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Impregnating Crystals To Promote Social Change And Global Transformation

by Skye Stephenson, PhD

My name is Skye. In September 2005, during a personal crisis in my life, I unexpectedly received a download of information about rock and crystal healing that lasted about six weeks. It started initially as guidance from one of my spirit guides during a Sunday morning meditation, and soon became a deluge of channeled material that eventually filled more than one hundred pages. I have called it LECORA™.

I was clearly told by my guide and the other worldly entity I dimly glimpsed during the period of transmission that I should spend at least five years quietly developing this information before circulating it to others. I was also explicitly told that LECORA™ is to be shared with those who have a spiritual inclination; people open to the possibility and transformative potential of connecting with the spirits of the stone family, perhaps the most important life form on planet Earth.

The time has come to bring LECORA™ out into the world.

My intention, and that of the stones and crystals I work with, is that this information proves useful at this critical moment. May LECORA™ contribute to bringing about needed changes in our lifestyles and consciousness to make a healthier and happier life for all life forms on our beautiful planet: humans, animals, plants, water, and – of course - stones and crystals.

In acknowledgement of the amazing grassroots movements spreading across our nation and the globe these days, the first LECORA™ transmission I will share has to do with Impregnating Crystals To Promote Social Change And Global Transformation.


The natural tendency of clear quartz to communicate and transmit information can be enhanced through the conscious impregnation of clear quartz crystals or spheres with messages of peace, hope, love, fruition, light, future growth, regeneration, renovation or whatever you are being guided to promote for personal, community and planetary healing and transformation. This is a very powerful practice and should not be entered into lightly, since it has the potential to amplify the intention many-fold.

There are several steps involved in impregnating intentional messages in crystals. These are pray the message in, drum the message in, action the message in, mind the message in and – finally - breathe the message in! Let’s look at this in some more detail:

Pray the Intention In: Pray into the quartz crystal or sphere the intention you have for helping to promote peace and social and global healing. When you do this, begin by praying to the ancestors, to the future, to the seven directions (the four cardinal directions plus up, down and within), and to Grandmother Earth before impregnating your intention. It is important to include Earth’s partner planet, called COM, in your blessings. This is a place in the cosmos that is synergistically connected with Earth; a place that helps to synthesize the multitude of experiences that pass on our small planet. With your prayers and intentions, call upon the energies of COM to help synthesize the intentional seeds you wish to plant.

Drum the Message In: After you have prayed your intention into the crystal, drum the message in – hopefully with a group if possible. Chant it several times until you find the rhythm.

Action the Message In: When you have finished drumming, put the crystal on your third eye and think about the message and intention that you wish to imprint within it. If you have some sanctified water, dip your fingers into the water and make a symbol that represents the intention onto the crystal.

Breathe the Message In: Next place the crystal on your heart and imprint the message upon the crystal with love.

Finally, hold the crystal up and breathe on it, asking for synthesis and the highest good for all. Remember that your breath is your synthesis as a human.

While this process for impregnating clear quartz crystals is the most complete, you do not always have to follow this entire procedure in order to empower a crystal with intention. In fact, if every time that people pray for peace, good-will and healing they held quartz in their hand they could impregnate it with their intention.

Remember that clear quartz crystals will pick up your energies and intentions and not only transmit them but diffuse them as well. After all, isn’t that what quartz does?

Uses for Impregnated Quartz Crystals: There are many ways that these impregnated quartz crystals or spheres can be employed to help promote healing and transformation. Here are a few suggestions:

Place The Crystal At A Place Of Beauty And/or Power. While it can be especially meaningful to put an impregnated crystal on a site that is considered sacred, you don’t necessarily have to go far away from your home to do this. You can place activated quartz crystals anywhere you “feel” it would work – this could be by a tree that seems powerful and brave or next to a stream to wash the message along.

Crystals Can Be Used To Help Heal Places Where Social Trauma Has Occurred. If there is a building and/or location where torture or other types of violence has occurred, you can place activated quartz crystals at the four corners charged with the message of healing. You may be amazed at what can be accomplished with such a simple process.

Activists Can Use Activated Quartz Crystals To Amplify And Diffuse Their Intention And Message. Crystals can be activated by a group of committed people with their specific intention and seed thought prior to a demonstration or other type of event. Then they can be left at the site when the event is finished. These activated crystals should be placed in a pyramid or other sacred shape like five-sided star if possible, while asking for synthesis. These activated crystals will help to disseminate more widely and deeply the group’s intention.

Next month, you’ll find out about the LECORA™ method of working with the core of the Earth to enhance planetary healing and light.

Skye Stephenson, Ph.D., is the author of The Spirits of Jade, a novel inspired by her own experiences with the sacred powers of jade. A story about a woman’s journey of personal transformation as she embraces her own destiny, the tale transpires in New England, Chile and Brazil, all places where Skye has lived. Skye is a trained CRT crystal healer who is currently developing new crystal healing material called LECORA™. She is also the founder of Jade Journeys, LLC, which offers transformational travel to connect with sacred sites and indigenous knowledge and wisdom in the Americas. She is available to offer workshops based upon her new book that highlight the sacred powers of jade and/or the Andean legend of the Eagle and the Condor. For more information, see www.skyestephenson.com and/or contact her at skye@jadejourneys.org.

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