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Repatterning Our Relationship With Our Ego and Soul

by Archangel Ariel and Sheila Simon

My column will appear monthly in Wisdom webzine. We are offering readers an opportunity to ask a question which we will answer online. Please e-mail your questions to angelwisdom144@aol.com Questions will be answered in the order they are received.

Repatterning Our Relationship With Our Ego and Soul

Channeled by Archangel Ariel and Sheila Simon


I am having problems receiving love on all levels in my life and would like advice on what is causing this and how to change this dynamic?

Archangel Ariel:

Thank you for asking through your own free will choice for my assistance. As I tune into you, I see a polarity/struggle going on between your Ego and Soul essence. You have a very strong Ego and this belief system is preventing you from moving into a receptive place of total acceptance of Self. As you begin to become clear on when you are having a conversation with your ego versus your soul essence, your beliefs around self-worth and all of the different ways of receiving love will begin to change and the defense systems you have built up inside of yourself as a protection mechanism will begin to dissolve.

Sheila: First you need to begin to become clear on when you are speaking to your Ego vs your Soul essence. There are many different ways of approaching this dilemma. You could set up two chairs with one chair representing you Ego and the other your Soul. Start by sitting in the chair that represents your Ego and ask, “Why am I so afraid of receiving love? Write down what your Ego has to say and put this response aside. Now sit in the chair representing the Soul and ask, “What do you have to teach me around unconditional love and acceptance of myself and others? Be still and do some deep breathing and go down into your heart for the answer. Allow yourself to write down whatever comes to you in a loving and gentle way without grasping for the words of wisdom your Soul is wishing to share with you. Allow streams of consciousness to unfold through non-stop sentences.

Now compare the two responses and see how these two responses are shared with different words and intentions. Use this information as a way of differentiating between having a conversation with your Ego and Soul essence. Write down on a special card one or two sentences which deeply speak to you and express an inner truth you can fully embrace.

Now I am going to have you do an exercise to integrate the wisdom you have written on this special card. Find a place to sit between these two chairs which represents the integration of the wisdom you have received. Place the card on your lap, so you can easily read the statements you have written down. Cross your left ankle over your right ankle and now rest your right hand on your heart and cross your left wrist over the right one and allow your left hand to rest next to your right hand. Breathe into your heart and let your mind merge with your heart chakra through deep breathing. As you breathe in allow your belly to rise, your lower rib cage, and your upper chest to expand and as you exhale, open your mouth wide to release your jaw and relax into saying the statement or statements you have written on your card which supports you to let go of the internal struggle going on between your Ego and Soul essence and receive love into every cell in your being.

Do this loving kindness and integration Ego/Soul exercise once a day for eight weeks. Then go on to another question you need to present to your Ego and Soul and continue this repatterning exercise for another

eight weeks.

You could also include this exercise in any type of meditation practice you are doing every day or healing bodywork sessions you are receiving.


Archangel Ariel and Sheila

Sheila Simon offers transformational healing sessions and channeled readings in South Amherst,MA. She channels Archangel Ariel and the Healing Angels, Master Teacher Vywamus and your spirit guides to support the repatterning of old cellular memories on a physical,emotional,mental,and energetic level. Please visit her website www.sheilasimon.massageplanet.com or call her @ 413-687-4942 for an appt.

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