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Excerpt from "Peace Be Still"

Chapter 15: “Manifesting your world”

by Jeremy E. McDonald

What we are in search of is how to change our world and gain all our dreams! I saved this part for the back of the book, because I felt you needed to understand about who you are before you can effectively create the world around you. First, let me say you are always creating. There is not a time when you are not creating the experiences of each day, attracting the people in your life around you. That is all you! We, as beings, created in the image of God, means we were given the abilities of God. As we have discussed before, we are actually a part of the wholeness of God. By knowing this, and understanding the very fact you are creating at all times, means you have to take full responsibility for your life. There is nothing within this world you have not created. I am going to stretch your mind for a bit to talk about how you have created everything in your world and also how god created it.

We have discussed before, we are a part of God. We have also talked about the fact that we have God’s abilities. We should accept and take responsibility for all things around us. We should not blame anyone for how our lives are going and how the world is. I have brought this point to a great many people, and it is a very hard pill to swallow when we think about how bad the world is. People fascinate me when they are all about how they create their whole world when it rocks! When people are complaining about wars, how toxic our food is, and how horrible we treat our planet, I remind them they created it. They turn their back on that idea, saying it was not them; it was irresponsible, greedy people in the world who created it. This is not meant to pick on anybody or judge them. I did the same thing in my life, and this was one of those times I realized I had one finger pointing in judgment, with three pointing back at me. I asked myself, “When have I ever been irresponsible?”

I stopped and thought about the times I forgot to pay a bill on time, the times I missed calling someone on their birthday, or not keeping my promise to someone, because I was too sidetracked with everything else going on in my life. I realized it was because I was out of balance, and therefore unable to focus on what was going on around me. It was very hard for me at these times to see anything other than my own problems. To go even further, it really hit home when I was scared I would not have enough money. I would hold onto money to make sure I had enough to pay my bills even though I knew there was enough. I just had trouble letting go of it. I did not realize this was a form of greed. Greed is the desire to acquire more than what you need in material wealth or possessions. This need stems from the ideal we do not have enough money or material objects, and we have to continue to gain more stuff. So really, greed is FEAR of not having enough.

The people we judge and say are greedy are just as scared as we are. That type of FEAR is every bit as toxic as the toxic food we eat. We need to realize, we as a culture, are addicted to toxic situations. As an observer, I have found a great deal of this comes from our need to get everything done as soon as possible or right now! We feel that we do not have enough time. However, we as souls have infinite amounts of time.

The real sense of awareness came when I started to understand how truly toxic I was, and how it was coming from my fear I still had inside of myself. It became very apparent that we are all in the same boat. As we continue to have these fears, and interact with others and their fears, we continue to create fear between all of us. Wars come from the need to control another’s free will and path. Greed festers in all of us. Until we realize the abundance we have, it will continue to fester within all of us, continuing to create strife within the whole of consciousness.

What really opened my eyes was when I realized we only need just enough to fulfill all our needs. Those needs, as defined by our soul, allow us to live within alignment with our souls. Our souls do not need a massive amount of surplus sitting in the bank just so we feel safe and secure having it there. That type of safety and security is not based on a foundation of rock.

Some of you may be thinking I am saying it is bad to be rich; I am actually not saying that at all. Look at what you need for comfort to be in alignment with your soul. Your soul knows what that comfort level is. If your comfort level feels like one million dollars in the bank, and it feels right with your soul, then do it. Some people move from place to place and usually have enough money to get to where they are going. Once they get to their destination, they need to earn more money to move on to the next place they want to travel. There are also people who live in large houses with tons of money. Some have told me they do not feel comfortable in their own home, and it feels like it is too much. What is the point of me telling you about this? Very simply, be true to yourself and be true to your soul. The soul knows what experiences it needs to grow and expand its awareness. The soul knows what is best for you and your life, and it knows how to guide you each step of the way, so trust it. This is why the first part of this book is about understanding yourself and going into an inner journey to gain that understanding. If you have that understanding, all the rest falls into place.

Once we read about the Law of Attraction we try to manifest and create our world based on what we think we want feeling it is what the world is dictating. This is not following our soul, it is following what we think we want based on others’ experiences. This is what gets us stuck, because it is not in flow with God. I even know televangelists who teach, “By giving tithe, you will reap what you sow.” When you give with the pureness of your heart, you will receive back tenfold. However, just because we hear ministers tell stories about people who receive millions of dollars as they gave out, does not mean you should expect the Benjamins to come back tenfold. There is nothing wrong with giving out and getting back money tenfold but the rewards may come back to you in another form, not necessarily in money. As we give out, we should give with no expectation of return. When it does return we should be willing to receive it. Just know as we give out, we invest in the wholeness of us (all consciousness). Giving with the pureness of heart means what we give out, we will always receive back in some form. Giving out love with love in our hearts, we will receive love back. Give freely of our heart with a whole-hearted compassion; we will get back compassion in some form. The return may come when we least expect it. The rewards are there when we live in flow and expect a life of miracles. Keep in mind, it is all about the intentions you put forth and the feelings inside of you.

Remember when manifesting through EGO, our EGO is out of balance because it is not taking into consideration our SOUL. When we are manifesting through our EGO it will never bring a feeling of wholeness within ourselves because we forgot to include “the whole” in the manifestation. It is like a marriage; if a husband buys houses, cars, and makes decisions for him and his wife, it is not congruent with what a marriage is all about. A marriage should be a partnership. He did not include his partner in the marriage, he just made decisions without her. The same thing happens with the mind, body, and spirit. When they are not working together, or we forget about one of the three components, the neglect of one will bring down the whole. When we only live with our EGO, or what we logically see with our physical eyes, then we neglect the other aspects of who we are. Just like the spouse who felt neglected or not included, eventually they will have a diminished sense of self-worth and it will create an unhealthy relationship.

So manifest with a healthy relationship between the body, mind, and spirit. This creates a world built on a solid foundation of mutual love and respect which will radiate out from you into the oneness of consciousness. It will bring even more harmony, peace, and love to the world. This foundation is so important. There are many wonderful Manifestors out there who have achieved a great deal of success within the world of man, but because they did not build their solid foundation, something always seems to happen to them on some level. They do not feel fulfilled within themselves, their health continues to suffer or they eventually lose it all.

I have grown to appreciate there is more than my physical manifestation in the equation. Because of this, I humbly ask things like, “Would it not be nice to have a vacation to Miami?” I add onto that, “If it is in my divine plan, then bring it to me in divine timing and divine order; make it easy.” I do not want to do it hard anymore. If it is hard, it is because I am making it hard. Once I say this, I let it go! I do not dwell on it, and I do not keep thinking about it repeatedly. If it comes back in my thoughts, I repeat, “If it is my divine plan, then bring it to me in divine timing and divine order and make it easy.” I have studied a lot of different faiths, prayer, witchcraft, universal law, and the basis of all the faiths is when you ask God for something, you ask and “LET IT GO.”

Our EGO wants to grab onto what it desires, and desperately hold onto it hoping it will happen with the EGO’s limited expectations. It wants to live in a safe little box and only experience life when it feels safe. Some of you feel you push yourselves to your limits all the time to overcome your fears. If you are still feeling pain, anxiety, stress, sickness, doubt or any of that, then you still have FEAR breeding within you. I look at it this way: as we face our FEARS, and become aware of them, it expands our awareness. As we dive more into the unknown of ourselves, we gain a higher vibrational perspective on life and how spirit works. This to me is exciting!

A gentleman once told me he was not afraid of anything. I later saw him complain about the world and how horrible it is. He spoke about how his family was terrible, his job was terrible, and he was never going to get anywhere in life because people were working against him. I spoke to him, “You are upset about a great deal of things in this life.” I suggested, “You must be afraid of something.” Simply put, misery breeds more misery. He was creating more misery in his life.

Accomplished spiritual healer and teacher, Jeremy E. McDonald has been a public speaker in this field for over 14 years. He has designed and delivered many workshops to assist individuals in helping them to find peace and joy in their lives. Teaching others to look from an inside-their-soul perspective, he enables them to overcome fear by alchemizing it into love. His clients find balance, peace, joy and true, sublime, self-love.

Million Hugs Publishing ? ISBN 978-1-105-37813-3 ? $19.95


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