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Choose Life-Supporting Beliefs

by Phyllis Light

We live in intense times. There are planetary energies affecting us all that require us to change at deep levels, and change is not always easy. In fact, many of us resist change with all our might, and as a result, we suffer during these times.

Suffering is "self-inflicted" to a great degree. It comes from choices we make and beliefs we choose to adopt. Our suffering also comes from much of our subconscious programming—all the thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs instilled in us as a child. It is even possible that much of what we believe comes from past life experiences as well!

The energy in today’s world is calling for a change in our structure: a change in how we perceive our world, how we relate to others, what we do for our career, and ultimately how we structure the world around us. During tumultuous times such as these, it is always important to look within and re-examine our inner structure, since all that we think and feel eventually does manifest in our life in some form or fashion.

Our inner structure essentially determines our outer structure. What is important to us? What is it we want out of life? When enough people have the same thoughts and desires, then the world around us will change. Therefore, it is important to choose "life-supporting beliefs," those thoughts and attitudes that support goodness, kindness, and respect to all humans. It is vital to let go of the parts of us that feel like life has nothing to offer us, or is unkind to us.

Whatever we believe about life, we will create to be true. Whatever we don’t like about life, we will continue to attract to us—until we can forgive ourselves and others, and release our negative thoughts and feelings about that particular aspect of life. The energy on the planet is such that it is bringing up all parts of that question: "What am I doing here?" "What is my purpose for being in life?" "Is this all there is?"

Sometimes, when we can’t find an answer to these questions, we get depressed, even suicidal. I call this your "death stuff." "Death stuff" doesn’t mean you’re going to die, it just means you have many thoughts and feelings that are surfacing that make you question your existence and not want to be here. We all have it. It comes from having had bad or challenging experiences in the past. It’s part of the human condition.

When you experience the intense energies present in our world today, you may think, "It’s too much for me here," or, "I don’t want to be here, I can’t take it anymore," or "I can’t deal with this anymore; get me out of here!" You are expressing your frustration in the moment, but you are not really saying, "I want to die." However, the subconscious mind is quite literal, and works hard to give you want you want.

So you can see that if you continue to believe and energize these kinds of negative thoughts and feelings for too long, you could start to "get what you want," although it may not be what you consciously want. If you focus on such negative beliefs long enough, you could start attracting unwanted experiences in your life, from hurting your finger or stubbing your toe, to literally creating circumstances that will allow you to leave the physical plane—which is probably not what you consciously want.

Often, unpleasant circumstances will occur in our lives that trigger these old, negative subconscious beliefs. This is a good thing (from a Higher perspective), as it gives us a chance to review and release a part of our subconscious load that we no longer need. Ultimately, this helps us to grow spiritually and attain a higher version of Love and Light in our lives.

In truth, in order to transform, we all must experience a sort of "death" first, and then a "rebirth." The mythological bird, the Phoenix, first was burned in the flames, but then arose from the ashes, transformed into something new. We are all going through this sort of death and rebirth at this time, planetary-wide. What is most important now is to choose life, know that whatever "death" you are experiencing is providing a path to something new and different, something that will prove to be better for you.

Most likely, you will not be able to see this from your current vantage point. To experience the "death and rebirth" cycle of transformation, there will be something in you that needs to "die." You will have to let go of whatever no longer serves you, whatever is no longer for your "Highest Good."

The process can be painful at first, or even for the entire duration. It’s often quite hard to let go, especially if you don’t know exactly what that means. For people who have "control issues," this can be a particularly challenging period, since it’s often characterized by a feeling of insecurity and not knowing or understanding what’s going on.

The key, however is to have faith and trust. When we don’t know that something better will come from this transformation, the path can seem bleak and dreary, and "ending it all" doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. But when we choose to trust the process of life, then we move forward, in faith, trusting that we will get through this, and times will be better once we "arise from the ashes."

The "crashing and burning" part is tough, but the transformation into something "Higher" and better is a true blessing. Trust that life is on your side and keep moving forward. Do your best to let go of the negative beliefs and attitudes you might be experiencing as you transform "the old you" into something better. No one said the journey would be easy, but it is certainly well-worth taking!

Phyllis Light, Ph.D, is an expert in "Telepathic Healing" and a pioneer in dealing with the energetic impact of modern technology on our physical body and subtle energy field. She specializes in helping people grow spiritually, by releasing their negative subconscious programming, and repairing damage to their energy fields from the detrimental effects of EMFs. To learn more, visit: www.lighthealing.com  (512) 301-2999.

Light Healing

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