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Ask the Astrology Guy

by Jeff Pica

Dear Astrology Guy,

My first marriage didn’t work out very well and now my second husband and I seem to be experiencing a lot of marital blisters. Is there something going on in my chart or should I just get used to this?

My birthday is 02/20/1959 at 12:20 am in the Bronx NY and my husband Will was born 12/20/1961, (No Time) in Peekskill NY.

Thank you,


In Astrology, the Moon's Nodes reveal past life characteristics and how those characteristics affect your present life path. The North Node represents a current life path to follow in this lifetime to further your soul's growth and to balance out past life characteristics, represented by the South Node.

It’s interesting that your question has to do with your relationships because your North Node is in Libra, meaning that developing and maintaining close and personal relationships is a direct way to advance soul growth for you in this lifetime. Your South Node is in Aries, meaning that you were more “I” oriented in your last lifetime; now you are asked to be a “We.”

Maintaining close relationships for all of us is an effort, maybe even more so for you in this lifetime. You are presented with many challenges, not just within your relationships, but in all the major aspects of life, because of a relatively uncommon configuration in your Natal chart called a Grand Cross.

For Astrology students, a Grand Cross is when the “ends” of two oppositions square each other. In Janet’s chart: Opposition One: Jupiter in Sagittarius in the First House in opposition to Mars in Gemini in the Seventh House. Opposition Two: Sun conjunct Mercury and the I.C. (Fourth House) in Pisces in opposition to Pluto conjunct the Midheaven (Tenth House) in Virgo. Angular Grand Cross: Jupiter and Mars both square Pluto/Midheaven and Sun/Mercury/IC, creating a large + configuration across the chart.

Your Grand Cross involves the four major angular houses: First (Self,) Fourth (Home,) Seventh (Marriage,) and Tenth (Career.) Janet, your Grand Cross shows that powerful forces, both at work and in the home, are counter to or fight against, your sense of self and individuality and within your partnership(s). There are issues of control and ego, even anger and arguments that can be explosive. Because of the many planets and major angles involved, a Grand Cross will inevitably be “set off” or activated by transits, etc. causing the above issues to surface and resurface often throughout a lifetime.

I can sense the challenges that arise from your Grand Cross are especially upsetting to you because in essence, you are a sweet, caring (Sun in Pisces,) kind, loving (Venus in Pisces,) nurturing, sensitive (Moon in Cancer,) and deep (Ascendant in Scorpio) soul. (Janet has a Water Grand Trine of the Moon, Venus, and the Ascendant.)

Will’s Moon is in Gemini, a rational air sign, and his Sun, Mars, and Venus in fiery Sagittarius. He’s smart, witty, and with all that delightful Sagittarius energy, probably a load of fun. I picture an Indiana Jones type of man. With his Moon in a square aspect to Pluto, he can be serious, deep, and penetrating. One possible red flag I can see - without your husband’s time of birth, we aren’t able to calculate his Ascendant (or Rising sign) but I hope that it’s in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces) because his chart lacks the element of water and therefore he may lack the sensitivity to match and support yours.

Even without Will’s time of birth though, your Relationship chart with him is quite interesting. A Relationship, or Composite Chart takes the mid-points of each position of two charts and calculates a third chart that represents the union. The Composite Sun is (conjunct) close to the planets Mercury and Venus, showing that your relationship is basically a loving and communicative union. With the Composite Moon in aspect to Jupiter, there’s levity and laughs.

What’s extraordinary in your Relationship chart is a Composite Yod. In Astrology, the Yod, also known as the "Finger of God" aspect, is an uncommon aspect of divine guidance. For Astrology students, a Yod is when two planets sextile each other while both quincunx a third apex planet, creating a large Y formation across a chart. In your Relationship chart, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all combine as apex planets, telling us that your relationship, whether you are aware of it or not, acts as loving guidance to others. Perhaps the way the two of you work through relationship issues can serve as guidance to others, giving your relationship a clear and purposeful expression.

Janet, if you can live your life being the sweet and compassionate soul you already are and try to grow with each issue that arises in your life, especially with relationship issues, you’ll find much progression and soul growth in this lifetime.

I hope this has helped.

Reverend Jeff Pica has been a professional Astrologer for over 25 years. He began his study of Astrology with two years of private tutoring and then became a student of the New York Astrology Center. He gives private Astrology readings, teaches Astrology and lectures on Metaphysical topics. He’s a certified Psychic Medium and Reiki Practitioner with the American Board of Holistic Practitioners and an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, which gives extra depth to his Astrology readings. He’s also a founding member of the Spiritualist Church of NYC.

Please address questions to AstrologyGuy@aol.com with Astrology Question as the subject.

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