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Are You Feeling Lucky?

by Mark Dodich

After a couple years worth of challenging astrological shifts, it is a great pleasure to announce a lucky combination of planets in March. Astrologers love to get out their highlighters and draw patterns in the planets, like a child with a connect-the-dot coloring book.

From March 7th though Spring Equinox on the 19th, there is a harmonizing pattern in the sky called a Grand Earth Trine. Think of the Giza pyramids- strong and able to hold great loads for a long time. In this case, you can draw in a helpful triangle between the earth-element signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Before you run out and buy a fistful of lottery tickets (and the days surrounding March 13th are the best), remember that if your luck is up, one ticket is enough. Also remember that you heard it here when you win.

At the risk of bringing you down into reality, earth signs make their luck through constructive effort. So after you buy your lottery ticket, roll up your sleeves and get to work. There is opportunity if you are willing to create long-ranging plans, and then make the initial efforts to bring your goals to fruition. Do not rush the process, as the Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn areas of your natal chart create a plan, then they work the plan over time.

The most positive point in this lucky triangle is the alignment of Venus and Jupiter late on March 13th. Venus is associated with love and money; Jupiter is the risk-taker who expands your belief system to propel you beyond self-limiting boundaries. When these two planets align (usually only once per year), a sense of optimism is created where your view of the world goes beyond limitations. It is the feeling that the universe truly is supporting you in your greater good. You feel lucky!

The second point is Pluto in restructuring Capricorn. Be willing to release outdated ways of doing things, old emotional hang-ups, and let go of anything that gets between you and your spiritual connection to the One Source of all that is. If you are into ascended master work, call upon Archangel Michael to use his sword to clear the path for you.

The third point of the triangle is a bit more complicated. The planet Mars has been moving backwards in Virgo since January 23rd, and continues its retrograde motion until Friday, April 13th. Mars represents your masculine, ambitious side. When Mars wants something, he assertively goes after it.

However, with Mars retrograde for nearly three months, you get to stop and review and revise your battle plan. In Virgo, you must first clean up your act. This can be as simple as clearing clutter from your home, an emotional cleanse, or purifying your physical body.

If you want to start a new business or personal project, this retrograde Mars cycle is excellent for making the business plan or blueprints for your endeavor. Just know that the plan will need to be adjusted after mid-April when the warrior slowly begins to initiate his battle plan.

There is another factor to consider this spring. Communications planet Mercury is retrograde beginning March 12th through April 4th. This mentally disruptive cycle begins in the sign Aries which wants to hurry ideas into action. In spiritual astrology, this is a very powerful combination because it represents communicating right action into the world, based upon a clear connection to your divine source.

On the worldly level, Mercury retrograde in Aries can manifest as impatience and annoyance. Do be cautious on this one because this retrograde combines with explosive and accident-prone Uranus. It isn’t that the universe is out to get you; it’s just that the universe wants to remind you of who is in charge. Tune into divine timing rather than trying to force the river uphill!

By March 23rd, Mercury is moving backwards into Pisces to help you revision your ambitions. Open to creative time or go to a relaxing, watery location. Make room in your life between March 23 and April 4 to go beyond the veils of this material world to allow higher inspiration to come to you.

The combination of Aries and Pisces during Mercury retrograde is also strong in a chart cast for the Vernal Equinox. You will experience an energetic rush to do something new, but feel unclear on exactly what that is supposed to look like. Allow your intuition to guide you in the months ahead because much of the new Neptune in Pisces frequency wafting in is still in an intangible form. It will show you what it wants to be, but you will need to be patient with the process.

For now, enjoy the lucky combination that is going on and allow clarity to come to you in divine timing. Trust that your greater good is unfolding, and be open to receive.

Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. Mark’s specialties include Natal Astrology, AstroCartoGraphy® Relocation Maps and Seven Ray Spiritual Purpose Astrology. Receive his free ASTROMARK newsletter and download a free Basic Astrology Primer at www.astromark.us, or call 503-252-1558

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