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The Body Knows

Ask A Medical Intuitive

by Caroline Sutherland

Dear Caroline,

I have been intrigued by the concepts of the movie The Secret that has been getting a lot of attention. What do you think of it? Are we bending the universe in some way using these powerful concepts?


Beverley, Omaha Nebraska

Dear Beverley,

You are right to be intrigued by The Secret. After all, metaphysical people have been using the principles of the secret for years. There really is no secret about it. The concept applies to the law of attraction.

I have long been a fan of Byron Katie author of a great book entitled,

Loving What Is. If you get a chance to take a workshop with Katie, it is sure to be life changing.

Byron Katie and I have spoken at the same conferences and more often than not, I refer to

her concept of turning around what is happening in our lives and looking at it a different way.

We have all been captivated by the movie/DVD The Secret which speaks to the law of attraction. I enjoyed it and I use The Secret's principles in my life.

But I think there is a secret beyond The Secret that speaks to the art of letting go and letting God. We are on a journey. Life is a mystery. We are not here to get caught up in the material world. We are here to perfect our hearts and accept what is and be grateful for all of it.

Manifestation comes with feelings. We draw to us how we feel. This is the emanation or the law of attraction. But we must move beyond this law into the law of divine grace or surrender. This is where I felt the movie fell short. I would have liked a little - put it out there, ask, feel it and then surrender to the will of the Universe. Maybe we are not meant to be healed from that illness or to have that car or house.

Maybe there is a higher plan and we need to be open to that.

Dear Caroline,

I am finally getting in touch with my inner feeling after many years of denying them. I am finally waking up to my inner being, inner beauty and who I am. I have lost weight following some of your suggestions and I have much more energy. I now find that I have less tolerance for people who are not supportive of my transformation. Is this normal?

Lisa S. Torrance CA

Dear Lisa,

This is the great transformational waking up process that is so exciting. Like peeling off layers of the onion one by one revealing the real you. This is a life work with stages in our lives when the pace can be quite accelerated. I believe that by working on the physical, the emotional and spiritual transformations take place more easily.

In this process you are accessing your own personal worth and value.

Lately there has been much buzz about a well known talk show host who made some derogatory comments about a group of student athletes. What has come to light is a great deal of useful commentary about a person’s worth and value.

Usually anyone who makes derogatory comments has very little personal self worth. They take people down to their level by belittling others to make themselves feel better.

In our own lives we draw people and experiences into relationship with us who directly reflect our own personal worth. Life becomes a mirror. What is going on within us brings exactly the same thing TO us. I see this issue as a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves. We allow the inappropriate comments and behaviors because this is how we feel about ourselves. Now people are speaking out – this is unacceptable.

When it comes to health, we use foods, substances and addictive behaviors to cover up for the fact that we have lost touch with our personal self worth. Then we get sick. We emanate a low level of energy, a low vibration and that is what we attract – low energy, moody people who are not supportive or on a higher spiritual path. We ultimately need to let go of these people. This takes courage.

The transformation process begins with us and our beliefs about ourselves.


This was and still is the great power phrase. I am powerful, I am capable, I am love, I am wise, I am infinite in possibilities. We begin to feel this inside. Re-scripting the inner mind is reflected in outer positive behavior.

I suggest that a CD that I created called Letting Go of the Past and Moving Forward could be very helpful to stay motivated while all these change are taking place in your life.

Learn to use the Bach Flower Remedies created years ago by a medical doctor in England. Each flower has a correlation to the emotions you are personally experiencing. The remedies are very calming. Add meditation and a daily walk and connection with nature. All of these elements will bring out the person you are destined to become.

Dear Caroline,

I really enjoy your monthly columns. My interest in health has been stimulated from reading it. Now, how do I go about finding a good practitioner to continue with my on-going quest for excellent health?

Rachel L. Mississauga Ontario

Dear Rachel,

As you know from my columns, you’ll get the most dramatic effect for the least money by changing your diet. A diet that is full of sugar, fat and processed foods can set anyone down a road to ill health.

I find the best diet consists of consistent not excessive protein, lots of vegetables and fresh fruit in moderation as well as non-allergic whole grains. Add to this healthy fats and oils, nuts, seeds and lots of good pure water. Add some digestive enzymes, a high quality multiple vitamin and some vitamin C and that’s a good starting place.

The best practitioners are the ones that you hear about through word of mouth. Success needs to be shared. Consult with a practitioner who looks healthy and one who exudes vibrant pure energy.

Choose a good naturopathic physician or a holistic M.D. who does foundation nutritional work as well as comprehensive blood or saliva.

After your diet is in place, your next step is foundation support. That means assistance in supporting your liver, kidneys, adrenals, heart and digestive system. This is where a good acupuncturist can be helpful.

Acupuncture is nothing to be frightened of. The application of the needles is virtually painless and acupuncture can do wonders for pain management, headaches, stopping addictions as well as boosting the energy and countless other complaints. Again, your acupuncture and your alternative practitioner’s work will be infinitely more effective if you are following a healthy diet – that’s the baseline.

When looking at the whole body your alternative practitioner list should include a massage therapist or body worker. This helps to release blocked energy and symptoms on the emotional as well as physical levels.

Another form of healing that can be very useful is energy work – either with a skilled practitioner or with an energy frequency generating machine such as a Rife machine or a computerized SCIO or QXCI unit.

Getting at the root emotional causes of illness takes patience and dedication. In the words of David Rowland PhD and author of Nutritional Bypass, “All that healing requires and the only thing it requires is to stop the resistance.” This is where an examination of resistance, blockage or emotional charge can prevent us from experiencing optimum health on all levels of your body, mind and spirit.

Caroline Sutherland has been a practicing medical intuitive for twenty-five years, she is the author of “The Body Knows – How to tune into Your Body and Improve Your Health” and “The Body Knows Diet – Cracking the Weight Loss Code.” Visit online at www.carolinesutherland.com

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