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Being Sealed By God

by Vrginia Elllen

Thank you for joining me in Becoming the Living Christ. I am grateful to be sharing this ancient and forgotten wisdom and its power with you. It is time now for us to live the love that we are, expressing love and living love in our actions and deeds. As each of us chooses Sacred Life Energy (God) above all things, each will become one and the same as Sacred Life Energy (God). There will be no difference between you and God. This is how our new world, Heaven lived on Earth, shall manifest. It is truly up to each one of us to choose God above all things. The Power of God will be on earth because you have chosen to live your Sacred Self, your Sacred Energy …. and I thank you for this choice.

In our new world there will be no suffering and no lack. The past will be erased from our memories, and love will be expressed though the hearts, voices and actions of those who have put Sacred Life first. Those that choose Sacred Life (God) and become Sacred Energy in its pureness will have Abundant Life (Eternal Life) without sickness or suffering.

Jesus’ gift of Sacred Heart Yoga allows one to Activate the Sacred Seals; this is the kingdom and glory of the Sacred Self (God) which resides in the human body waiting to express through the human form. Once this Sacred Self is activated, it purifies the ego. Day-by-day, the Sacred Self (God) begins to express its wisdom and gifts of Heaven on Earth to the new world. The Power of Love (God) will be on earth because the Sacred Self is active and alive, expressing Sacred Life within the developed soul.

You become the Bride and your Sacred Self (God) is the Groom. Sacred Matrimony will have occurred between your mind and heart (female and male energies), as well as the marriage between the human self and the Divine Self. Only those who have put the Sacred first and devoted themselves to purifying the human self (Ego) can enter into this place of Heaven on Earth. They have Activated the Sacred Seals and lifted and developed themselves into mystical beings, spiritual beings who no longer are material beings.

All that choose the Sacred Self and Sacred Life above all else will be Sealed by God. The River of Life will flow through them and within this place of Heaven on Earth. The Land of D’bashmaya (Heaven) is the center of this paradise, and it will be a place of abundant gifts and abundant life shall be for all who dwell within this Holy Place. The Light of the Christ will be expressed and known, and there will no need for anything else.

When you embrace and embody the Christ Consciousness of this new reality, everything just comes to you without trying or working hard to get it. This is due to the Law of Attraction. Your vibration will bring you whatever is needed or what you desire easily and effortlessly.

Your Consciousness Creates Your Life to be Filled - Jesus

Thought is electrical and vibrates at its own frequency. Vibrations are the language of God and as you move into Christ Consciousness you are transmitting this God frequency into the universe and it brings you love, joy and prosperity. When your thoughts are pure (Christ Consciousness) you are one with God.

May you walk into the new world in peace and grace,

Virginia Ellen

Virginia Ellen is a modern day mystic and a bearer of Jesus’ original message. She had a near-death experience where she came face-to-face with her teacher, Jesus. In this transformative experience, Virginia was infused with the wisdom and energy to Activate the Sacred Seals ( Christ Light ). She now transmits this Sacred Energy to others, bringing God to life in every cell of the body while Activating their Sacred Seals. http://reprogrammingtheunconsciousmind.com

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