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Chakras - The Colors of Creation

by Sharon Shane

Chakra is an Eastern Indian term from the yogic tradition of meditation to describe spinning vortices of energy and consciousness. There are seven chakras in accord with the colors of the rainbow within the human being that unify the mental, emotional and physical bodies. The mental thoughts, emotional feelings and physical body will reflect in the chakra colors, and this makes up what is referred to as the human aura.

Physical ailments, disease and injuries will indicate which chakras are out of balance. When working with alternative healing methods, a blockage occurs when there is too little energy stimulating the chakra, whereas an overactive chakra indicates too much concentrated energy in the chakra. When any of the chakras are blocked or overactive, it creates areas of imbalance in the overall health and well-being.

Just as a prism separates light into the rainbow hues, the Light of Divine Source, which contains all colors, is split into the chakras in accord with the rainbow colors. Each chakra functions as a mini-mind center in separation or in accord with Divine Mind. Practicing meditation can bring the chakras in alignment with Divine Mind and restore the overall well-being of the mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Beginning with the first chakra located in the base of the spine, its color is red. Seated in this base chakra is the foundation of any fears around security and safety. Ailment to the lower spine, tailbone or back muscles will indicate a blockage of energy in this chakra. Foot injuries are also associated with the first chakra and would indicate the insecurities of an unsteady foundation.

Orange is the color of the second chakra located in the physical area of the sexual organs. This chakra governs both creativity and sexuality. Physical manifestations of this chakra range from the very core of creation of another human being through pregnancy and childbirth and will affect imbalances in all areas of sexual dysfunction in both men and women. An overactive second chakra will produce an addictive sexual drive. All female issues regarding the womb and ovaries, as well as male prostate disease will reflect an imbalance. The use of the hands and blockage of creative expression such as painting, writing or musicianship will also indicate an obstructed second chakra.

The third chakra is yellow and functions in the area of the solar plexus. About the size of a soccer ball, it is the largest of the seven spinning vortices of chakra energy. Reflecting issues of both power and the vulnerability of emotions, stomach ailments such as ulcers and various digestive disorders in the intestines and colon area reveal imbalances in this chakra. Curling up in the fetal position or holding the arms over the area of the solar plexus with a sense of protecting one’s vulnerability in emotional situations are symptoms of fear in the third chakra.

Situated in the central position of the body is the heart chakra of the color green. It is an important chakra for it holds the balance between the lower three and upper three chakras within the body. Blocked energy of all aspects of love will be reflected in the heart chakra in the form of heart disease, heart attacks, blocked arteries, as well as lung and respiratory ailments. At this most pivotal centered position, it is the heart that sends the blood to all parts of the body and the lungs that oxygenate the blood. Centering exercises can be applied to focus the consciousness in the heart chakra opening up to love, and, just as the blood and oxygen sustain the entire body, these meditations send the intent of love energy to all the chakras to maintain an overall balance.

Located in the throat area, blue is the color of the fifth chakra. Fear of voicing expression of one’s emotions or truth will cause the inability to speak up or take a verbal stand. If this chakra becomes blocked or overactive, it may manifest in the physical body as a sore throat, laryngitis or tonsillitis. An overactive fifth chakra might also be exhibited in continual ranting. Overeating can be a symptom in the attempt to stuff back the emotional expression.

Often referred to as the “third eye,” indigo is the color of the sixth chakra located in the pituitary gland just behind the forehead. Physical symptoms would include headaches or any head injuries to this area, as well as the sinuses, eyesight and hearing. Significant on the spiritual path, the blockage of this chakra would indicate an inability to sharpen the intuitive and clairsentient faculties or what has long been referred to as “second sight.”

Whereas balance of all seven chakras is achieved in the central heart chakra, it is the seventh violet/white crown chakra that unifies all chakras into a whole in alignment with the Higher Consciousness. Located in the pineal gland at the center of the top of the head, the crown chakra is the opening to communion with the Higher Consciousness through telepathic rapport. When activated, the pineal gland releases endorphins sending a state of well-being through the entire body.

A simple meditation exercise to balance all of the chakras can be practiced by visualizing the Higher Self placing gemstones in each of the chakra areas of the body. Begin with a red ruby in the first chakra, orange topaz in the second, yellow citrine in the third, a glowing green emerald in the heart chakra, blue sapphire for the throat, purple amethyst in the third eye and finish the meditation with a brilliant diamond in the crown chakra. The intent of this meditation will send the reinforcing message of the preciousness and value of Divine Love to each chakra center.

Sharon Shane is a channeled intuitive of the Ascended Masters, with over 16 years experience as a spiritual teacher and author of the books, "In the Garden of the Goddess," "The Rhythm of the Cosmic Pulse,” "Architects of Light," "Spiritually Awake in the Physical World," and “Teachings from the Temple of Thoth.” Sharon offers ongoing workshops and personal sessions. She can be contacted through her Liquid Light Center web site www.sharonshane.com at info@sharonshane.com

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