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Flowers From Maine: Healing Messages From the Ascended Masters

by Alicja Bialasiewicz RN, ATP®

I will stand on top of the mountain and I will love me. I will not look for pain. I will love this life. I will know my talent. I will have me back. I will no longer be lost, searching for a shelter, a ship without a harbor. My talent will anchor me to this earth. My feet will grow deep roots into our Mother and I will know who I am. I will smile at self-pride, my constant companion and friend. I will proclaim to the world all that I am. I will no longer bow my head in shame or feel abandonment and loss and pain. I will not allow for fear to rule my days. I will know me. I will introduce myself gently and quietly at first to all of the pieces of me. I will say “Hello, I am your biggest fan!” I will smile and smile and smile and it will never end. I have found my pieces of self in the mists of confusion and loss and anger and sorrow and pain. They were always my dearest friends. They have thought me lessons I had asked to learn and now gently they bow down and they wish me well. My dearest friends: anger, love and pain. Anger let me survive. Love kept me sane. Pain kept me moving and reaching and learning and wanting and knowing and hoping and wishing… expecting…that there was and always is more.

Feel the pain and rejoice. When you feel the pain and rejoice, you know that the pain does not have power over you. And it is the Emotional Pain that We are talking about. The emotional pain is teaching you a valuable lesson and yet it is unknown to you at the time what the lesson is. Just rejoice and the pain will dissipate. Puff like the Magic Dragon it will be no more. What will be left is the You, but without the pain of your Inner Self. Please allow us to help you with a definition that will bring comfort and peace to you and all of the loved ones. There is no fear. There is only your choice to fear It. You always have the free will to choose what your It is. Begin today; begin right now to identify what your It is?

What demon, monster, pain, and sorrow your It is and there my friend you will find the solace of your Being, the knowing of your Highest Self and the most amazing person of all – you will find you. The It must be allowed to remind you of your loss of Being, but it must never be allowed the control of your very being, of your Light in this world. The It was created by you. It does not come from Us. Now we will show you how to begin to recognize when you are controlled by It.

Take a deep breath and feel the power of your Being. Know and just feel the peace, the calmness, the love, the joy and happiness. See the abundance coming your way, become your abundance. Breathe and become all that you long for, all that you desire. The gift is you. The love is in you. The power you hold is in your heart. Release the It with your Holy Breath of your Inner Being. Release the It. It does not possess you and make you.

It is your belief, your culture’s belief in the Demon, the Devil, The Fear, The Cancer, The Tumor, Death – it is all It. Please take a deep breath and release your knowledge of It. Yes, It exists, but do not hold it so close to your body, wrapped so tight by your arms – let it go. “The truth shall set your free”. Let this truth set you free. It exists. It was created by the human mind, all the terror, human wars, poverty, struggle, rape, child molestation – do not hold it so close to you. Do not focus upon it. It will lose power when you no longer hold it so close to you, in such great fear of it. Know it exists, because you have created it, but know you can let it go by dimming its power with your constant Intention and Breath.

Affirm to yourself:

I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am

I am connected with The One Source of Power in this Universe.

I am a gift of the Creator to this earth.

I am a gift to my Higher Self.

I am.

I exist.

I live, I love, and I laugh.

I am.

Breathe and affirm I AM.

Go in Peace. Your journey for now is complete.

Alicja Bialasiewicz and TW

Alicja Bialasiewicz RN, ATP® has been an intuitive her whole life. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® having studied and completed her training with Doreen Virtue®. She has also trained in Native American Shamanism. In addition to her own business, Inner Light Healing, Alicja is a nurse at a local Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

www. Alicjainnerlight.com 518.944.0760

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