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Inca Energy Medicine Classes in Albany, NY & Lott, TX

by Victorea Luminary (f/k/a Andrea Mincsak Bordelon)

It was the summer of 2010 and I answered the phone to hear my friend excitedly say, "You HAVE to take this class it will change your life!!"

At that very moment my life felt pretty bleak, so I was curious to experience just how the Four Directions of the Inca Medicine Wheel could help me.

For 30 years I had searched for the cause of my unhappiness. In that first class I was surprised to discover the negative core beliefs that were hidden deep in my subconscious that kept me stuck in the rut of suffering and that blocked my path to wholeness and happiness.

These negative beliefs attract to us the people and situations that prove them right. Subsequently, even though we do all the right things our finances dwindle, our relationships fail and we repeat the same patterns again and again. To heal we must clear the imprint of these negative beliefs from our luminous energy field. Only then can we move forward in life with ease and grace.

I have been a professional energy practitioner for many years, yet I learned new techniques to clear the luminous energy field more profoundly and powerfully than ever before.

My life began shifting immediately and continues to evolve and transform in ways I never could have dreamed. I learned to get off the triangle of suffering and stop playing the parts of victim, perpetrator or rescuer. What once triggered me and caused havoc in my life no longer does. I learned that there are so many more dimensions that affect this lifetime and I learned how to heal my personal past, ancestral influences, past lives and more.

As I progressed around the medicine wheel I moved into a place of allowing. In this new place of allowing I fully became co-creator of my world. I am now able to focus on and create what I desire with ease and grace. Manifesting has become so fast that all I need to do is think of something and it happens. Of course, this could only happen once I released those negative patterns and influences.

This is the most powerful and transformative program I have ever taught. I invite you to join me to experience your own epic journey of transformation through the Inca Medicine Wheel.

Through the practices of Four Directions of the Inca Medicine Wheel you can transform your life. Through these practices you can learn to recognize and become grateful for the gift in every experience, every situation and every person in your life. You can experience inner peace. You can learn to source from the Divine Spirit and bring to you all that you desire with ease and grace.

You can learn more by visiting my website www.TakeBackYourPowerNow .com.

Wishing you an abundance of all good things.

©2012 Victorea Luminary

Victorea Luminary (f/k/a Andrea Mincsak Bordelon) is a Shamanic Practitioner/Teacher of the Inca Tradition. www.TakeBackYourPowerNow.com, Victorea@TakeBackYourPowerNow.com, Phone: 800-319-2587

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