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Excerpt From "The Creation of a Consciousness Shift"

by Paul Lenda

The Reality of Interconnectedness and Interdependent Co-creation

Co-creation is an observable reality, no matter where one wishes to look. Nothing is independent from anything else. There is an elaborate matrix of connections between all things that reflects itself as the workings of the universe. With this understanding, each and every one of us has the ability to create, through the power of consciousness. We are able to co-create with others for more powerful demonstrations of conscious co-creation.

The collective consciousness of humanity itself has the possibility of being raised through guided and experiential energy of higher forms of consciousness, such as love, joy, and peace. With these higher states of consciousness being radiated throughout the collective consciousness, the fruits of serenity, tranquility, bliss, and ecstasy are received.

A fantastic sensation goes through our bodies when we are co-creating with another person. Being a sentient physical manifestation of energy, a human being has the wonderful ability for experiencing and feeling what another does. This feeling is empathy, and it gets stronger the more interconnected a person feels with everyone and everything else. In such a case, both positive and negative feelings are felt and experienced, which is why it is always preferable to look on the positive side of things.

Positivity is an incomprehensible amount more beneficial and productive for the collective consciousness of humanity. The idea of conscious co-creation is a grand one. It can apply to a number of things, such as several individuals getting together in order to assemble a machine, a few people helping in a soup kitchen, or a love meditation on a weekend morning with a mate. Whatever the methodology of co-creation through the power of consciousness, the effect is always the same. There is always a projection of a particular frequency of energy, that is either manifest in physical form or in a subtle non-tangible form.

Will and intent provide the vessel in which this energy flies. All that is needed is a recipient of some sort. Whether it is a man in Brooklyn, NY, or the global consciousness of the human race, if there is a recipient, conscious co-creation has done what it was set out to do. Life is a constant creative growth progress. There is always something being created or transformed. A caterpillar can transform into a butterfly. A building can be constructed. Hatred can transform into love. All these things are coming into being or becoming something else. The creative growth process applies to consciousness as well. A person can grow out of being someone who lied, hurt, and destroyed into someone that helped, created, and loved. A person can grow from being self-centered and independent-minded to becoming a empathetic and interdependently-focused. We do not grow by being solitary and autonomous, but by becoming a part of a co-creative and unified consciousness. The realization of consciousness being an interdependent whole that is constantly creating, has the power to shift one’s position of awareness in a monumental way. This new awareness takes away the veil that was over the eyes. With it, comes a metamorphosis of one’s state of being; changes so grand that their splendor is beheld.

Paul Lenda is a self-realization coach and author that wishes to provide an integral role in the positive social transformation of humanity. With a natural craving and passion for knowledge, Paul has developed an extensive background in the spiritual aspects of life that is both knowledge and experience-based and has spent countless hours studying various belief systems and philosophies in order to develop it. Paul is available for speaking engagements, radio & television interviews and print articles concerning his writing. Contact him at lendapaul@peaceandloveism.com

Publisher page: http://www.ayni-books.com/books/creation-of-a-consciousness-shift-the

Amazon: http://amzn.to/Ah4n1U

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