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Feng Shui Q & A

Ask the Practitioner

by Aaron Lee Koch


Dear Practitioner,

I have recently learned that water in the bedroom may cause loss of money. I have a large aquarium built into the wall of my bedroom. Is there an easy way around this? I am seeing financial problems for the first time.


New York, NY

Dear Phil,

Water features, or even water PICTURES, in the bedroom can cause loss of money. It is fine to have a glass of water by your bedside, or the small amount of water used in some sleep apnea machines, but a fountain or aquarium can be detrimental. Pictures of a river, lake, or any water, should also not be used in the bedroom. I do not have a quick fix for your situation – either move your bedroom or move the aquarium! An aquarium may be beneficial in a home office, a living room or a dining room. What is on the other side of the wall containing the aquarium? Is it possible to cover up the bedroom side of the aquarium and open it up from the other side?


Dear Practitioner,

I started an internet-based business in my home several years ago. I have a steady but small income from the business but things have never really taken off as I originally foresaw. Can you give me some advice to propel my business to the next level?

Jerry W.

Brooklyn, NY

Dear Jerry,

For a home-based business, you should have a dedicated work location. This might be a home office or even just a desk. But it should not be the dining table or any other location that also serves another purpose, and it should not be located in the bedroom. If you live in a studio apartment, try to set the work area apart from the sleeping area, as much as possible.

When you are seated at your desk, you should have the support of a solid wall behind you. There should not be a window or door to your back. Also, make sure that your seat is not positioned directly facing the room door – this alone can lead to the failure of your business. Hang a picture of a gentle hill on the wall behind your seat for extra support.

Have a symbol of spiritual support at your desk. This can be a small laughing Buddha or any symbol that is meaningful to you. Position the figure so it is looking at you.

Purchase some old Chinese coin reproductions. These have square holes in the center, and one side has 4 Chinese characters - this is the "yang" side. Tie a set of 3 of these coins together using a red ribbon. Place a set anywhere that money flows through – or that you want it to! Put a set in your wallet and in your checkbook. Glue or tape a set, "yang" side up, on each of your sources of business. If business comes through the phone, attach a set to the phone, same for the fax machine and computer monitor (if business comes through e-mail).


Dear Practitioner,

My grandmother in Malaysia considers the Hungry Ghost month a dangerous period where spirits roam the streets and must be appeased with offerings. I was born in America and have always considered this an old world superstition. Last year, during this period, I was "haunted" with ghostly dreams and I fear going through this again. Is the Hungry Ghost month all in my head or is there more to it?


Milford, NJ

Dear W.D.,

The Hungry Ghost month is the seventh month of the lunar year, generally falling in late August and early September, and is taken quite seriously in a number of Asian societies. It is centered around the Hungry Ghost Festival, a day of sumptuous feasts for visiting ancestors, along with burning of artificial money and other items for use in the afterlife. This has some parallels in Western societies, such as American Halloween and the Mexican Day of the Dead.

There are a variety of beliefs and superstitions about the Hungry Ghost month. Some believe that hungry ghosts become free to wander the earth and seek food in our world. Others say that ghosts may seek revenge on those who have mistreated them in life. Many Asians take this quite seriously and avoid walking outside at night, where they may be accosted by a ghost, or swimming, because a ghost may drown them.

I cannot tell you whether or not to take the Hungry Ghost month seriously. However, if you are a person who believes in such things, a few precautions cannot hurt.

Ghosts are attracted to yin energy – dark, quiet and subdued energy. Wearing yang clothing - bright and lively colors - is sure to keep them away. Use bright lighting and lively music in your home. Open the curtains and welcome in the sunshine! Display a symbol of protection in your home. This can be, for example, a pair of fu dogs or a statue of Kuan Kung, god of prosperity and protection. These are readily available in Chinese markets or on the internet.

Aaron Lee Koch is a Master Feng Shui Practitioner, and Director of The American School of Classical Feng Shui. He is available for home and business consultations throughout our area, and may be reached at 607-722-8988 or 718-288-1058, e-mail: FengShui@AmeriChi.com, web site: www.AmeriChi.com. As many questions as space permits will be answered through this column. Questions may be e-mailed or mailed to Aaron at AmeriChi Feng Shui, PO Box 983, Vestal, NY 13851-0983.

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