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An Interview With Author Georgina Cannon

Looking to the Past to Change Your Future

by Laura Hermiston

One of my greatest fears in life is to wake up one day and feel like I have wasted my time. Arguably, this sense of running out of time plays a major role in how society currently functions. This is palpable when one sees things like a parent racing to a gym class in the morning before work and tweeting about how great their instructor was, followed by taking their child to school, then simultaneously answering e-mails on their blackberry while buying a low-fat decaf green tea latte, and all the while is thinking about all the friends they need to spend “quality” time with. In short, the world is a fast paced environment and it has become the norm for people to constantly multi-task in order to accomplish as much as they can in as little time as possible. However, one has to question if there is an efficient way of living our lives. Or better, how one can live their life to it’s fullest potential.

I recently spoke with world-renowned hypnotist, Dr. Georgina Cannon about her new book, Return Again, and discussed how people can consciously change their future by understanding their past.

Your new book touches on past lives and interlives as a background on how to consciously change your future- can you explain what these two concepts are?

“Past lives are an extension of your soul journey. They are life experiences that you have gone through in different times. A lot of the times the lives people experience are very simple lives but it is the wisdom you learn from those lives that is very profound.

The interlife is about the passage between two past lives. What happens in between is profound and awe-inspiring as it is all about the spirit and your soul.”

When accessing a past life- how can you tell if it is real or phony?

“When a client is in hypnosis it is physically apparent that they can feel the emotions of the life they are experiencing- as if they are in that lifetime. Ultimately, it does not matter if it is real or imagined. The most important thing is that you gain the wisdom and information to carry into your current life. There have been many past lives confirmed, including those I worked with as seen on the CBC documentary Past Life Investigation.

What typically happens when accessing the interlife?

“When you access the interlife, you meet your guides, your soul circle, you soul mates, you learn how to manage your energy, you find out about your different lifetimes, or go to a place of rest if you’ve gone through trauma. You can ask questions such as ‘what am I really here for’, ‘am I on the right path’, or ‘what do I need to recognize about my karma in order to change’.”

What are the top three benefits of accessing a past life and the interlife?

1. “You have a deeper sense of who you are.”

2. “You get a sense of what is truly important to you long term and short term.”

3. “You have a sense of being connected to your higher self. Specifically with the interlife, you have an understanding that you left a part of you in the interlife so you can always connect to it and when you meditate (if you don’t -- I encourage you to start) you will find it easier to connect. From this you realize that everything is connected and we are all a part of the universe.”

How does this process change peoples lives- whether it is done by a trained regression hypnotist or by themselves with your book, Return Again?

“It keeps you more focused if you love what you do and if you don’t love what you do you start looking for something to dedicate you life to. For some people it reconnects them to family. For most people the very least it does is it reconnects them to themselves.

As our society continues to get caught up in our busy day-to-day lives, many of us forget the point of why we do the things we do. Even if you are a skeptic of spiritual work, looking to the past to change the future can be a valuable tool in your personal growth as a human being. Return Again by Dr. Georgina Cannon, is an accessible, easy to read useful source that can help you figure out how you can start living efficiently and to your fullest potential.”

*Return Again is available October 1st 2012 from Amazon and local bookstores

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