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144 The Christ Vibration Jesus Through Virginia Ellen

by Virginia Ellen

Your Sacred Seals hold within them the Light of God, which is the vibration of God. The language of God is vibration; it is the sacred geometry of your being. Once you begin the activation process, this light encoded truth, will begin to be realized within you. You will have access to the wisdom of the ages, and instant knowledge will be yours. The logical mind can rest. When you rely greatly on the logical mind, you are stressing the physical body and it begins to age. When the light encoded wisdom is released from your Sacred Seals, the body begins to release stress and regenerate.

There are twelve Sacred Seals; seven are located just above each chakra in the body. Two are below the first chakra, and three are above your crown chakra. Twelve activations exist within each Sacred Seal; twelve times twelve equals 144, the number of a Christ in full power. The number 144 is also completion, and once all of your Sacred Seals have activated, you will be complete within your own essence, knowing you are God/Human, a Super Human with full dominion over life.

You are needed to reach this level of Christhood to transform your earth and all of humanity. In the moment that there are enough of you fully activated, the whole earth will come

into alignment with the higher forces. You will merge with the cosmos and experience Oneness. The separation will dissolve. You will walk side-by-side with the Masters.

Light encoded energy is continually coming into your atmosphere to assist you in accomplishing this great ascension. For each individual that chooses this path of full and complete activation, you will need:

1. Total commitment to the Almighty Indwelling God.

2. A great will and intention to be one who will transform oneself.

3. The courage to face the darkness and transform it.

4. The discipline to accomplish your transformation and ascension.

There are millions who are encoded to become the Living Christ and experience the Holy Birth of the Activation of the Sacred Seals. The world has been praying for the Christ within you to awaken, activate and heal the world, creating Heaven on Earth.

The world is waiting for you. You are wanted. You are needed. The hearts and souls of humanity have been waiting for the Christ in you to return.

You are the cause of freedom - stand up and Claim your Birthright.

Be still and go within, ask the God of your Being if you are one of the 144 who will become a fully empowered Christ. If the answer is “yes,” then make it your intention to fully

Activate your Sacred Seals. In this way you will fully serve the evolution of earth and humanity.

As your activations occur, the DNA system will expand. Twelve serpents will be actively alive within you. The serpent is the ancient symbol of the Goddess of Wisdom, Knowledge and Power. As the DNA expands, your body will go through many changes. Your ability to know will increase, and telepathic abilities will be realized. Rejuvenation will occur. Your

ability to travel inter-dimensionally will be natural and normal. Your ability to bi-locate and to be one that can effortlessly and naturally perform miracles will develop. You will develop the ability for remote viewing. The gifts of the Gods will be yours to live.

You will become a Super Human Being, and live the divinity found deep within your Sacred Seals. You are Divine and once your Sacred Seals Activate, you will begin to live from this pure state of Love, and it will take you off the Wheel of Karma. ~ Your Brother in Service Jesus

Virginia Ellen



© 2012

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