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Caring For Your Intuitive Child

by Sherrie Dillard

Intuition is natural and normal and we all too some degree possesses this sixth sense. Your child’s intuitive development is more important than what you might realize and offers many positive benefits. For instance, intuitive awareness will empower your child to be alert to danger, perceive the motives of others, make good decisions, problem solve, empathize with others and practice compassion and develop inner strength. Supporting and nurturing your child’s intuition will help him or her to trust and further cultivate this ever present inner guide.

All children are intuitive and some experience more frequent, intense and surprising psychic events, messages and perceptions. Most intuitive children will share some of these characteristics: They will often know, without knowing how they know, the thoughts and feelings of others and respond and react to the unspoken emotional needs of those who they come into contact with. They may see, know or dream of future events as well as see or feel the presence of ghosts and loved ones who have passed over in such random places as the backyard, their bedroom or the grocery store. Intuitive children may easily communicate with and inform you of what a pet or younger sibling may want or what they are feeling. They may know who is a safe person and become uncomfortable around certain others, no matter how nice they may appear. They often know when people are being authentic or deceitful and might intuit unknown personal or private information about them. Intuitive children may spontaneously draw traumatic worldly events, or become tense and talk about them without any prior external knowledge. In some cases intuitive children may possess unusual healing abilities or exhibit extraordinary talents such as creative writing, artistic or musical aptitude or be highly intelligent in specific areas.

There are four primary ways that we receive intuitive energy and information and this usually occurs without our awareness that we are doing so. Children as well as adults absorb intuitive energy through their body, their emotions, thoughts or energy field. Intuition is not simply a skill or special talent. It is the way that we relate and interact with the environment, others and the unseen on a daily basis. Due to their acute energetic receptivity, highly intuitive children, especially if their intuition is denied and unacknowledged, may experience sensitivity to noise, lights, and environmental toxins and negative and emotional situations. They may have allergies, unexplained stomach aches, headaches and become over stimulated or anxious in crowds.

You can make a significant difference in your child’s intuitive and empathic development by becoming more comfortable with your own intuition. Children soak in the thoughts, feelings and intuitive beliefs of their parents. The more at ease you are with listening and acting in positive ways to your intuition, the more confident your child will be with theirs. You will also be able to more quickly recognize when your child is being challenged and stressed by what they are intuiting and be able to offer workable solutions and coping skills. In addition here are some other ways you can support your child.

· Stay open to his or her intuitive perceptions and feelings without judgment. Listen calmly and do not over dramatize their experience. Let them know that you are always available to talk to.

· Listen nonjudgmentally and let your child know that it is safe to share what they are experiencing even if no one else seems to see, know, or share their special awareness.

· Help your child put words and descriptions to nonphysical impressions and feelings

· If your child experiences moodiness, unexplained aches and pains, worries and is tense and stressed, teach your child to ask themselves:“ is this feeling I am experiencing mine or someone else’s? If it is not theirs, teach them to breathe, relax and let it go

· Engage in open discussions about spirituality, angels, God or a divine presence who is loving, wise and always available

· Limit television news, negative and toxic environments and games that promote violence. Despite time and distance the intuitive child can be a sponge absorbing negative and confusing energy.

· Give your child opportunities for plenty of exercise and time outdoors, especially in nature. This will help the intuitive child to become calm and balanced.

· Teach them they are not responsible for others happiness, pain, problems and life circumstances. Knowing and sensing the feelings and thoughts of another does not mean that we can change their situation.

· Help your intuitive child to tune into what makes them happy and comfortable. Engage in play, art, dance, music and exercise. Encourage your child to focus on their own needs especially when they become overwhelmed or stressed in school, over stimulating environments and if they spend time with ill or negative people.

Intuitive children need intuitive parents who can tune into their special needs and respond with loving care and nurturance. The rewards of paying attention to this special magical gift that we all share are great. Reliable intuitive awareness will empower you and child in a multitude of ways throughout his or her life.

Author of the bestselling Discover Your Psychic Type and Love and Intuition, Sherrie Dillard has been a New Thought pastoral counselor, professional psychic, medium, and teacher for over twenty years. She has taught classes and workshops, both nationally and internationally, on the life-enhancing aspects of intuition development. She has been featured on radio and national television for her work as a psychic detective. www.sherriedillard.com, 919 286 4016, sgd7777@yahoo.com

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