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Whitney's Whirl: Your Weekly Horoscope for October 10-16, 2011

by Whitney Boyd

The Sun in Libra again is conjunct in a rolling stellium (3 or more planets conjunct or toether) with Mercury, Juno, the marriage Asteroid, and Saturn. This helps to keep people in a good mood, and leaning towards keeping things in balance and harmony. Romance can be excellent this week, especially with Venus in sultry Scorpio, keeping everyone thinking about pairing up.

With the Sun Sextile Mars we will have the drive and desire to making things happen this week, especially creative things as Mars is in one of the most creative signs, Leo! With the Sun also Sextile the North Node, it will be much easier to find our path this week as something will manifest and we will "get it". So put your best creative efforts into life this week.

Mars Squares Jupiter which still gives us the power that we need to manifest our dreams. Also, this aspect can make us be a little too interested in gambling and make poor judgement calls. Use your money wisely this week.

Venus is Quincunx Uranus, which means we will have to make an adjustment to love or money this week. This is not always the most comfortable aspect (angle) for relationships, but it is short lived.

ARIES: Uranus is still in Aries and Sextile Mars which allows the energies to flow harmoniously. We can harness our unique creativities easily with this energy especially with Mars projecting through the sign of Leo. Those of you who are into music, theatre or any creative realm will enjoy this. Outside of this, the energy will serve those who wish to engage in a business venture.

TAURUS: Your ruler, Venus, is is your 7th house of partners, but is Quincunx Uranus leaving a discordant note that may cause some interruption between you and someone important. With the Sun in the 6th house of work and health Sextile Mars, you should put yourself on a new health care program. With Mercury in the 7th trine
Neptune in 10th, you should hear some good news regarding your creative or spiritual ideas.

GEMINI: With Mercury as your ruler, and the Sun in your 5th house of love and creativity, you will find your dance card full this week, but only if you pay attention to the invitations coming your way. With the lovely Trine from Mercury to Neptune, your angels will be sharing ideas with you and helping you to make wise decisions. With Venus Sextile Pluto some wonderful changes can happen in your love life. Smile and see what happens, and then say yes, when the invitation arrives.

CANCER: The Moon as your ruler, in your 9th house suggests you take some classes or plan a long distance trip to someplace exotic. The Sun in your 4th house of home and family with Saturn, Juno and Mercury says your home life is going to be very busy, so plan a party! With Mercury trine
Neptune in your 8th, and Mars Sextile the Sun, you will have the energy and funds to make repairs and changes to your home. Good news from your bank regarding your ideas is part of this event.

LEO: The Sun, your ruler, shines in your 3rd house of learning, and with Mars in Leo Sextile this you will find that success is yours in whatever creative projects you launch. With Mercury Trine Neptune, writing will be one of the best outlets for your talents. Take some classes in writing, music or learn to play an instrument so when that interesting person shows up you can entertain him/her.

VIRGO: As Mercury is your ruler, and Trine Neptune, your words will be magical this week, and others will listen. With the Sun in your 2nd house of income Sextile Mars in Leo, finances will improve and come from your creativity. Jupiter in Taurus in your 9th helps you find funding for classes or to travel. Start a journal, and keep up with it.

LIBRA: The Sun, Saturn, Juno and Mercury all in Libra and in your 1st house impact you in a very powerful and creative way! With the Trine from Mercury to Neptune, your voice will be heard above the rest, and your creative side will be appreciated. With the Sun in your 11th house Sextile Mars in Leo, you will find a new social outlet that brings in many new faces as well as improving finances. Write your wish list, as this is your week to get your wishes met.

SCORPIO: With Venus in your 1st house others will find you powerfully magnetic this week. This aspect deepens your response to love, people and life in general. You are charismatic and have a deeply powerful influence on others, and your creativity will need to be expressed now too. Be sure you show your talents, and then watch the expression on others faces. With Mars Sextile the Sun, Saturn, Juno and Mercury you should hear some interesting news regarding a career opportunity.

SAGITTARIUS: The Sun, Saturn Juno and Mercury fill your 11th house, and Sextile mars in Leo. Legal issues will be in your favor, and with Venus Sextile Pluto money from the past should find its way to you. Mercury Trine Neptune brings creative words into play, and your ruler, Jupiter in your 6th house of work square Mars in Leo brings out the best in your creativity.

CAPRICORN: The Sun, Saturn, Juno and Saturn Sextile Mars in Leo all transit your 10th house of career pushing you on to bigger and better things. With Venus Sextile Pluto you will find that a new social group brings in just what you want, money and fun! Jupiter in your 5th house of play and gambling says buy some lottery tickets and plan to travel.

AQUARIUS: The Sun, Saturn, Juno and Mercury in your 9th house pushes you to take some classes or take that trip that has been calling to you for awhile now. With Venus in your 10th house of career Sextle Pluto there are some changes coming that will build your reputation and increase your income. Write down those ideas as they will be worth something soon.

PISCES: Neptune, your ruler, Trines Mercury, bringing you words of love and creativity. Start that book that you've been talking about. With Venus in Scorpio in your 9th house, passion will play a part in travel plans. The Sun, Saturn, Juno and Mercury all in your 8th house suggest that a get away with someone special will bless you with a deeper understanding of love.

Whitney Boyd lives in Kittery, Maine and works at Scallops in downtown Portsmouth after working at the Mustard Seed for 20 years doing psychic readings. Whitney is also a professional astrologer and works as a medium and with Tarot cards. Whitney has classes in Psychic Development on Oct. 20, 2011. For more information call Scallops at 603-431-7658, or come to the store at 65 Daniel Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. visionsbywhitney@aol.com

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