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Book Review: "How to Have A Match Made in Heaven"

By Ariel & Shya Kane

by Mary A. Arsenault

Most people would consider a "good" relationship to be one in which two people know and respect each other well enough to know what "buttons" not to push in order to maintain harmony. But what would you call a relationship in which neither person has any "buttons" that could be pushed? Would you call it "a match made in heaven"? Is that even possible?

According to Ariel and Shya Kane in their new book, How to Have a Match Made in Heaven: A Transformational Approach to Dating, Relating and Marriage, it’s not only possible, it’s the likely end result for couples willing to learn and adhere to the philosophy of their Three Principles of Instantaneous Trans-formation.

The Kanes’ own thirty year marriage is testimony to the effectiveness of their approach. Still very much in love - even "dating" each other, in addition to being business partners - they discovered years ago that working on themselves, or each other, not only didn’t help solve any of the problems they were having both individually and together, in many cases it actually made them worse. One day, in exasperation, they decided to simply stop trying to change themselves and each other... and that was the beginning of their technology of Instantaneous Trans-formation... and their "match made in heaven".

The Kanes’ ground-breaking first book, Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work, introduces the details of their technology that paradoxically, yet very successfully, produces transformation by requiring that a person does not work on trying to change themself.

In their later, award-winning book, How to Create A Magical Relationship, the Kanes explain how to apply the principles of Instantaneous Trans-formation to the challenges of relation-ships.

Continuing along the same theme, How to Have a Match Made in Heaven really brings their concepts up close and personal, not only by including transcripts of the Kanes counseling their clients, but with the innovative approach of including a link at the end of each chapter, where readers can go online and view actual videos of the sessions. Adding to the intimacy of this project, all of the Kanes’ clients mentioned within the book agreed to have their real names published.

Written in the Kanes’ signature light yet highly informative style, the warmth that they share with each other and their clients, radiates through the pages, inspiring you along the idyllic path to relationship heaven.

Mary A. Arsenault is the publisher of Wisdom Magazine

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