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The Bliss Mistriss Guide: Through the Doorway into 2013

by Edie Weinstein

The day after Christmas, I was sitting in a circle facilitating a recovery group in an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program where I work. Since we were days away from the end of one year and the beginning of another, I asked them to engage in an exercise that would assist them in bridging the week in between since we wouldn’t be together again until 2013. I love saying to people “See you next year,” as we stand on that threshold, about to leap over. I have long been fascinated; even as a child with borders, boundaries, beginnings, endings and shifts. A shiny, as yet, unopened New Year certainly qualifies as one of them.

My suggestion to them was that they imagine a doorway before them and that they describe it out loud. The next step was to imagine what they want to leave behind on this side of the door and then visualize what they see on the other side of the door as they stride on through. This was just a preliminary experience since I asked them to go deeper with it once they got home and then journal about it and when they return the following week, we will talk about it. For these folks, their addictive patterns and behaviors, their fears and negative choices are among the things that they would much prefer to unload and leave in 2012. A new life, with healthy relationships, especially the one with the man in the mirror; as well as sober lifestyle choices are what they desire in the next 12 months. I’m eager to hear what they come up with when they do this at home.

Since I too love ritual, I decided to do this myself and invite you to engage in it as well. Last night before bed, I programmed a dream in which some of this could be worked through. First I created my Releasing List:

1. Fears of never experiencing the life of my dreams and desires

2. Self -limiting monkey mind inner critic thoughts

3. Frenetic doing, crazy-busy activity

4. Scarcity thoughts, especially about money

5. Pushing myself beyond energetic resources

6. I’m not enough/I’m too much dichotomy

7. And whatever else my obnoxious imagination conjures up….

I also honor and celebrate the joys and triumphs this year which include traveling and teaching, creating new workshops, writing for an increasing number of venues, radio interviews, being part of webinars, creating a coaching practice, currently writing a second book, maintaining a fitness regimen, connecting with amazing kindred spirits and taking the leap and leaving a stress filled full time job to do all of the above,

As I slept, I found myself immersed in nocturnal adventures that involved two men (neither of whom I recognized in this lifetime) that in the dream were former boyfriends. They were teasingly critical and at first, I took what they said personally and then laughed and shrugged it off. Then I noticed I was in either New Mexico or Arizona with someone as wonderful as these men were losers. I could feel myself smiling. I also saw myself teaching; doing the work that I love all around the world. Confident and relaxed, I saw myself easing and breezing through my days. Of course that is my preference.

The doorway through which I will gracefully step my tootsies is wooden, with a rounded top; fairy tale in appearance. It has a small window midway up with a beautiful floral wreath; greens and berries embellishing it. As I approach it, I breathe in the woodsy aroma….ahhhh. My hand touches its knotted surface and it opens before me. On the other side awaits wonder with the love, abundance, delight, play, adventure, opportunities, partnership, travel, teaching, serving, creativity, safety, ease and pleasure that my wide open heart desires. I am grateful for it all.

Wishing you a magnificent 2013…..see you on the other side of our collective doors.

Edie Weinstein, MSW, LSW (Bliss Mistress) is a colorfully creative journalist, dynamic transformational speaker, licensed social worker, interfaith minister, BLISS Coach and the author of the Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary. www.liveinjoy.org

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