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Excerpt from "Solar Revolution: Why Mankind Is on the Cusp of an Evolutionary Leap"

by Dieter Broers

“The Sun: The Heart and Mind of Our Galaxy”

The Mayan observation that our galaxy contains a “central Sun” is accurate in light of current scientific knowledge. Astrophysicists refer to this phenomenon as a black hole, an entity that is thought to be located at the center of our galaxy and around which our entire solar system orbits. One such orbit takes a staggering 225 million years.

In recent years an exceptionally large amount of activity has been observed in this center which, to the consternation of scientists, does not square with their current picture of the universe. One manifestation of this phenomenon is radiation that has been detected at increasingly short intervals and that “is directed at the Earth like car headlights.” This radiation, which is referred to as gamma ray bursts (GRBs), chiefly originates in the farthest reaches of our galactic center (i.e., from the black hole).

Here too the scientific data and visionary interpretations of the Mayan prophecies seem to agree. Argüelles described a “Galactic Synchronization Beam” that is emitted by the central Sun at certain times and affects the Earth’s electromagnetic environment and our level of background radiation, spurring evolutionary changes and mutations. This beam also calibrates, according to this hypothesis, the mental and psychic existence of human beings by setting off vibrations in them that are transmitted via the Earth and the Sun, and that are emitted by the central Sun, an enormous black hole or Hunab-Ku.

Esoteric though this hypothesis may sound, it is confirmed by the findings of modern astrophysics. During a solar storm, massive amounts of gases known as plasma are emitted from the solar corona, which is the outer layer of the solar atmosphere and is visible at sundown as a pearly, faint halo extending a great distance. These “mass coronal projections” (as experts call them) spew hot plasma into space at speeds amounting to millions of miles per hour. But unfortunately for us earthlings, the particles that compose hot solar plasma carry an electrical charge, and if these particles enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they can provoke magnetic storms and polar lights—which in turn affect the geomagnetic field and thus all life on Earth, all the way down to the cellular level.

Far fetched though it may sound, we humans are extremely susceptible to cosmic electromagnetic forces and gamma radiation. Human DNA apparently exhibits a property that acts as an “antenna” for gamma radiation. Our DNA contains carbon crystals that react to radiation like a resonator. Moreover, all of the atomic elements of our DNA have the capacity to pick up electromagnetic energy like a radio antenna, whereas the carbon crystals amplify incoming electromagnetic signals, which is a mechanism we know from broadcasting technology.

And pretty much the same thing happens with our cells, whose structure enables them to receive electromagnetic signals from the cosmos. Furthermore the resonance frequencies of gamma ray bursts (GRBs) are the same as those of the elementary particles of our atoms, thus setting the stage for far-reaching changes in our bodies and brains that probably also include complete restructuring in both.

These are the factors that make the prospect of a consciousness-changing “synchronization beam,” in alignment with Mayan calendrical wisdom, so Earth shattering from a scientific standpoint. A beam of radiation, emitted from the center of the Milky Way and synchronized with the solar cycles, could transform—in a sense, reencode—the double helix of our DNA.

The quantum physicist Brian Swimme became one of the first researchers to raise this possibility, when, in commenting on and expressing agreement with José Argüelles’s theories, he stated that actions and worldviews (i.e., the mindsets of entire cultures) are determined by the properties of galactic tides whose code may have been received and transmitted by the Mayans both mathematically and symbologically. Swimme furthermore observed that, in the parlance of quantum physics, one could posit that an electrodynamic exchange occurs between solar electrons and human electrons.

These insights explain a number of phenomena that have long defied explanation based on mainstream medical concepts. For example, why is it that at certain periods the incidence of mental disorders that are not transmitted bacterially or virally increases? One possible explanation was formulated in 1963 by American physician Robert Becker of the Albert Einstein Hospital in New York. He demonstrated a direct correlation between mental disorders and cosmic events, in that the number of patients admitted to psychiatric hospitals was found to increase significantly during particularly severe solar eruptions. Based on his clinical work, Becker also reported that solar wind– magnetosphere interaction and extreme susceptibility of hospitalized psychiatric patients coincided down to the minute.

The conclusion that can be drawn from all the research findings in this sphere is as plausible as it is noteworthy: humankind is in the midst of a transformation process whose consequences are still very difficult to foretell. However there can be no doubt that this transformation involves far more than just a paradigm shift or the advent of new political systems, for it will affect every aspect, level, nook, and cranny of life and will catalyze a dynamic that will sweep before it all evolutions of all living things.

The advent of this cataclysmic event is concretely signaled numerous times in various aspects of Mayan culture. Making interpretations based on Mayan glyphs, theorists ranging from Argüelles to Cotterell and many others have proposed that the cyclical transition has a cathartic function: they speak in terms of “awakened human beings” who will carry out a “sacred mission” and will “cleanse the Earth”—and for whom a new consciousness and new form of civilization will be ushered in once we pass through the initiatory threshold represented by December 21, 2012.

Dieter Broers has conducted research in the fields of frequency and regulation therapy since the 1980s. He has been granted patents in 85 different countries and was invited to become a member of the International Council for Scientific Development (ICSD), whose members include 100 Nobel prize winners. He is a member of the Committee for International Research Centres and has, since 1997, been a biophysics director at the ICSD.

From Solar Revolution: Why Mankind Is on the Cusp of an Evolutionary Leap by Dieter Broers, published by Evolver Editions, an imprint of North Atlantic Books, copyright © 2012 by Dieter Broers. Reprinted by permission of publisher. On Sale Sept. 4, 2012. $16.95 US/$19.95 CAN.

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