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Aligning With The Wisdom Of Your Soul

by Mary T. Sise, LCSW

How is it that we struggle? How is it that we constantly go to the Internet for answers when we have an "inner-net" always ready with the solution to our heart’s desire? How do we discern what is the voice of our soul, and not the clamoring of our ego? These questions had plagued me for years, and I was exhausted from searching for answers by reading, attending workshops, talking with others, etc.

It was at that point of exhaustion that I stumbled (if you believe in such things) into an event with Her Holiness Sai Maa over 10 years ago. A friend told me that Sai Maa was a "living saint" and practical mystic. Being Catholic, where our saints are all dead, I was rather naive and shocked that such a thing even existed. But I was curious and desperate for relief, so I attended what was to be the beginning of a transformational journey that continues to this day.

Sai Maa has taught me that when I am flowing with the current, I am aligned with my soul and when I am in doubt and swimming against the current, I am in my ego. Maa says that what is missing in most humans is faith. We believe in (and are seduced by) the illusion of the senses — what we see, feel, hear and perceive — more than we believe in our own divinity and power residing within each of us.

Another difficulty I had was that I hated to wait and would move too quickly. I didn’t understand that sometimes, during the "waiting times," my soul was lining things up for me. But, if you force a bud to open, you will break it. Maa has taught me that everyone and everything has its own timing. As you allow things to flow and unfold, what is to happen will happen. I have learned how to ride the current, to set my sights on what I wish to create and bring that forth with joy and passion, while allowing the universe to bring me something better than I could imagine. In other words, I learned to trust the Divine Plan.

Although I look solid, I now know that I am energy, and the more I raise my frequency with joyous thoughts, activities, and friendships, the more I can tap into creation for anything I wish. I am aware of what consciousness I use to speak, walk, touch and smile. Everything counts and you can’t fool energy. (Believe me, I’ve tried.) There really are laws such as the Law of Resonance and I am aware of the power I have to create drama or a free, authentic life. I stopped gossiping, complaining, and wasting my time giving unsolicited advice.

I learned to meditate which quieted my mind and emotional body and strengthened my awareness of my soul’s wisdom. I listen to my soul’s voice. It is a discipline, and the more I practice the easier it becomes.

I now know that I am always connected to my soul, and I have the choice to be aligned with it. I also know, without a shadow of a doubt, that we are all divine beings of light in a physical form, and the soul’s wisdom is always just a breath away.

Mary Sise, LCSW, is a leader in the field of energy psychology with a private practice in Latham, NY. She is co-author of the book: The Energy of Belief: Psychology’s Power Tools to Focus Intention & Release Blocking Beliefs. Along with the Sai Maa Center in Albany, Mary is sponsoring Sai Maa’s visit to the Albany area: "From Chaos To Clarity: Aligning with the Wisdom of Your Soul" on July 6- 7, 2012. For more information visit:www.SaiMaaAlbany.com or www. MarySise.com.

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