namaste” position) in front of your chest as a way to stop the dizziness.

5. Eat in the light. You should eat a vegetarian or vegan diet (no meat or dairy) to the extent that you want to have angel visions. In other words, the more vegetarian foods that you can eat, the more readily your angel visions will come. So, a 70 percent vegetarian diet would yield a 70 percent chance of seeing an angel or deceased loved one, and so on.

In addition, mentally ask your angels to heal any cravings you may have for the two substances that block psychic abilities the most: alcohol and chocolate. If you’re really serious and sincere about seeing angels, you’ll abstain from these two things for now. The angels can release you from desiring alcohol or chocolate so that you won’t feel deprived. Just ask for their help by saying something such as:

“Angels, I want to see you, so I ask you to enter my body, mind, and heart, and heal away any fears or sense of emptiness that leads me to crave mood-altering food or drinks. I am willing to release the need to eat chocolate or drink alcohol. I know that these substances are poor substitutes for Divine love and energy. Thank you, and amen.”

In addition, keep your caffeine, sugar, nicotine, and processed-food intake to a minimum during this seven-day period. Instead, drink plenty of room-temperature spring or artesian water (not sparkling, purified, distilled, or tap water); or rainwater that you catch in bowls during a rainstorm. Or, drink freshly squeezed citrus juice, especially if it comes from organic produce. You’ll find that natural water and fresh, organic juices boost your energy much more than any caffeinated beverage.

6. Nature time. Five minutes a day, take off your shoes, socks, or nylons, and stand with your bare feet on Mother Earth. Let your flesh connect with soil, grass, or sand. You and the earth need to touch each other in a “mystical meeting” to psychically exchange vital information—as well as playful love—with one another. By keeping this Divine daily appointment with your Mother, you will feel more of a kinship with all of life. And part of opening your psychic visions is knowing that you are one with everyone and everything.

In addition, make sure that you’re surrounded by healthy, live plants in your home and office. Plants absorb the energy of our fear and stress in the same way that they absorb carbon dioxide. It is especially important to sleep next to a live plant. The broad-leafed varieties, such as pothos or philodendrons, are best at absorbing negative energy.

7. Exercise. Every day, engage in some sort of heart-opening physical activity, such as yoga, brisk walking, running, swimming, biking, or any other exercise that elevates your pulse for at least 30 minutes. Aerobic exercise clears away fear’s toxic residue, which builds up in the body.

8. Evening chant. Chant “AUM” seven times, as discussed in Step 3.

9. Evening meditation. Spend at least ten minutes alone, even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom, and take several deep breaths. Focus on the evening meditation corresponding to the particular day of your seven-day plan.

10. Evening angel discussion. As you fall asleep, mentally talk to your angel or deceased loved one. Pour your heart out about your feelings, about what happened to you during the day, and any issue that you need assistance with. Ask your angel or deceased loved one to enter your dreams or visibly appear to you. Ask for help in losing your fears so that you can stay calm and centered. Ask for help, also, to remember any dream encounter that you may have with your angel or deceased loved one (although most such encounters are so vivid that they are unforgettable).

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