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Whitney's Whirl: Your Horoscope for September 19-25, 2011

by Whitney Boyd

This weeks aspects: The Sun makes another of those stressful Quincunx aspects (150 degree orb), bringing with it a need for all of us to adjust to our desires, while maintaining a clear head. The Sun Quincunxes Neptune bringing in a major note of contention as we are confused due to alcohol, drugs or unclear circumstances. Mercury is in Virgo which will help us to clarify our thoughts, and it squares the North Node, which will help up to find answers.

The Sun is also opposite Uranus while square to Pluto so this week we are going to face some difficult issues, where we struggle to see who is in control.

Venus is Biquintile Neptune so those of you who are creatively involved will be able to turn out one or more spectacular views of your inner landscape. Neptune is a higher octave of Venus, and so the intertwining of these two planets brings out the best of our creativities.

Venus is Biquintile Jupiter this week, so there will be an appreciation of music, art, and a strong interest in entertainment. We will find it easy to appreciate and support creativity and the arts. This aspect is also Biquintile Chiron, the healing asteroid, your creative endeavors are sure to help others heal in some way.

Venus is opposite Uranus in Aries, while it is also square Pluto so love and money will be what we are confused and frustrated about this week. We will all need to make some adjustments to these issues while maintaining the peace, or at least attempting to do so.

And we also have Mars Quincunx Neptune bringing a glitch in our spiritual ideas and need for action and achievement. It might be hard to find a balance between our spiritual sides and our need to achieve something, but, it can be less difficult if we try to keep a low profile, and keep the peace.

ARIES: Your ruler, Mars in Leo, in your 5th house of art. gambling and play says it's time to have some fun, but the square to Jupiter says be careful that you don't waaaay over do it because you can. The Sun in your 6th Quincunxes Neptune in your 11th house so friends may offend or confuse you totally. An adjustment is necessary to get thru this. Your significant other may come to the rescue and pull you away to something better.

TAURUS: The Sun in your 5th house of love, play and gambling says you should have some fun this week; however; with the Quincunx adding a note of confusion to your career, those fun things could be interrupted. The Square from Jupiter in your 1st house to Mars in your 4th house of home/family says someone in your family may really annoy you by acting out and overdoing it; stay calm.

GEMINI: Mercury, your ruler, squares the North Node, so you will be pressed to say what you need to say, and it may open some important doors for you too. The Sun in your 4th house of home and family, brings a note of confusion to something legal. If alcohol is the issue, then be sure all legalities are in order, and right this week out quietly. With the New Moon and the Part of Fortune in your 1st house, you personally will blossom, and find that you have a new love looking at you by week's end.

CANCER: The Sun in your 3rd house Quincunxes Neptune in your 8th house which brings confusion to communications, and shared finances. With Saturn, Venus and Juno all in Libra in your 4th house of home and family, you may find that you tie the knot or perhaps move in with someone. With Mercury Sextile Venus in Libra you might find that you have much to say or at least are willing to talk about your relationship.

LEO: The Sun, your ruler, makes a Quincunx to Neptune in your 7th house of parnters, so don't expect much clarity in working with others this week, especially someone special. With Mars in your first house in Leo, your ego will get the best of you if you let it, and you can really over do anything with the square to Jupiter. As Jupiter is in your 10th house of career, you are putting your very best foot forward, and working hard, but don't step on anyone else this week; keep the peace.

VIRGO: Your ruler, Mercury, is in your 1st house giving you the ability to speak your mind. The Sun travels your first as well, yet makes a Quincunx to Neptune in your 6th house of health, service or work. With the Square from Mars to Jupiter you can over do things this week, so don't. Especially anything to do with health or eating. Be careful with your body, and don't believe the confusion that comes from this week, just don't overdo it.

LIBRA: Venus, your ruler, Saturn and Juno are all conjunct in your 1st house of yourself. It will be easier for you to express yourself this week ahead. It might be easy for you to think about marriage this week with all of this energy in your sign of Libra. As it also Sextiles the North Node, that might just be the path that you are traveling. The Sun Quincunxes Neptune in your 5th house so issues with children, gambling or recreation may be somewhat confusing. A wide sqare from Mars in Leo to Jupiter in Taurus, brings in a spirit of adventure, so take it slowly, and don't over do anything.

SCORPIO: The Sun, and Mercury transit your 11th house of socializing so be sure to be part of this energy as you could meet an important associate this week. As the Sun is Quincunx Neptune you will be somewhat perplexed with your dreams vs others in the family. And then, with Venus, Saturn and Juno all in your 12th house someone from your past may step back into your now, and with Pluto square Venus, it might not be pretty. Think twice about what you get involved in, because if it didn't work once, it won't work again...think about that.

SAGITTARIUS: Your ruling planet, Jupiter, still resides in your 5th house of creativity, love and play, but it also Quincunxes Venus as well, so you will need to make an adjustment to love and money as Venus rules both. With the Sun, and Mercury both in your 10th house of career, you will have much to say, perhaps to sing about. With Venus, Saturn and Juno all in your 11th house of friends & wishes, you have many choices in partners, and this time it might last.

CAPRICORN: Your ruler, Saturn, is conjunct Juno, the marriage asteroid, and with the energy of Venus close by, this should bring a very close encounter or perhaps someone asking you to tie the knot, or at very least, get closer. This may also bring about a top quality business plan with you and some friends. With Jupiter in Taurus in your 5th house of creativity, consider all of the many ways a business proposal can manifest.

AQUARIUS: The Sun and Mercury transit your 8th house, of close encounters, so perhaps this week it will be one of talking and discussing what you both value. As the 8th house takes us "through the looking glass", as I call it, or the veil, you could be more aware of those on the other side this week. WIth Venus, Saturn and Juno, the marriage asteroid, closely joined in your 9th house of long distance travel, this is a perfect time for a honeymoon, or a vacation.

PISCES: The Sun and Mercury travel through your 7th house of partners, and open enemies so which will it be? WIth Mars in Leo there is still a good deal of egotistical energy around this week; add the Virgo influence and we can all be very much into nitpicking those who displease us. With Venus, Saturn and Juno's energy in Libra, the chances are that you will have a nice enoucnter with someone this week, so keep it sweet.

Whitney Boyd lives in Kittery, Maine and is a professional Astrologer as well as a psychic. New classes are now forming in Psychic Development so sign up soon as space is limited. Call Whitney for a private reading at 603-205-2001, or Scallops Sea Shell Emporium in downtown Porstmouth, NH at 603-431-7658.

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