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The Great Narrows: Through the Eye of the Needle

Excerpted From "Making the Shift: Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness"

by Moriah Marston

Do you feel like the walls of reality are squeezing in on you from all sides? Is your day compressed beyond measure? Is there no room for sloppiness, scattering of energy, blurring of focus?

We are moving through the Great Narrows. These are potent force fields that are epitomizing us into the core level of our soul. All irrelevancies fall away as reality is being boiled down to our quintessential self. This distillation process provides us the opportunity to be essence itself.

The Great Narrows is the passageway through the Cosmic Birth Canal— the entry point to the New Cosmic Day. In order for this birth to occur we are being capsulated into our soul’s nucleus; we are ready to move through the Eye of the Needle. The Eye of the Needle is the portal to the emerging consciousness and to multidimensional awareness.

Humankind truly is walking the razor’s edge on the great trajectory of collective awakening. This razor’s edge leaves no room for carelessness and old patterns of thoughtlessness, neglect, and disregard of self that hurt the soul. Although it is so tempting to fall off the razor’s edge and mush around in the world of the irrelevant, in this momentous moment we are called to hold the polestar on our central process of transformation.

All eyes are upon us. Humankind is currently the main attraction in the Universe. We are being concentrated into pure instruments of the Divine Plan. We are required to focus full intention, thought, and desire on the discharge of all that is insignificant in our lives.

Any way in which we are tempted to wander off the Path, to become sidetracked from our destiny, is immediately zapped by an electrical force that sends us reeling to get back in alignment with the action that is presently developing. If we become distracted, even for a short time, there is the risk of imbalance, disorientation, confusion, and difficulty getting back on track. Today’s shift is profound, a change that requires every part of us to participate in our extraordinary destiny.

So we are called to maintain a sense of perspective on this journey. What does it mean to pass through the Eye of the Needle? What impulses, instincts, responses, feelings, and sensations are drawing us through the needle’s eye? How much of self has to be released? What parts of ourselves are the first to undergo this sloughing off dynamic? How attached are we to these areas? Does it seem like we are abandoning these parts of self? Can we grieve their loss and understand that they are actually undergoing trans-figuration?

This passage is a powerful honing of everything that we do, feel, think, and imagine. Nothing superfluous can make it through the Eye of the Needle. We become the embodiment of purpose—Divine Purpose—refined agents for the Divine Plan.

Perhaps this assignment seems relentless, almost merciless, in its exacting nature. That is the cost of mastery—the demand of undergoing collective initiation. It takes everything we have to pass through the Eye of the Needle.

The passage itself is the vehicle for refinement. There is no turning back because this process is so comprehensive, so complete, that there is nothing to turn back to. It shaves off old carcasses—the empty debris left over from the Great Clearing that is extraneous to who we agreed to be during this time of massive shift. This is the initiatory process that prepares us for the emergence of the new human being.

Moriah Marston, 10 year "Soul Conne-ction" columnist in Wisdom Magazine, metaphysical teacher, and soul-based psychotherapist since 1983, Moriah Marston is also a gifted channel for Ascended Master, Djwhal Khul—the Tibetan. In 1991 Moriah founded the School of the Golden Discs—a Sanctuary for the Soul and Center for Expanding Consciousness—and teaches and facilitates her school’s transformative classes and seminars in western MA. For info and to purchase a signed copy of Making the Shift visit www.tinyurl.com/MakingtheShiftMoriahMarston 

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