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The Power of Trees

by Daniel Sharp

At 1 in the morning I found myself crying in the middle of a dark public park. The stillness of a winter's night continued to cling in the air as my tears streamed down my face and the frozen soil began to numb my legs. The frustration and sadness I felt overtook my mind as I thought of how I will be missing a very important ceremony and couldn't find even an ounce of goodness in that. Everything seemed to be going in the wrong direction.

I let my tears out. And though I tried to keep my expression of uncontrolled emotion on the quiet side, I couldn't help but be a gasping, air slashing, growling ball of rage.

Finally, exhausted of all physical exasperation, I threw myself against the trunk of a tree and leaned my head back. Slowly, as the moment seemed to linger on, all my emotions somehow dropped out of my body. There was nothing. There was no fear, no aggression, no sadness.

There was no happiness, no sense of peace, no refreshment either. In that moment, with the bark the of tree holding me steady, I found myself in nothing but true emptiness. As I took my first deep breath in what might have been hours, a gentle voice filled my ears. At first all there was was a soft giggle- a vocal expression of caring compassion akin to a wise grandmother's response to listening to her grandchild's life woes all the while knowing how they will quickly pass him by. Then, to my surprise, a woman materialized before me!

"Child" she said as her white dress and long dark hair both danced in the gentle wind of the night, "let me hold you with arms of comfort..." As she disappeared I could clearly feel being enfolded in powerful loving arms. The burning emotions that had brought me so much pain were transformed into warmth and love. I knew, in my heart, that the spirit of the tree I was sitting with had come to my aid. I let tears once again roll down my cheeks, but this time in celebration of the shear joy of remembering how much the Universe truly cares for me.

The power of a tree shifted my world. Perhaps this experience warrants the small question of "did I really encounter a tree spirit, or did my imagination get the best of me?" And to this I simply answer that it does not matter which of those two it actually was. Personally, I accept that the spirits do communicate and support us, but I can also understand how it is all perceived as imagination. The point is this: whether imagination or spirit, I was helped. And I know, without doubt, that Trees can help you in your life as well.

Like many of the beautiful aspects that make our world what it is, the power of a Tree is limitless. Trees are old, old, spirits. Trees are supports in our houses. Trees are our basis for physical communications. Trees are our main source of oxygen. Trees do so VERY much for our life. With all that they have to offer us, it seems a shame not to embrace what they can help us with. Here are some quick and powerful ways for you to connect with the power of Trees and find out how they can help you step into a more blessed life and future!

? Notice all the trees that you pass by on a daily basis. Simply notice them, acknowledge their existence. This simple act can have profound effects on our health and well-being as we subconsciously connect trees to cleaner air quality, wisdom, strength, and growth.

? Sit against or hug a tree and notice what happens to your energy. Traditionally manyhealers report that hugging a tree can help ground your energy, it can take your toxic energy and bring it to a place deep in the Earth to be recycled. But, without expectation, physically explore a tree and watch what happens to your energy. Do you feel clearer? Do you feel more grounded? Do you feel energized? More organized? Something else?

? Bring a small tree or artificial tree into your living environment. In this way you will have a daily reminder of your direct connection to the Trees and all their power. Whether this tree is real or fake is irrelevant- our mind will connect what looks like a tree to what we perceive trees do. Therefore, the representation of a tree in your house or apartment will make the air quality feel lighter, will bring a sense of stability and growth.

? Use more wooden furnishings or table settings. The physical aspect of wood will remindyou of the sustaining power of trees.

As always, make sure to take time to go within to hear what the best ways to connect with trees are for you. Listen to your own inspirations as you connect with trees and your life will shift in profound ways.

Daniel Sharp is a Certified Soul Coach and Shamanic Practitioner working and teaching in the Boston area. For more information please call 781-763-7685 and visit www.BostonSoulCoaching.com

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