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Healing One's Life Through The Mind

Alice Konyves Discusses The Silva Life System & Silva Intuition Training

by Staff

There is such a thing as making a 180-degree change from one career to another in one’s lifetime. That’s exactly what Alice Konyves did 11 years ago, after a career of nearly 40 years in the money-management business on Wall Street.

Konyves, who was born in Hungary but has been a U.S. citizen for many years, always had been interested in freedom in all forms, including mental and spiritual freedoms. Thus she always had an interest in alternative learning, healing and spirituality. After many years of reading about and attending a variety of related seminars, in 2000 she made the decision to become a seminar presenter herself. She chose to present the Silva Method program, called "mind development and motivational training." The Silva Method seminars were among the first "New Age" pursuits, made available to the American public as far back as 1969.

She explains that in the dynamic, two-day trainings, one learns to relax physically and mentally, which allows one to reduce the effects of stress and to enjoy greater health and energy. One accesses the alpha brain waves by using a series of structured mental training exercises, thus improving memory, concentration and the ability to learn quickly, as well as allowing one to access his or her intuition and psychic abilities. She says that whether one wishes to solve problems more easily, enhance one’s spirituality, or think more creatively, one can learn techniques to accomplish those goals.

Konyves explains that this process allows one to correct, reframe and leave behind negative beliefs that have been programmed into the subconscious from early childhood. "We all have limiting beliefs," she says. "They stop us from achieving our potential and goals. But limiting beliefs can be reframed and eliminated from the subconscious mind." She gives the example of low self-esteem, which is the most common limiting belief. "Most everyone has this in different degrees," she says. "How one thinks, believes and behaves dictates one’s living experience." And, as she has learned, these beliefs can be changed. Konyves now regularly presents the two-day Silva Life System and the Silva Intuition Training seminars at local hotels on weekends.

After working with the alpha brain waves and the subconscious mind, Konyves became interested in hypnosis. These two practices fit together perfectly, she says. Working one-on-one with a hypnotist, a client can achieve deeper depths within the subconscious, thus making reframing and reprogramming of negative belief systems much easier and faster. Hypnosis can be used for just about any human issue, emotional or physical. Konyves explains that a client simply needs to be able to relax the body and quiet the mind. "It is simple, clear and effective," she says, "It is not a magic wand, though, so those who think that a hypnotist can simply solve their problems without their participation will be disappointed."

A part of hypnosis is regression work, which Konyves learned by studying with Dolores Cannon, a renowned teacher, author and practitioner. Regression work, Konyves explains, can take a client back in time in a current life or into past lives. "Sometimes, a client turns out to be a ‘me-dium,’ meaning that he or she becomes a direct channel, revealing information with ease and answering questions of all kinds," she says. Konyves works with young and old, male and female, the ill and the terminally ill. She gives special attention to those looking for their "purpose" and those seeking to develop their spirituality.

"Working with one’s emotional issues creates wellness on all levels of existence," Konyves says. "The body heals, and then the mind and the spirit follow."

Alice Konyves is a Certified Silva Method Instructor; a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, a Certified Hypnosis Instructor (certified by the NCH) and a Certified Master in Neuro-Linguistic Program-ming, Her practice is located in Westwood, NJ. For more info, call 201-666-8569, email Alice@AliceKonyves.com or visit www.AliceKonyves.com .  

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