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The Bliss Misstress Guide: Break On Through To The Other Side

by Edie Weinstein

Saturday morning, April 28th found me driving to an event in Bethlehem, PA at which I was speaking about living in bliss and the tools people could adopt to create a life that sings and soars. The day-long conference was called Breakthrough and was designed by a visionary chiropractor named Dr. Darin Mazepa. Highlighting the work of Dr. Donald Epstein; it included two modalities called Somato Respiratory Integration and Network Spinal Analysis, neither of which I had experienced in depth. I had heard that people noted profound shifts as a result of using them. In addition, there was to be yoga, healthy vegetarian food, music and new friends. An ideal day for me! In addition to Darin, other chiropractors named Charlie Hilston and Theresa McReynolds offered the NSA sessions and Sheetal Contractor taught gentle yoga classes. A support team kept us all feeling well loved.

I was determined to allow the subsequent 8 or so hours to unfold without agenda or expectation. I had a general idea for what I would be sharing in my two workshop segments later in the afternoon, with the benefit of having experienced other people’s work so I could reference it and put it into context for those with whom I would be sharing after lunch. What I knew is that I needed to keep them and myself awake and alert after the body and soul nourishing meal.

Early on, we were asked to set intention for our day. Mine including being of service; open hearted and present to whatever occurred and being genuine in the process. The challenge for me these days (and who knows, maybe most of my life) is to allow for full expression of emotion. I have become adept at keeping the ‘messy stuff’ such as anger, jealousy, and acknowledgement of past suffering, under wraps, lest it (according to my inner critic monkey mind) render me immobile and unable to meet my responsibilities. I make it look easy and yet, blessedly, there are people in my life (and my wise mind) that know better and call me on it. On Saturday, experiences jumped on board as well. During the SRI session, Rae Booth instructed us to place our hands in certain positions that would allow for opening ourselves for releasing and healing through incorporating breath as well. One in particular was a painful (physical and emotional) wake up call. This one had us positioning our hands so that our first three fingers of each hand were pressed lightly into our diaphragmatic area with initially slow and then more rapid breathing. Immediately, I felt sharp pain across of my shoulders, neck and upper arms, as if I was carrying a heavy burden that I couldn’t put down…or else.. what? This area was about solar plexus and empowerment, if memory serves. All I know is that in that moment, years of ‘shoulds and oughts’ came crashing down and a sense of freedom occurred. I was acutely aware of all the times I had been disengaged from my own needs in pseudo-service to others. I put it that way because I can’t be fully available to anyone if I am not there for myself. It’s the oxygen mask on the airplane metaphor. Good thing that occurred prior to my workshops, since I was then in a literal and symbolic position to be present with the groups. Each one had a different flavor and I was glad to adapt the time to their specific energy and needs. I don’t like a script anyway, preferring to be in free-flight. With my shoulders and neck way more relaxed, having dropped the weight I had been carrying, I was free to embrace the rest of my time there.

The final segment of the wondrous day was an ‘angel wash’ for which we stood in two rows facing each other. A few people at a time were guided; eyes closed through the lines; like a car wash, only far more fun and no soapy residue! Singing a chant about love, gentle touches on arms, shoulders and head, receiving hugs, we moved slowly. I allowed myself to glide on through, one of the last to go, taking my time, letting it in, being a love sponge (which is a metaphor I use in my teaching), soaking it up, enjoying it myself and then wringing the love back out into the world.

By the evening as I was heading home, I felt a tremendous sense of satisfaction, not only because I was living my passion and purpose, but because I was becoming more fully me, more alive, vibrant, with a willingness and ability to break on through to the other side where lives love.



Edie Weinstein (a.k.a. Bliss Mistress) is a work in progress, an opti-mystic who sees the world through the eyes of possibility. She is a colorfully creative writer, dynamic motivational speaker, interfaith minister, licensed social worker and Bliss (Brilliant Loving Intuitive Safe Service) Coach. www.liveinjoy.org

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