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Earth Events and How They Are Effecting Your Body

by Kim Pickett

I remember while I was a teenager, I went to doctors telling them something “wasn’t right.” They took tests, but found nothing that could explain my fatigue, my body soreness, and why I was ‘sick’ so often. They took more tests and then more tests. Finally at 36 years old and after many years of suffering my doctor gave me a long sought-after diagnosis: I had chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

I went to the library, did a slew of research, and got scared. I learned that they really didn’t know much about what caused CFS and that it was, in fact, just a label they used for patients who have a long list of symptoms for no apparent reason. I also learned that CFS was chronic, as the name suggests, and that sufferers relying on conventional medical treatments rarely got well.

How could they if medicine couldn’t identify a cause?

Through my own research and after meeting good people in non-traditional therapies, I learned about Applied Kinesiology (AK). AK saved my life. AK is a form of muscle testing used as a primary feedback mechanism to identify what is wrong in the body and what will help it. Through AK testing I discovered that I

was suffering from heavy metal toxicity. With further AK testing a course of chelation (detoxification) was prescribed and my health improved drastically. I was on my way to enjoying a whole new life with my now unburdened body. That was over 20 years ago.

Today, I practice AK and day after day I get to ask tired or diseased bodies what they need to feel better. A body always knows and as long as I ask the right questions, through AK, the body can tell me exactly what it needs for the quickest ride to better health!

Many bodies are burdened as was mine. There is often a toxic “load” that the body is trying to discharge through numerous elimination channels (peeing, pooping, sweating, exhaling, etc). Over time a body runs into difficulty because of long-term accumulation of toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, medications, poor quality foods, air and water) and microbes. Our bodies become burdened and tired from trying to process and eliminate that which is not natural to it.

Accumulated toxicity and stress (burdens to the body) present as symptoms such as headaches, achy joints, digestive problems, fatigue, etc. These are all ways the body is trying to communicate to you that something needs attention.

Recently, I have observed an interesting and alarming trend in my clients. I have seen zinc toxicity and radiation toxicity take center stage.

Within a month or so after Japan’s nuclear accident of March 2011, I began to see clients who were testing for zinc toxicity. This seemed strange to me. As I questioned these clients, I found they had either recently eaten fresh caught Pacific seafood, visited California, or had eaten California “organic” food.

Within two or three months, more clients were testing for zinc toxicity regularly, and by fall of that year the majority of my clients (humans, dogs, cats and horses) were testing for toxic loads of zinc in their systems.

However, by late winter many of us were successful at moving large loads of the zinc molecules through our systems. I still see zinc come up in AK testing from time to time as it surfaces in a body that is clearing and successfully discharging bound toxins.

As long as we can continue to clear our elimination pathways, the body can cope.

Nothing has been more profound, however, than how clients and myself have tested in 2012 and going into 2013.

In early summer of 2012 I began to see EVERYONE testing for radiation toxicity. This means that everyone (even strictly indoor cats) was testing to high levels of toxic radiation.

Where could this be coming from? At first, I suggested to my clients that they stop cooking with microwaves, which is known to emit radiation, but I soon realized that wasn’t it. I began to do research on the Internet, and though not much is documented, I found a seemingly direct relationship between the solar flare activity in the atmosphere and the symptoms in my clients (and myself). The sun is in the midst of a solar flare cycle and we have been regularly experiencing C-class through X-class flares.

Initially, symptoms began with digestion and elimination problems for many. The

symptoms then expanded to include headaches, allergies, itching, eye problems, foggy thinking, sinus and breathing problems. Later, symptoms expanded to include arthritic troubles (all joints but many shoulders and knees). The effects over time accumulate to a significant toxic load in many of us as the radiation soars. Consequently, my phone rings a lot as symptoms abound.

I am optimistic as I see waves of symptoms get tested through AK and cleared with individualized programs. As a result, clients are doing well as we navigate this new territory.

For me to witness this has been remarkable. The body is intelligent and knows exactly what it needs to clear. Through AK the body’s number one priority of clearing all elimination pathways is satisfied.

Often people take “supplements” that they think are helping them. However, sadly many don’t test well to the body, and hence are a part of the burden that the body is ultimately attempting to clear.

When will this end? Sometime in 2013 according to the sky watchers. I look forward to seeing the collective clearing. The atmospheric challenge is expected to end in the first half of 2013, but be diligent and form good habits, as it will take some time to clear your system of this accumulated burden.

Here is what I recommend:

Consider being tested for a metabolic clearing shake or other support through AK


Whether you choose to pursue an AK testing session or not you can help yourself to increase the following:

Peeing, pooping, exhaling, inhaling, rocking, crying, sighing, bathing, sweating (without stressing the body and while being mindful of hydration). Your kidneys, bowels, skin, lungs and lymph will be all the better for it!

Kim Pickett 610 .363.1452 www.kpickett.com kpic888@aol.com


Through education and personal trauma, Kim Pickett knows the healing process intimately. From her experiences, Kim learned how pain, both physical and emotional, can be an effective motivator, healer, and teacher. Kim is an energy worker, body worker, and intuitive healer who has studied bodywork and energetic techniques for the past 25 years. Using her unique and integrated blend of Somatic, Neuro-Muscular, and Energy-based bodywork systems and Applied Kinesiology, Kim speaks to the body in its own powerful language. The intelligence of the body recognizes this language and responds dynamically. Kim works with extreme illness and injury and specializes in chronic disorders that often don’t respond to traditional medicine. As a well-rounded athlete, Kim has a special understanding for the needs of high performance individuals. Kim currently maintains her private healing practice for both humans, and horses, and all other kinds of animals.

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