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Follow Your Own North Star

by Alicja with the Ascended Masters

I feel like the Phoenix that was just re-birthed, rising from the ashes. Somehow, I always knew that a day would come when I will find enough courage and rise up from all that was holding me down. My self imposed prison – my fear. I was so afraid of life that I allowed so many others to choose life for me. Others, not me, chose whom to love, how to be loved, how I should and should not feel. Where I should live? And so on and on.

It seemed like I was just bobbing along on the sea of life. A ship lost at sea, searching for a place to hide. A safe harbor I called this place. And yet it seemed that this safe harbor of my mind was always eluding me, out of my reach. Many times, just when I thought that I had it all, life and dreams were once again ripped from me, as I stood bewildered wondering, what happened now?

I always had enough courage and strength and yet I found myself thinking that surely, just over this horizon I will find this magical place, this heaven, this place of total belonging and peace and love – a home at last! My soul cried out, a home at last!

Wait, I see me now, clearly declaring to the universe – OK, enough! Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (or as my daughter used to say – The Lizard of Us) and maybe it were my inner Lizard and not my Wizard. Maybe I misheard and have been searching for a Lizard my whole life! Imagine that! How simple and yet amazing the sense of well being that clarity can bring. Well, I am certainly off to see the Wizard, now that I have finally realized what I have been searching for all along.

Spirit has always guided me to just look at the human experience and laugh and laugh and to see it from Spirit’s perspective. Well, it must be funny to Spirit as Spirit is telling us “It’s The Wizard, The Wizard!” and off we go with not even a breath to pause and listen – searching for the Lizard.

Know where you are starting from.

Know where you want to go.

Design a plan to get you there.

And follow that plan.

For me it was always fear of owning my own space in this universe. My self-abandonment taught me that I had no right to exist, never mind claim my space. I couldn’t even say and feel that I deserved to have a better relationship, to live by the warmth of the ocean. Surrounded by mountains, in a beautiful home filled with love and peace and beauty and a sense of belonging.

To trust my inner guidance, my intuition, I had needed to re-set my inner compass and point it to my own North Star. My inner sense of my own North Star was very distorted or even non-existent. I have spent my whole life, trying to guess what other people could possibly want from me, need from me. How should I behave? What should I say so others would feel OK and not feel threatened? What about me? My feelings? Was it not OK for me to feel good and safe and be loved and protected? Why was I willing to let go and loose me?

I may not have known where I was going and I certainly didn’t have a plan. How could I – I didn’t even know where I was? Which direction was North for me? The only thing that I knew for sure was that I may not have known the direction of my heart but at last I was willing to claim my space and shout from the tallest mountain, well maybe whisper –

“Hey, I matter. I exist. I am worthy of all the love, the peace and joy this universe has to offer”.

I may not have known where I was going but I knew to start with finding the direction of my own inner compass. Finding my own True North and trusting that as long as I go where that tiny arrow of hope points I will find my very own field of dreams. I will know and trust my intuition; my inner guidance and I will never be lost again.

But, you see, I was never lost in the physical world. I was always where I had needed to be. Spirit brought me the exact amount of pain and sorrow and loss with a dash of joy and happiness and an overwhelming sense of purpose. The physical aspect of my journey was well orchestrated and perfectly presented for each lesson and triumph. It was always up to me to find my own path back home, where I and you and all of us came from. That was the challenge. It was not the beautiful home by the seaside – it was always the tiny arrow of hope and returning.

Know where you want to go and always follow your own inner compass. Everyday spend time with your Inner Being and learn to trust the guidance. Learn to trust your intuition. Let go of fear and always know the direction of your arrow (no worries about others – they have their own arrows). Follow that arrow in your unending quest to return safely home, whence you came from, one with Spirit and a fully realized human being.

The universe will always present many options to you. As you learn to focus on what is important to you and only you, you will begin to see a clearer road. You will begin to trust your choices and choose the one prominent road of your life. Trust and be your own compass.

There is much love here for you. All is well. Trust and know where you are.

-Alicja with the Ascended Masters

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