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How to Talk to Yourself for Fun and Profit

by Charles Steed

I really don’t like distractions when I’m busy. You know, background noise. There was a time I was just immersed in background noise. And no, I didn’t live by an airport or ball bearing factory, I was the one producing all the static. There are names for it too. It’s called negative self talk or brain babble and it’s been responsible for the ruin of countless souls.

Have you ever actually consciously listened to your own internal or verbal input carefully? You might think the question is silly but there are lots of folks that go mumbling through the day just putting themselves down left and right. You know what I mean.

They might say something like, I just can’t seem to remember anything. I’d forget my head if it weren’t attached. Or, I really stink at softball, no wonder I never get picked for the team. And since the mind eventually believes what we feed it over time, these thoughts and statements become our reality and once that happens it becomes nearly impossible (without conscious intervention) to alter that reality.

I got hip to my own the non-supportive inner chatter long ago and took certain measures to correct it. The cure employs a simple NLP technique called a pattern interrupt. There are many types of pattern interrupts and I’ll be sharing some in the near future. One that I will mention now is actually fun and it works well.

The first thing you need to do is to be aware of what you’re saying that doesn’t serve you. So when you wake up in the morning, while you’re still a bit groggy, plant a seed by saying this: Today I am aware of all non-supportive thoughts and speech. That’s it. In the beginning you’re simply going for awareness. And that suggestion will make you aware of your inner dialog throughout the day.

And here’s the fun part. When you do pick up on an unflattering thought, immediately play some music in your head. What I mean is pick a tune, something your really love, and run that music program in your brain every time you have an unhealthy thought. That is certain to break the pattern of negative thinking.

And if another one comes along later in the day, play that music again. Keep doing this until you’re aware of your pattern and you will break it. The process is very simple. You just need to stay with it until you start to see changes... and those changes will come quickly and start to turn your life around.

Of course you’ll want to replace the non-supportive stuff with positive statements. I’ll have more on that in the near future as well. So if you’re really after fun and profit, start by clearing out the junk. And stay tuned, I’ll be sharing some great techniques for installing new and powerful supportive programming. If you have trouble with motivation, don't feel alone. I did too. But I found a way to overcome procrastination you might find it interesting.

Charles Steed has been a student of human development for more than 20 years and has written extensively on the topic. He’s been a master practitioner of NLP since 2002.To learn more about the law of attraction and other powerful self improvement techniques visit Prosperity Tribe. 360-482-2510 travlinguy@hotmail.com

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