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Healing Messages From the Ascended Masters

by Alicja

Most of our changes come to us when we let go of all that we are, allowing our higher self to heal and lead us. It was 2005 and at that particular time in my life I was seeing a therapist to help me heal my life. My therapist suggested that I see her business partner “who was doing some interesting things with energy healing”. I had no idea what it was, but was willing to do anything to heal myself and my life.

A week later I’ve found myself lying on the other therapist’s table as she began her energy healing. At first, as I closed my eyes, I saw only darkness, but then the colors began to change and soon I was surrounded by all of the shades of purple. With every breath I took I was breathing in this color. Like ocean waves, the color moved in and out . Then to my utter amazement I began to see angels. They were everywhere, all around me, all shapes and colors and sizes, even little tiny baby angels! I watched them swim in this purple ocean and I felt such joy and love, such peace that I began to cry. After so many years of pain, of abandonment, of trying to find myself, I finally felt that I was home. Then after a while, the ocean of purple began to part, just like Moses parting the Red Sea. Through the parting colors I saw a hand reach towards me and a finger touched my heart. A deep male voice clearly said “Welcome back. We have missed you. We have been waiting for you”. And again, I felt that after all this time I had finally come home. I was home.

I watched for a while as the angels swam around me and I basked in their love. But, then I began to see that the angels slowly started to swim away from me. They were going home! But I was being left behind…in my mind, I began to cry and plead “wait, you can’t leave, I have to go with you, please take me back, I can’t stay here….please take me back, I have to go back!”. The voice spoke to me once again “You have to stay. You have much work to do. You are never alone. We are always with you.” And with that the angels, the colors, it all began to fade. As I opened my eyes I’ve found myself openly crying. The energy healer, obviously shaken and crying as well, asked me “what did just happen?” She said that her hands felt on fire. I shared my experience with her, the whole time feeling disconnected from this world and profoundly affected by seeing the angels, by hearing the voice, a voice that now I have learned to love and trust and know so well!. After I had finished telling her the story, she said, “Oh my God, you are an Earth Angel!” and I said “a what?”. She then walked over to her bookcase and gave me Doreen Virtue’s book “Earth Angels” and so began my journey of re-remembrance and my process if intense studying, saving money as a single mom to fly to Hawaii for the Angel Therapy Practitioner course with Doreen Virtue, studying Native American Shamanism and so much more…

Today, as I walk this path of healing and as I heal myself and others, I see my Home Beings. I feel their presence in my life. I hear their gentle whispers of encouragement and guidance. I know that my journey is just beginning, even though I’ve been “doing this” since 2005 – it is now at this time on our planet that my true work is needed and is being revealed to me with every word I write. English is truly my second language (or third if you consider years of studying Russian in a communist Poland) so I hope you can truly appreciate my amazement and my hesitation that this is the way the Spirit is coming through me. I hope that my love of the written word will continue to guide me.

My commitment is to heal myself so I can heal others; but my commitment is also to my Home Beings, to a power that is so much greater than I could ever imagine in my limited human thinking. It is through my willingness to re-connect with this power and my willingness to stay in faith as I take each unknown step, knowing and trusting that I am truly guided. It isn’t easy, sorting it all out, the human experience, the guidance from my Home Beings. Over time, I am learning and have learned to trust my intuition, to trust that inner knowing. Every time I am asked to do yet another thing, to change my direction, to follow a path totally unknown to me …I just take a deep breath of Divine Guidance and spread my human wings of hope and I fly…

The willingness must always be to take that first leap of faith and then Spirit can step in and be the wind beneath our wings. I am still not sure why it must be based on so much faith for us humans to return home. My best answer came when I asked my Home Beings and was guided to study the Kabbalah “….God is a vessel and we must choose willingly to be part of that vessel, we must return out of our own faith and wanting”. Today, I am being told that many Beings of other worlds are here on earth or closely assisting us from afar in our returning as we have strayed off course.

“We guide you at this time of your journey of returning upon the mother’s ship as life where you are now has become unpleasant to many of you. We continue to guide you in love, trusting that you know that fear does not exist. It never did. Yet, many of you still choose to follow the path of fear, that’s why there are many of us that are here to help you choose the path of love. How? You ask? How does one choose blindly, purely on faith the path of love? By letting go of the illusion of control. My dear ones, control is purely an illusion created by your ego to remain in control! In your daily life, began to notice the flowers that grow, the trees that are standing tall. Are they trying to manipulate all that is around them? Are they not happy just being and growing? There is much that can be learned by just observing the way of nature, as it is the closest you will get, here on earth to the harmony and peace and balance that your life was always meant to be. Yes, you have your free will and many of you use it to its fullest advantage, but dear ones isn’t it time to let go and just rest for a while? Isn’t it time to put down, your armor of fear, your coat of arms, your protection in fear? Isn’t it time to allow a Higher Force to enter your atmosphere and allow for the returning of all to the One Place of Existence? Many of you will be very uncomfortable with the above statement. It will resonate with the fear in you but if you allow yourself for just a moment to think beyond the human ego and understand that Love truly does exist, in all of its beauty and glory, then why not pursue love? Why pursue that which does not exist? Allow the gentle guidance of the Universe to reawaken you to a path that is best for your life and your purpose. Again, each path may be different, but it always leads to the same path of love and self-discovery and most importantly, to Love. Loving oneself is your highest priority. When you love yourself, all war will cease. When you love another as you love yourself, all war will cease. When you love your world as you love yourself, all war will cease. Remember the flower and the tree? They grow in love and full acceptance of their purpose in this world; they do not fight the reason they exist. It is much we could learn from Nature’s guidance, shall we but stop and listen …there is much love here for you, always”

- Alicja and TWB

Alicja has been an intuitive her whole life. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® having studied and completed her training with Doreen Virtue®. She has also trained in Native American Shamanism. In addition to her own business, Inner Light Healing, Alicja is a nurse at a local Pediatric Intensive Care. Contact: www.alicjainnerlight.com

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