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It’s Time to do a Check-In with Your Ambition

Advance Preparation for 2012

by Mark Dodich

The final two months of 2011 give you a preview of coming attractions in early 2012. Ambitious Mars provides one of its rare retrograde cycles next January through April. It is important to know about this rare cycle now that 2011 is winding down because the aggressive, masculine energy begins the process on November 10th, 2011.

When any planet turns retrograde, it gives you the illusion that it is moving backwards in the sky. During this cycle, you retreat from your world to review and revise your needs and ambitions. See a picture of Mars Retrograde at: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap100613.html

Mars normally travels through a sign every six weeks. Think of a warrior going to battle, then quickly moving on to the next battle as soon as the current one is complete. Because Mars moves retrograde, it will take over seven months to go through Virgo. So, the big part of the cycle is from November 10th through July 3, 2012, and the intense retrograde period is from January 23rd through April 13th.

Mars charges you to take action to manifest your needs and desires. It is assertive, ambitious, masculine and sexual. Virgo represents cleansing, purifying, simplifying your life, and clearing your physical or emotional closet of clutter. When Mars is moving forwards, it wants something and it takes it. When Mars moves backwards, you are either cleaning up old messes, or preparing the behind the scenes battle plan for future conquests.

In Virgo, Mars is telling you to become more efficient and productive. The warrior got tells you to let go of that which is no longer yours; separate the wheat from the chaff. Virgo also rules natural healing and improving your relationship with the environment.

Between November 2011 and January 2012, Mars is in the shadow before turning retrograde. This time period gives you prophetic hints of that which is coming in early 2012. You can begin to prepare for coming changes so that it will be easier to make those changes.

If you will be clearing your home of clutter, you can start saving boxes. If you will be upgrading your technology to be more efficient, you can start watching ads and product reviews to learn about costs and different product advantages. An abundance of people will start a diet under this purifying energy, so you can start to research the best diet for you as 2011 comes to a close.

During the actual retrograde cycle, January 23-April 13, you will be implementing the plans that you are just flirting with right now. Sometimes you have to tear certain aspects of your life apart to renovate them. Think of the example of painting the walls in your home. You must pull bookcases and other obstacles away from the walls, which then requires you to decide which items will be kept and/or released when the painting is complete.

After the retrograde cycle (April 13 –July 3), you will put the final touches on the projects you chose. By July, you are ready to show the world the results of your hard work.

Although it is not the most fun example to share with you, the 9-1-1 event demonstrates this cycle very graphically. Mars was retrograde for six month prior to 9-1-1 in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules religions and foreign cultures. This is when the planning of the attack was being prepared, including learning to fly. After Mars ended its retrograde period, Mars moved into Capricorn (structure, grounding). The attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon took place after Mars left its retrograde shadow. Mars rules war and Capricorn rules buildings and government. So the 9-1-1 attack shows very clearly the astrology leading up to the event (and there was a whole lot more to this event, but that is another topic).

The key for you is to consider the ambitions you would like to bring into the world, and then take the preparatory steps to bring that about. Virgo advises you to make the process simple, efficient and productive. Virgo does not like to waste time. If you spend hours surfing the internet or your Facebook page, then you will not have as much productive time to actually produce.

Mars in Virgo wants to see results, so look at where you are spending your time and if it is helping you to manifest your needs and desires. Begin by doing research and making space in your life as 2011 comes to a close. From January to April 2012, it is time to start working on your plan-but do keep some wiggle room for shifting energies. This will help you readjust your plan as it is projected into the world from April-July. And after July..that is the time to yell “Geronimo” and kick your plans into high gear.

Mark Dodich has been an astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. He specializes in relocation astrology to help you find your power places on planet earth. Mark also specializes in Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology to help people who are consciously focused on spiritual service in this incarnation. Check out his free newsletter and free pdf downloads at www.astromark.us or call him at his home base in Oregon at 503-252-1558 www.astromark.us

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