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Updating Your Soul's Journey: What You Came Here to Do Has Probably Changed

by Norma Gentile

A Note from Norma on Psychic Learning

For most people psychic gifts need to be relearned in each lifetime. The world is vibrationally distinct in each lifetime and so is your physical body. It is only natural that you would have to relearn how to be energetically in relationship to yourself and to the world. This is particularly true about how we relate to our soul’s journey and foreknowing future aspects of it.

Whatever your soul planned to do here before you incarnated on Earth has probably changed. Especially if you incarnated before 1972. Humanity changed. The planet changed. Whatever your soul decided to do here on Earth before you incarnated has probably changed.

During the past fifty or so hears there have been multiple shifts in our reality that our souls did not anticipate. Depending on when in our linear time line your soul decided upon this lifetime’s goals and challenges, you may be experiencing yourself as disconnected from your own life. Isolation is one symptom I commonly hear from clients, as well as the sensation of floating away from the physical life you are living. From my experience, this simply means that what your mind may think is your soul’s journey is no longer your soul’s journey.

Most of us have been told by someone at some point either what our soul’s journey is, or have figured it out for ourselves. For me, I feel that no one can fully understand or know the journey of anyone’s soul. Not even our own. But we can have senses about what we are drawn to do in this lifetime, and how we are to do it.

Because of the dramatic changes that have already taken place and the increasing pace of future changes, I find it useful to revisit the trajectory of the journey of one’s soul on a regular basis.

The soul’s journey is more apt, at this point in time, to be revealed first to your body, then to your heart, and finally to your brain. Once entered into, your new soul’s journey will continue to weave and shift throughout your lifetime. Learning how to monitor and adapt to changes in your soul’s journey is most useful.

As you explore your journey, it is your mind that is able to look backwards and tell you where you have been. It is the heart and body that can look into the present moment and tell you where you are. Together, the mind, heart and body can chart a potential path for your future. But this is usually the near future, as your external world continues to shift and change.

I am emphasizing here that the brain can only look back at what has already happened. Most of us use our minds as the determiner of what to do. This leads us to repeat old patterns and repeat the same unwanted results. When this happens it is easy to assume that we are not in touch with our inner spiritual life or outer world.

But perhaps there is another reason. We experience the present moment most strongly not as thoughts but as kinesthetic sensations in our body. Simply put, the body lives only in the present moment. The mind remembers the past and can anticipate the future. Our minds therefore live without being anchored in the present moment. This can be very helpful, but not if you are trying to understand your soul’s journey right here and right now.

Big Picture Information from Thoth:

About 1997 our system of creating linear time changed. Because of this our psychic ability no longer sees the future with the ease it once did. This is because we are no longer creating our future probabilities in the same way as we were before.

Our new system of psychic perception of the future looks more like this:

Our body sees where we are in the present moment. That information rises to our heart center. The heart feels our relationship to this present moment. Do we like it and want to extend our experience or are we ready to move onto some other experience? Our heart answers this question and sends the information onto our brain. Our brain collects the information from our body and heart, adds its own ability to see the past and comes up with the most likely potential future.

Remember that our brains do have the ability to live in the past, present and future. We as humans are stepping into an exploration of creating outside of linear time. The first step in this exploration is comprehending how linear time functions. We must first understand time in order to understand how not to be subject to time.

In geometry (and I promise this will be easy, so please keep reading) there is a basic concept that if you have one point and then decide on a second point, you can draw a line between them. That line can extend beyond those two points into infinity in both directions. So you only need two points in space to define linear time. Where you have been and where you are.

What we are now able to do is change the point that exists in our past. By looking back and clearing past patterns the point behind us changes its location. That means the line drawn between our past and our present naturally changes. Our potential future changes every time we address, clear and release issues from our past.

I’m not talking past lives here. My guides are clearly stating that by addressing this life’s issues we change this life’s future. When we make changes in this lifetime those changes echo out to all of our other lifetimes and offer healing changes into those lifetimes. Since our bodies exist in the here and now, making changes in the here and now will get you the biggest results.

The head has to have the other partners, the body and heart, in order to see where it is going. If it is just looking backwards all that it can tell you is where you have been, which means you are going to create more of the past rather than utilize the new elements that are available to you now to create a different future.

How to get in touch with your body – a simple meditation
Lie down on your back. Bend your knees so your feet are flat on the floor or surface you are lying on. This naturally pressed your lower back against the surface you are on, and opens up the pelvic region to increased energy flow.

Feel the breath in your body. Feel the breath in your lower body. Breath as if you could breathe from your feet up through your knees and into your belly. Your hips move and your lower back expands every time you breathe. Take normal size breaths. How easy can that quality of breath be in your body? Follow that quality of breath as you imagine the breath entering from your lower body. Let it exit wherever it wants to exit. At some point you may fall asleep, go into a light trance or meditation state. You might also notice that the direction of the breath seems to change. Just notice whatever you notice. Let your body’s wisdom tell your mind something that your mind cannot know on its own. This is a time of exploration. What has your body been wanting to tell you?

Norma Gentile is a psychic channel and professional sound shaman. For over twenty years she has combined esoteric healing with channeling spontaneous songs from her Hathor guide and singing medieval chants of Hildegard of Bingen. Listen to this at her website: www.HealingChants.com

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