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Interview with JZ Knight

by Edie Weinstein-Moser

The last time I had the pleasure of interviewing J.Z. was in the Fall of 2005, when Ramtha spoke at the Yoga Research Society conference in Philadelphia. In the interceding time, much has transpired for this woman who has opened her mind and body to a 35,000 year old entity known as Ramtha. Their work together was a mainstay of the spiritual journey of many throughout the 80’s and 90’s and today the message is even more vital. J.Z. spoke with great clarity and humor, as approachable and friendly as could be; not what one would expect of someone who has spent more than half her life on stage and video tape out of body.

Wisdom: After nearly thirty years of channeling Ramtha, why have you recently just begun speaking about the experience publically?

J.Z.: That’s a common question that a lot of the interviews are asking. It’s wonderful because it means that many of these periodicals and television programs have followed Ramtha’s work and my work with him over the past thirty years and are aware that I was never actually out speaking before. It’s difficult to bottom line, but I will endeavor to do that for you. First off, I knew what was a symbol for knowledge when Ramtha appeared to me in 1977. I thought I was a really smart lady, but, I think like most people, my knowledge base was really narrow. I really knew nothing and especially when Ramtha pulled me out of my body. I had an experience on the Other Side as that ball of light. Thirty years of working with Ramtha and he asked me not to speak about the various experiences and information that I had. His point was well taken and was confusing at the time. Historically, I appreciate why he said that. He was an icon in the 80’s. It was really a magical time in the West for us. Everyone was coming out of the proverbial closet and in that context, it wasn’t a sexual statement being made, as it was a spiritual statement being made. People were now sharing their out-of- body experiences, their near death experiences, synchronicities, phenomenon that were going on in their lives, that our society would not make room to discuss openly and for that person to be appreciated for their experience. My friend, Shirley MacLaine was writing her great books at the time and was certainly a lamp thruster in that time. She was the most famous person on the stage who would literally bring the concept that we’ve lived before, to the American lexicon.

Ramtha is the one who coined the term ‘channeling’. It didn’t exist prior to that. I had not been involved in psychic phenomenon. I didn’t even know who Edgar Cayce was. I didn’t know what a trance person was, or a psychic was, per se. I had abdicated my body and Ramtha was using it. Our experiences are essentially emotionally based. That part of my personality functions with my central nervous system. The subconscious, the lower cerebellum of my brain has unique connections that bypass anyone’s personality, anyone’s mind that they are expressing. It was his mind that was creating the streams of consciousness that the body was responding to. In that context, it gives an historical perspective. In the meantime, I am out in his trainings and I have gone down this tunnel. During that time, he could use the body for limited periods of time and when the body responded to his mind, it was extraordinary. The central nervous system in my body was in hyper-mode; the heart rate was going rapid, the temperature dropped; Ramtha was ambidextrous. Everything that was unique to him and expansive and not to myself, was being expressed, so my body fatigued really early. Then he would call me back and the next thing I knew, I would be back in my body.

When he was educating me, he told me that I needed to ask greater questions. He sent me to a book store and I wrote about the experience in my book "A State of Mind". These little lights were all over the books I was supposed to read. I had no idea the titles I was buying. It was material outside what I would have normally read, that would allow me to have a very interesting dialogue with Ramtha that would allow me to have greater questions answered. What does that have to do with channeling? I asked this question about Edgar Cayce. I was so thrilled and said, "Is this what I am?" Ramtha asked: "Do you go to sleep?" and I said, "Well, no." "Are you a prophet?" "Well, no." Then he said, "You’re not a sleeping prophet." and I said, "What am I? Am I a medium? I don’t even know what that is." He said: That’s a person who picks up flows of information in their brain, tags a name to it and essentially says this is information coming from King Tut or Chief Grey Feather. That’s not what you’re doing. You’re called a channel. Your body is a channel; a vehicle that streams of consciousness from his mind flow through and are materialized here."

During that time, everyone who was a medium or a trance person, now became channelers. That was the hip name to be under. I suddenly saw all these people who were not channeling. Ramtha had said to me in those early days, that I was not to talk about what I was learning, but to keep that close to me. The reason for that was because a lot of people were coming to see him and listening to cassette tapes and imitating him, sort of riding on the coat-tails of that success. Coming out of the closet was one thing, to say simply that you had these experiences and they are legitimate and taking on a role and pretending you are someone else is a role of deception. He didn’t want information to be disseminated that could be utilized to substantiate the person’s position. The reason for that was because the message he was telling people that they were God and that they created the nature of reality: that consciousness and energy created the nature of reality was not a unique form. Energy itself was not a unique form and consciousness itself was not a unique form, but the two of them were inicstricably combined and all wavelengths carry all information and it’s processed through the brain and it’s our job to make known the unknown. He didn’t want knowledge to be disseminated to people who could simply remember it and say it and begin to mislead people, because there was no follow-up on how you create the nature of reality. The reason for that was because if people didn’t understand the nature of what they really were; how their brain worked, how their central nervous system, cells work, what their essential destiny was, the constructs of reality from a quantum field, what would happen if they didn’t have answers, they would fall back to wishing and wanting, wear white and put garlic on the window sill and stare at a candle and do a ritualistic thing that was still a method of giving your power away.

The churches got involved, with their political power, in particular, The Moral Majority, and shut everybody back up in the closet and Ramtha stopped doing public channeling and created this great school in 1988 in the Pacific Northwest. He taught people how to create manifested destiny, not simply from a philosophy, but through actual experience that demonstrated the greatness of what each person was and how really wonderful they are as the ultimate mystery. Nothing else is a greater mystery than ourselves. We simply look to other things to help define our own wonder. At the school, as a Master, he began to teach students to become Masters. Everyone is still learning.

I made a dramatic breakthrough 2 ½ years ago and that put me on a platform to understand the concept I had not understood before. Will Arntz and the people behind "What the Bleep", had manifested a dream to make a movie, to endeavor to explain what Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment was teaching.

Wisdom: Are there some things that you find that are pre-determined, or do you feel that free will governs outcome as well?

J.Z.: Let me give you an example. You use 1/10 of your brain. In this incarnation, your brain is actually mapped at first conception because you are frequency specific. Your prime determination for coming back is to make known the unknown. That means that you are a dynamic creator and you own your emotional experiences. Emotions are why we create. What happens is that we get into an emotional state and become addicted to it. All of our experiences are rich with feeling, but they are incomplete. Our emotional reaction to life, is an addiction. When we own those feelings, we get the pearl of wisdom to then move into those areas of our brain. They are untapped and our brain, along with those of 6 ½ billion other people, is already downloaded with the Mind of God. That old adage that it’s just grey matter that is unused, is not correct. We’re all Divine beings on the journey of creation. Once we have owned an emotional experience, it means we have created something, we have experienced it, we breathe the breath of life into it. It becomes a tangible thing on the planet. We are supposed to take that information back, modify our experience and expand it. So, our brain is a literal treasure trove of resources and wisdom to build new modems of reality in our lives. When we have the opportunity to what I call: ‘move to a new neighborhood’; we move to a new function of the brain. The new neighborhood is comprised of all the wisdom I had in my past life, the last 29 years. From that, I start downloading experiences that already exist, but are new to me.

In regards to free will and pre-determination, not only are we responsible for pre-determining our incarnation, as we are re-born on this plane and all other planes, relative to our body and wherever we live, we pre-determine because our business is unfinished. Not only do we pre-determine the schematic of our DNA, we pre-determine that life, so our life becomes a stage, that we may own those experiences. The free will is that we are willfully pre-determining it. Once we go through the journey of owning the emotional aspects of our self, we have the free will to choose new concepts of the future, download them into our brains. They cannot exist without each other. You can’t have free will without pre-determination and you can’t have pre-determination without the will to have pre-determined it.

Wisdom: Most cultures compartmentalize life into dichotomies such as good vs. evil. How can we move beyond that into a sense of one-ness?

J.Z: We can’t change the world. We change our world. ‘Our world’ simply means ourselves and our reality. Everything in our reality comprises our mind. Everything that we have is frequency specific to us. What happens we start to really grow, we understand that good and bad concepts were old dogmatic laws that were necessary in a period of time in human history in order to begin to form a moral fabric of the way human beings conduct their lives. In our past, we needed those moralistic guidelines in order to determine that this is what we should do.; for example, we should wash our hands before we eat. In the Old Testament, it’s a blasphemy to God to plant two crops in the same field. It’s a blasphemy to God to handle a pig skin. All of those were relative as good and bad in those times because it was a way to understand that the greatest productivity happened in certain conditions and that if we washed our hands, we didn’t get certain diseases. Good and bad comes out of religious and moral dogma. If people are thinking that things are bad, in one context, the bad lives in them. As long as they have a judgment of bad on it, it will still live with them and be an integral part of everyone’s reality. As long as people think that things are good, than good becomes a part of us. If each human being really wakes up and wraps their mind around finding the wonder about this, we will find that we are such a beautiful mystery of untapped resource of greatness. Each of us, when we start the journey to define ourselves, rather than to continue to define moral law that oppresses us, all of these concepts fade away. In their place comes a new day and a brightness and a reality that is untarnished by the old ways of thinking. So, positive and negative is also a misnomer. People who are uninformed talk about energy as good or bad, positive or negative. That is religious spin and its roots are judgment. There is positive and negative energy that comprise and hold together the nucleus of every atom. The center of an atom is one charge and the electrons will be another charge. You have to have those so that a magnetic field can occur. Positive and negative are not good and bad, they are simply the nature of reality and it is we who are contained in a very limited way. It’s time we outgrew all of that.

Wisdom: In your website, you speak of ‘becoming a remarkable life’. What does that mean to you?

J.Z.: It’s actually Ramtha’s teaching. If you can put together in this interview some aspects that draw your attention and imagination, that cause a little disturbance in the glitter field, and those things sound appealing, that’s because there is an answer in them. The remarkable life comes when we begin to unfold ourselves, by having a true beginning study of how our brain works, what our potentials are, what is the difference between a stream of consciousness, a neuro net and a thought? All of those are uniquely different. They are the outcropping of each other, like a domino effect. When we understand that we are that ball of light, consciousness and energy, creating the nature of reality, that we are Divine at once and a dreamer second and that our prime determination is to make known the unknown, then we put that electrical body inside of a brain and turn it on. Then we begin to access new frames of information. Quantum physics calls the God that I am describing, ‘the observer effect’. Remarkable life would be to understand and not hold to the coat-tails of old ‘new age’ dogma, old religious dogma, any dogma, but to pursue science in a very aggressive way so that we could understand how our brain works. Once we see how a new thought manifests in our hands, manifests within a few hours in our lives, we are off and running. From that, what can’t we do? Is our accomplishment the same thing every day? Every day do we do the same thing, see the same people, have the same conversations? All of that makes you die, because there is nothing new in it. We know we have the capacity to overlap new frontiers of thought, understand very pragmatically how it works and not tag to it any past description, because it carries emotion with it. Each person begins to understand that truly the remarkable is in them. The dream of being a Master of one’s life, the dream of living beyond one’s genetic years, of reversing age and illnesses and being able to pursue new concepts of thought downloaded from the future that would create a reality in which our jobs would change, to allow our genius to be able to flower, to new people, places, times, events. All cause a person to jump out of bed at the crack of dawn, because they can hardly wait to experience and create their day. That teaching came from Ramtha. That kind of excitement does away with depression, does away with the listless life. That makes us want to live every day. That is the old prophecy that ‘you will be reborn again’. How much more remarkable can we be? Even more than the term suggests. How far can we go? As far as you want to go. Every time you change your mind, you are changing your reality base, you are evolving. That’s why we teach this at our school. We teach people to manifest in their hands. We teach people to shoot archery blindfolded and go through a labyrinth blindfolded. We teach people to do sending and receiving and remote viewing. People already know how to do all of these things that they have never before done, now that they are coupled with knowledge.

You can learn more about Ramtha’s work by visiting the website www. ramtha.com Exciting news— -a taping of a Larry King interview on August 6; air time not determined at the moment - 3 films in process, including: "Lifting the Veil" which is being produced by the team who created "The Secret" and will be released in October, "Wake Up" and "Serotonin Rising". -there is also a tv reality show in production. J.Z will be traveling to Italy August 15-26 and to Argentina in November, as well as Australia, South Africa, France and Belgium in December.

Edie Weinstein-Moser is a journalist, speaker, interfaith minister, social worker, massage and reiki practitioner. She can be reached via her website www.liveinjoy.com






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