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The Multifaceted Diamond of God

by Lin Hourihan

So many people have told me how their faith has changed over the years. Our hearts are restless until they rest in God. We are searching for a real connection, for deeper understanding of life, questioning why we are here and where we are going, for valuable friendships, for health and wholeness, for peace and tranquility. We might think of God, Divine Creator as a multifaceted, brilliant diamond. Each facet of the diamond shines with light and unique perspective, and does not diminish the other facets or the rest of the diamond.

Stories are told of how people were brought back to life with Buddha, as well as Jesus. There are many similarities in the teachings of creation, God and Love in the many expressions of faith in the world today. Our search is an earnest quest for truth, to answer a calling, and sharing with others, all in the edification of the God of All. The following comes from "The Urantia Book," paper 5, chapter 4. It is a snapshot look at the beliefs of all. All of these believe systems each show a facet of understanding in the finite mind of an infinite reality.

"All religions teach the worship of Deity and some doctrine of human salvation. The Buddhist religion promises salvation from suffering, unending peace; the Jewish religion promises salvation from difficulties, prosperity predicated on righteousness; the Greek religion promised salvation from disharmony, ugliness, by the realization of beauty; Christianity promises salvation from sin, sanctity; Mohammedanism provided deliverance from the rigorous moral standards of Judaism and Christianity. The religion of Jesus is salvation from self, deliverance from evils of creature isolation in time and eternity.

"The Hebrews based their religion on goodness; the Greeks on beauty; both religions sought truth. Jesus revealed a God of love and love is all-embracing of truth, beauty and goodness.

"The Zoroastrians had a religion of morals; the Hindus a religion of metaphysics; the Confucianists a religion of ethics. Jesus lived a religion of service. All these religions are of value in that they are valid approaches to the religion of Jesus."

Books have been written on each of these religions. All religions are our human attempt to reach out and connect with God. This is a very personal decision. Some of us chose not to have any connection whatsoever. Or sometimes we start out with the doctrine our family taught us in our early years, only to feel hurt by life when the God we professed we loved did not appear to help us in a time of need.

How are we at forgiveness, forgivness of our self and forgiveness of others? If we feel we have been hurt by God, how are we at dialoguing with God so we can achieve forgiveness for God, and forgiveness by God? Even if we have shut the door on the path to our faith, just know it is something we shut, means it can be opened again, if we choose. The door never gets shut because God shuts us off. That would be inconsistant with the infinite, loving being, which is God.

At other times, what worked for us as a kid, leaves us cold and unmoved as an adult in matters of faith. At this time we find ourselves searching for something real, deeper and relevant. Our souls cry out for oneness with Source, however we get there. It's the first place our soul flies to after this life on Earth.

There is no right or wrong in finding faith. What works for our neighbors may not work for us, no matter how hard they try to convert us to their way of thinking. Some groups try to move people by fear. I suggest to never make any decision based on fear. Make your decision on the most love you can muster.

Earth's vibrations are accelerating so fast and are affecting everything on all levels, including spirituality.

When our organized religions were formed between the time when Jesus was here to now, they were a step forward.

Spirituality is evolving, yes evolving. The breath of the Holy Spirit is not stagnant, it is alive, and leading us on to bring us to a higher vibration of faith. This evolution of spirituality is in no way a contradiction, rather it is its natural progression. It used to be taught in churches that the Earth was flat, Copernicus and Newton were not readily listened to. It was not until centuries later that mainstream churches changed their minds. But what changed? Not the reality of the facts of science. The perspective of spirituality changed to catch up with what could be proven.

We are at another milestone of spiritual evolution. You and I are very much at the center of this fresh breath of Spirit sweeping across the universe. Heightened awareness of spirituality, an awakening of our spirits, God stirring our souls, however we look at it, we are at the doorstep of the next wave of deeper union with our Creator. We are, and have been for the last few years, seeing an increased interest in spiritual matters. As we get closer to December 21, 2012, this is a natural occurrence. The magnetic draw of quantum physics is increasing on all areas, but for our discussion here, spiritual awakening and stirrings cannot help but increase.

Some people are returning to their churches, others are branching out to new churches. But I suspect that the intensity of these graces drawing us closer to Source, will still leave us wanting in traditional settings. A large number of individuals are turning to metaphysical avenues that welcome and allow change in matters of faith. Holistic counseling, which includes whole person healing, mind, body, spirit, soul connections; is on the rise, so are massage therapy, yoga, and meditation groups.

We need to wipe the cob webs out of our eyes and out of our brains. Sit quietly and ask God for direction and guidance. You will discover answers come to you from every means God has available to speak to you, such as, dreams, songs on the radio, a message from a friend, a gut instinct, or a simple knowing.

Jesus said, "I solemnly assure you, the man (woman, child) who has faith in me will do the works I do, and greater far than these." How are you doing with that one? I actually think Jesus meant what he said. I don't think he meant anything other than what he said. It is the faith that make his statement possible. Remember the earlier posting in this blog about the power of our thoughts to change and transform us? If you decide to have faith (not wait to feel it, or wait until you graduate from the seminary), the size of a tiny mustard seed, then anything is possible to you.

Here on this Earth, we are limited by the dimensions of time and space (read "Fractile Time"). Heaven, infinity, eternity is happening simultaneously with the life we are living right now. God is present right now, both in infinity, and has chosen to share Earthly life of the finite through you and me. Our personal power increases each and every time we grow deeper in this awareness, like layers of an onion, we can go another layer deeper if you want to. You cannot exhaust the infinite, in understanding, love or forgiveness, or any other beautiful Divine quality. By bringing these deeper, spiritual awarenesses to mind, we can life our lives more God-consciously, and breathe the breath of the Holy Spirit each and every time we breathe.

If we can come from a place of pure non-judgement, and leave the judging to Divine Source, to Jesus, then we will have made major strides in advancement in our spiritual journey. Allow, allow, allow yourself and others to come from a place of non-judgement, a place of pure love, a place where there is no right and no wrong, as we earnestly search to understand God. The more we can relax with this, the larger strides we will make.

Linda Hourihan is a Universal Life Minister, Holistic Health Counselor/Practitioner, Celestial Retreat Director, Shamballa Master Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher, and licensed massage therapist. She spent 35 years as a newspaper reporter and is the author of “The Virtue of Virtues.” Linda’s line of popular meditation CDs can be ordered through her blog www.lindahourihan.wordpress.com

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