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Reconnective Yoga

by Cathie McGill

The word "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit root yuj, which means to unite. Liberation is the ultimate goal of Yoga, also known as Samadhi. This experience arises through the union of individual Self and Universal Soul. How do we unite what we perceive as a small individual self with something expansive and un-seen as the universal soul or consciousness?

Yoga can be experienced through physical practices, meditation, and breathing. We can begin our practice from any starting point, however to achieve Samadhi, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras emphasise that we include all aspects of our Selves.

Life force (Prana) is the power that breathes life into every living thing. Prana is a real and measurable force that sustains everything on our planet. The energy body, which is made up of energy pathways (Nadis) deposit prana within each of our chakras to create energy, and it can be recharged via a directing of our thoughts (mental strands) and also with the integration of the palpable energy frequencies with the body, as in Reconnective Healing.

How often is the true philosophy of Yoga explored in classes today?

If you visit various Yoga studios you may find that the emphasis of teaching Yoga is Asana (posture). It may be suggested that the Western world is not ready for more internal practices. However, as human beings have you noticed that we are evolving faster than ever before?

Reconnective Yoga is a Yoga practice that joins two disciplines, Reconnective Healing and Yoga, to create a powerful tool of transformation. Reconnective Yoga can help all Practitioners of Yoga experience the deeper layers and learn to "feel" the Life force internally and externally. During practice the frequencies flow in a directed way to help heal, restore and lift the vibrational body, as well as creating a connection of Self with the Universal Mind.

Engaging in Reconnective Yoga we become more able to transcend Yoga practices by consciously experiencing our internal energy sources and the external force that sustains us simultaneously. The outcome of this is a state of Oneness. We open opportunities for self-healing that can accommodate our own evolution. Our experience becomes more expanded and we are able to experience deeper layers of our innate being known in Yoga as "The Koshas"; the five layers, which support the gross–subtle-causal bodies.

You do not have to change your yoga practice, however you may find that it will evolve into something more when you engage in the Reconnective Healing frequencies. It is a wonderful feeling to see people connect within, and to feel the supportive energy of the frequencies. This is truly an amazing evolution in our Yoga practice and Teaching.

Collectively there seems to be an urgency of healing and wholeness. More people are seeking Yoga as a genuine way for creating greater health and wellbeing. Reconnective Yoga allows the integration of the Nadis and Reconnective Healing frequencies to create a deeper experience. As a Yoga Community it is time to begin to build on our Yoga Philosophies and introduce the concepts of the energy body, as this is where deep transformation takes place. We were born knowing we are so much more… we can Reconnect.

For more info about upcoming Reconnective Healing and Reconnective Yoga events visit TheReconnection.com or call 323.960.0012.

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