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Reflexology for Health & Happiness

by Laura Norman

Laura Norman, author of the best-selling book Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology, is a leading authority on Reflexology. She offers comprehensive training programs in the Laura Norman Method of Holistic Reflexology which supports clients physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Her holistic method combines Foot, Hand, Ear and Face Reflexology with Life Wellness Coaching to empower clients to improve their health, trust their inspirations and realize their dreams. She discusses the power of Reflexology.

How does Reflexology work?

Reflexology is an ancient holistic healing technique used today throughout the world to accelerate the body’s own healing ability, encourage relaxation and rejuvenate the entire system. Reflexology involves the gentle and skillful stimulation of the nervous, lymphatic, and cardio-vascular systems, as well as the subtle energy flow within the body. Results are achieved by applying pressure to specific reflex areas on the feet, hands, ears and face that correspond to all of the organs, glands and other parts of the body. This creates an immediate and positive response within the body. You relax as your body is empowered to cleanse itself of impurities, restore balance, and promote a general sense of wellness.

What health problems can benefit from Reflexology?

With regular Reflexology sessions, clients report relief from many conditions including headaches, back, neck, shoulder pain, digestive conditions, fatigue, allergies, poor circulation, PMS, menopause and other chronic conditions.
The benefits are extensive and unique for each person. Reflexology can also reduce stress, increase energy levels and productivity, and improve circulation and detoxification. It can even assist in weight management and overcoming addictions. Reflexology is a wonderful way to improve health and well-being and empower you to connect to your greatness.

How many sessions does it normally take to resolve a health issue?

Clients report they feel better after their first session, and there are more cumulative effects after a series of sessions. Results vary with each individual, and how open and willing they are to let go of their health issue(s). Reflexology brings the body into balance/homeostasis, assisting the body/mind to heal itself.

How do people feel during and after a Reflexology session?

Clients feel more relaxed during a session. Many have said they feel like they were in a hypnotic trance or dreamlike state, and they frequently do fall asleep. After the session clients tell me they feel much calmer, relaxed, at peace. People notice symptoms diminishing and/or disappearing as their health improves. They say they experience a new inner strength, greater clarity and focus, increased energy, are more effective at work, and their relationships benefit from their increased sense of calm, patience and compassion.

Why would someone want to become a Reflexologist?

Being a Reflexologist is rewarding in many different ways. It is very fulfilling to see someone who came in stressed, anxious, exhausted or in pain leave feeling calm, relaxed, energized, free of pain. Reflexology is non-invasive, easier to learn than massage, so Reflexologists can do more sessions in a day and still feel energized when they are done.

What types of people become Reflexologists, and what is required to be certified?

People from all walks of life who are caring, compassionate and have a desire to help others choose to become Reflexologists. National Certification requires, at a minimum, a recognized 210-hour Reflexology training program.

Laura Norman will offer Foot, Hand, Ear and Face Reflexology Certification Training Programs in Stockbridge, Massachusetts starting October 14th for twelve days of training, plus the final six days of Laura’s Professional Certification Program in NYC Oct 28-30, Nov 4-6 (see schedule inside cover). Laura is also available for private Reflexology and Life Coaching sessions.
For more info, visit www.lauranorman.com  or call 413-854-2615.

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