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Self(s) Knows

Understanding the Source of a Great Healer's Work

by Sharon Cass Toole

Having been involved in the healing arts profession for many years, I have pretty much seen or somehow been involved in most of the traditional and alternative healing modalities around. I am an integrative psychotherapist and wellness coach, I hold a Ph.D. in Counseling, and I specialize in Energy Psychology for Rapid Emotional Healing. In my practice I use methods and techniques such as Transpersonal Psychology, EMDR, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Tapas Acupressure Technique, Trance Therapy, as well as NLP, Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. I am also Certified Clinical Aromatherapist (CCA) through the Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy. My father was a physician and my sister, Hyla Cass M.D., is a well-known integrative psychiatrist and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine, and one of the foremost authors, lecturers and consultants in the field of Integrative Medicine. Additionally, for the past nine years I have organized and hosted the Annual Energy Psychology Conference in Toronto, where I’ve welcomed the most well-known speakers, authors, and program founders in the field of alternative and energy medicine. These include Lynne McTaggart, Norman Shealy, MD, William Tiller, Ph.D., Gary Schwartz, Ph.D., Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., Eric Pearl, D.C., and Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D., among many others.

I am providing you with this background because last year I was introduced to Rhonda Lenair - visionary, nationally recognized medical intuitive, and pioneer in the field of energy addiction medicine. Experiencing Rhonda’s work changed me in ways that collapsed my ‘studied’ templates of what I had previously learned and practiced, yet streamlined all of them seamlessly, cohesively, and fluently as one language, not many, thus allowing me to draw greater benefit from each of them collectively. Now I have come to realize and understand that the source of this healer’s sacred information is a new genre in healing – a way to tangibly and palpably be changed by comprehending all healing modalities, philosophies, views, and concepts as one. As I and members of my family as well as the Energy Psychology community have experienced her powerful work, I can speak from experience about the transformative power of this unique soul as one soul(s) work (the work of all souls).

For those who have already been healed by Rhonda Lenair there is often the lingering question: what is the power or source that predictably causes miracles to occur through her work? The answer is not obvious but learning about this powerful transformative energy can lead one, as it has me, to a better comprehension of this sacred work that has eliminated addictions, particularly to alcohol, for thousands and thousands of people who were changed by her work forever.

This extraordinary work holds the key to self(s) entry. Self(s) is all existence that lives as one collective totality where all knowledge complete, unnamed and unframed, and a time-eternal voice, speaks through Rhonda. As she states, "The interface is about being, not seeing you physically, as my voice is used to speak the truth of self(s) and yourself as one truth, undivided. When you meet me, you meet yourself - a self(s) union to evolve and orbit multiple levels of consciousness." Rhonda adds, "Time is ubiquitous: what was, is, and will be are all occupying the Now – in one Now."

What would happen if you were to meet yourself, your true, knowing, pure, and unobstructed self? What would you want to know and what questions would you ask yourself? What if you really could get those answers pure and clear, from yourself not from another human, without the prejudice of your upbringing and socialization, without the fears of speaking your ‘muted’ voice and being in direct contact with it? How would your life be different? Would you then know how to use this information and proceed to accomplish your goals – or even establish them? Rhonda says, "Self(s) leads you to self, and self leads you to self(s)."

This is exactly what happens as part of the process with Rhonda. When you’re with her, you surpass your human physiology where a state of complete openness and coherency presides in a boundary-free, unnamed, unframed state of time-suspension, descending, transcending, and ascending. Rhonda states they are all but one state, divided by name only.

During the sessions, Rhonda becomes the mirror image of you, your self(s) that communicates to you through you and her spoken voice, just what you’re ripe to hear to heal – not only from your ‘labeled’ problem but from other deep abiding self(s) notices. She states, "Clients become not observed by me, but self(s)-observed, and when they observe self(s), they’re free…."

This soul-derived, self(s)-attained information may be spoken to you in the form of metaphors – those implicit comparisons of actions you repeat over and over in your life and the truths that either inhibit or accelerate your progress – or through Poemantra™, or iterations, prose, poetic verse, self(s)-composed proverbs, songs, or soliloquies. Just hearing this information as it flows through you will create deep changes within your being: This is the ‘unspoken’ gift you receive by being with self(s) through Rhonda’s humanness.

When you’re with her, a special trust is entered, thus fulfilled. Regardless of your religious, philosophical, sociological, or other belief systems, your information comes from you, perfectly synthesized and calibrated. Rhonda states, "It all flows through a perfect source where one is all and all is one; a diaphanous unspoken, undivided unity – one breath complete." Your problem (addiction or other issue) is the ‘key’ that opens the door to self(s) – your totality – and many people for the first time witness their completeness and the voice of their wholeness. Once you enter that door, your problem is no longer needed, as it no longer ‘serves a purpose’, but instead leads you to your purpose.

Leaving one’s problem behind after a program, whether the issue was alcoholism, an eating disorder, marijuana addiction or abuse & trauma, is not enough to complete the work, gifts, and benefits in the eyes of Rhonda Lenair or self(s). The multi-dimensional reasons why the problem manifested and how it can be completely resolved lies in the nature of self(s) … self(s) is profound, thus self astounds. Many people have been excited by the promise of a new drug or therapy or guru that can solve their problems. Yet, many have been disappointed by the lack of success or still feeling incomplete. People are fully restored to whole through Rhonda’s work, as they become their part of one whole self(s) legacy.

For those deciding how to get help for themselves or a loved one, one should consider whether they are looking for a temporary or quick fix, or one that resolves the issues that created the problem in the first place or perpetuates them. Being in the presence of Rhonda Lenair provides the most direct and impactful way of achieving problem resolution and receiving the gift of self(s) that might be unattainable through any other means, or at best, only partial. According to Rhonda, "Everything named and framed is incomplete and expires (physical-bound); everything unnamed and unframed is complete within a state of nothingness and inertia. In that state, relief awaits one…"

Now, Dear Reader, I’d like you to re-read this article in the form of a Poemantra™ - part poem, part mantra, yet a hybrid of both that recalibrates one as they read it – and read it in the language of Poemantra. Also, reading the following Poemantra, which Rhonda wrote as me, reflects the essence of this article: it is one of many Poemantra’s I chose from to include here. Once reading it, it will allow you to comprehend this article differently or its essence.

…Self(s) clues, self(s) hues,

Reflections of life’s blues,

And green vistas of new born views

Self(s) directed gifts life’s cues.

Self(s) is one win and lose

All parts of one whole self(s) of too’s

Yesterday’s and tomorrow’s news

Held in this moment self(s) ensues

No altered states of mind that woos

Deemed therapeutic as such, booze.

Fears to protect that hurt so much

One self(s) resolves with "one" self(s) touch.

Rhonda Lenair (August 30, 2007)

Sharon Cass Toole is the founder of Meridian Psychotherapy Services in Toronto, Canada and organizer of the Toronto Energy Psychology Conference held annually in Toronto. Her upcoming conference runs from October 24 through October 31, 2007. For more information, contact Sharon at 416-221-5639 or at: www.torontoepc.com. Rhonda Lenair will be a presenter at this conference on October 25. To learn more about Rhonda Lenair’s work at The Lenair Healing Center (www.lenair.com), including her travel schedule and upcoming teaching program, contact Barry Lenair at 802-537-3222 or at barry@lenair.com.

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