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Psychic Astrology & Spiritual Guidance for Fall 2011

by Elissa Heyman

This Fall, don’t spend a lot of time on relationships--just let them be, whatever they are. However, people do tend to jump the right way in doing what’s necessary to repair or cement important relationships.

“Balance” is the goal in one’s personal life. There’s a danger of overheating, expecting too much of oneself and working too hard. This can lead to burnout, especially if you’re anticipating the future too much.

This is a very “catch-as-catch-can” time. Don’t put your energy into really futuristic scenarios. Just what’s see-able. Do what’s looming right in front of you and clearly important now.

One significant planetary aspect this Fall is Mars in Leo. It can foster generosity, but make people self-defensive and act egocentrically in splashy ways. Mainly, you have to watch your temper as it’s easily triggered. However, Mars in Leo helps mightily if you’re trying to get something done that demands you show up for yourself. It is also easier to get over your own old self and step into a more fitting identity.

Paperwork will feel like it’s becoming impossible to deal with if you’ve left it for this Fall. In general, bureaucratic life can get clogged and bogged down. People get huge lessons now about keeping things simple. Much is released as people let go of things like never before. (Many have already downsized in earlier phases of this transformative cycle, and can more easily be busy with what’s new.)

We are in extreme times; no wonder our mythology and movies are so filled with battles between good and evil. In the face of the worst from both man and Nature we can only hope it brings out the best in us, and makes us establish personal havens within and stronger connections to others.

Time to make some noise! We speak up and speak out for the world of our choice and will have extra drive to get others informed. It’s also time to bring something to peoples’ attention you know about: your piece of the puzzle, your knowledge or truth. The gods will talk to all of us in Fall, encouraging us to find a way to make new things happen for ourselves.

The Sun says: “Just be positive!” The positive energy of the sun’s great light needs people to shine through.” On the opposite end of the scale from the past manifest in the form of myriad horrors going on all over the world, individuals are lighting up. Much like switching the channel from “Jersey Shore” to a “Hamlet” production, there is a consciousness and energy in the air, if people are willing to tune in, that feels brighter and more loving. People are raising their individual vibrations, opening their heart, and empowering themselves to do what’s meaningful in these paradoxical times.

Elissa Heyman, Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing, in person/by phone, Santa Fe, NM 87501, 505-982-3294. New website! www.elissaheyman.com Elissa will be available in Boston, Massachusetts for in-person appointments and an Intuition Circle October 16-23rd. Cell phone while traveling: 505-577-4012

Elissa Heyman

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