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Divine Wisdom from Michele Livingston

by Michele Livingston

Hi Michele,

About 10 years ago, my friend’s husband, who was a very spiritual man, had bypass surgery and "died" on the table. When he was revived and could speak, he told his wife that there was no Light, no relatives to greet him, no nothing, just unconsciousness. He had believed all his life in a hereafter. He was a kind and generous man to all. After this experience, he was so disheartened that he became an atheist on the spot, and is until this day.

Watching his whole experience completely unraveled me. I lost all faith in everything and for ten brutal years have been struggling to regain the sense of Spirit, all to no avail. I am in a true dark night of the soul. I have lost my entire foundation ...a foundation that in the past supported me through many trials. The trials still exist but now I have nowhere to turn for any kind of spiritual comfort.

I would like to know if there is anything I can do to find my way back and restore my sense of Spirit? I no longer believe in an afterlife. Everything I held true now seems to be a great myth that is man-made to help get you through the night. Unfortunately, I am finding myself doing what I said I’d never do: accepting things of science as the only truth, because it can be seen and proved.

Thanks for listening. Suzanne T

Dear Suzanne, thanks for your inquiry. From what I have learned, it is for each person to find his or her own way in life. We come from the spirit realms as a human soul who enters a finite body at birth. The eternal soul leaves upon death to return to the realms of spirit to go through a life review, regroup and decide if it needs to return to the earth plane for further soul growth. What we do with our life between the events of birth and death is up to us. Our belief systems create our existence, whether we choose happiness, faith and love; or fear, doubt and despair.

There will always be two polarities on the earth plane – love and fear – as there will always be light and dark. One should try to believe in the goodness of life and count blessings daily. Every day is a gift to be lived in joy and gratitude. This is sometimes easier said than done, as we are constantly bombarded with negativity through the news media. So by free choice one chooses how to live one’s life. It does not matter what another believes or has experienced, only what your individual mind, heart and soul chooses to believe.

We, as sentient beings, are co-creators with the Source or Force that is a Higher Power of creation (what ever you believe that to be). That Source is infinite energy of pure unconditional love, intelligence and creativity. Life’s journey should not obsessively center on what is to come in the next stage of development (the fourth dimension); the true journey is about appreciation for each breath, the awareness of the magic of each moment. It’s about the ability to love and help others and feel love in return – to observe the everyday good and the wondrous beauty of nature. One can receive great insight by going within – stilling the mind and pondering glorious landscapes or inspirational events. In my opinion, we do not serve an angry male God, and life is not just about darkness, pain and suffering. We draw everything to ourselves (good and bad as humanity calls it) for evolutionary soul growth.

One thing is certain; your soul is electromagnetic energy as are your thought impulses and the invisible aura that surrounds your body. Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can take different forms. Using the analogy of water, it is a solid form as an ice cube (which can represent the physical body), when it melts it becomes a liquid form (which can represent the flowing thoughts from the mind), and when boiled it turns into a vaporized mist (representing the soul or spirit). The element is still water, just in different forms. Energy can also be solid, flowing or vaporous (body, mind or spirit).

Everyone perceives life in a different way and can also perceive and believe in the process of death differently. Studies show that those who have experienced "life after death" or the near death experience (NDE) tell very similar stories; floating above while looking down at their body, the sparkling tunnel with bright light, seeing robed beings or guides who are there to meet them and on occasion deceased relatives, friends and even pets. It is interesting to note that worldwide studies of NDEs show that an individual’s "belief system" is also created immediately after death! Buddhists may see Buddha in a temple, Christians may see Jesus and the apostles and Catholics often witness Mother Mary and the Saints. Many who are clinically dead and return have seen their deceased loved ones. In a few rare instances those who have felt condemned and unworthy of an afterlife claim they have briefly seen the fires of hell! The idea is that we create what we believe, when we first arrive on the other side. Most of those interviewed with NDEs have experienced something very vivid, lucid and real to them. There are a few that have experienced nothing (as your friend’s husband did, even though he was spiritual).

These "after death" experiences can depend on the state the mind and body were in upon death. Also, anesthesia can sometimes numb the senses and have an effect on what experiences one has or remembers. It is interesting that many experiences we have had as an infant and through the formative years (1 to 5), we consciously don’t remember today. Likewise look at how rapidly a dream can dissipate from our memory after waking. I believe that at times we are not supposed to consciously remember certain things from our sleep state and that is the closest most of us get to a true NDE. (The soul can leave the body and go to the astral plane during sleep.)

Suzanne, I believe what has pulled you down for the last decade is that you have believed in someone else’s experience as if it was etched in stone! Remember, you are on your own journey. Weren’t you happier when you believed and had faith in goodness and miracles? They do exist if you choose to see and accept them. As Albert Einstein said, "There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is!" The choice is up to each one of us. No one else can live your life, experience your journey, believe exactly as you do or be you. I personally choose to believe in life’s goodness, miracles and new beginnings. That is the difference between happiness and despair. Love, hope and faith are invisible and sometimes intangible emotions and desires, but they are real to the person who feels uplifted and inspired. If indeed there is no afterlife (though I am sure there is), then so be it. Let tomorrow take care of itself.

I very much believe that the soul lives on after seeing, feeling and hearing the departed for the last 18 years in the work I do. There have been many validations for me. What’s important is to imbibe life in the now, in each sacred moment; and to be able to appreciate each joyful event that occurs. I’m confident, Suzanne, that the dark clouds of despair will lift and that your sense of spirit will be restored as you choose to find each day as a new adventure and a gift. And have the faith to know the energy and essence of who you truly are will live on.

Michele Livingston is a spiritual clairvoyant and author who uses her special gifts to guide and counsel those seeking answers about their loved ones (both living and deceased), about their health and even about past lives. Readers can prearrange one-on-one phone sessions or in person readings with Michele. She also presents "Messages from Beyond" seminars throughout the northeastern USA, and her NEW book, Messages from Beyond: a Spiritual Guidebook, is available on-line at her website or by calling 717-737-3888. In this column she answers questions from selected readers about angels, loved ones who have passed, spirit guides and many other interesting subjects. Send questions to Michele at Divine Inspirations, P.O. Box 383, Camp Hill, PA 17001 or e-mailed to Michele@ Michele Livingston.com. www.MicheleLivingston.com.

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