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A Chinese Astrological Portrait of Pope Francis

by T. Raphael Simons

Pope Francis was born on Dec 17, 1936. The signs of his year, month, day and hour of birth are Fire Rat, Metal Rat, Water Rooster, and Water Dog, respectively. Fire Rat and Water Rooster both make him magnetic, charismatic, and convincing. He has strong discriminatory abilities and a forceful intellect, discerning truth from falsehood, and is at his best when surrounded by intelligent and productive people. His chart shows a varied career with some extreme ups and downs, and that he distances himself from his family and followers late in life.

The element count in Francis' chart gives 5 Waters, 00 Wood, 2 Fires, 1 Earth, and 3 Metals. 5 Waters gives him a strong intelligence and makes him a deep thinker, but with some danger of developing bone and nerve problems and weakness of kidney and adrenal function as he ages.

00 Wood means that whenever Wood came up in time Francis faced serious challenges in the development of his work. Wood came up in Francis' life from age 17 to age 57. Certain allies, especially in his 30s, were actually working against his better interests.

Fire is Francis' Vital Element. He has 2 Fires. Fire comes up in Francis' chart between age 47 and 82. During these years he is strongly protected. The weather in
Rome, especially in summer, is good for Francis' health. He thrives in a hot, dry climate.

1 Earth is very weak. When Earth comes up Francis' life force weakens. At age 77, in 2013, Francis enters Earth Monkey cycle for 10 years. For the first 5 years of this cycle he is protected because the Earth combines with other elements in his chart to produce Fire. But after 82 he will become increasingly weak. He will probably live into his mid to late 80s, naturally. Weak Earth means weak stomach, spleen, and pancreas. Overly strong Water with weak Earth points to digestive and circulatory weakness.

3 Metals in Francis' chart confirm that he is a scholar, but, with such strong Water and weak Earth, his way of working depletes his physical vitality. Fire as his vital element tells him to become physically active and to go for long brisk walks, or even to dance, to keep up his vitality and strengthen his circulation and digestion.

Born on the day of Water Rooster with a predominance of Water in his chart, Francis appears to be an amiable character who needs to act freely and independently to be at his best. He may show independent initiative in directing programs, and may come to make significant changes in the papacy itself during his time in the

Born on a day of yin Water in a year and month of Rat, Francis' career has been highly varied. Born on a day of Rooster, he is a scholar who loves religion and art. Born in the hour of Dog he is very lucky in his live. Born on a day of yin Water, at night, and on a winter's day, and coming now into the cycle of Monkey is ominous for Francis. It is possible that he will pass away within 10 years. But in this period he will reach a pinnacle in the year 2019.

T. Raphael Simons is an internationally recognized expert, author, and teacher in Chinese astrology and fengshui. Author of three books on fengshui, Feng Shui Step by Step, Feng Shui Strategies for Business Success, and The Feng Shui of Love originally published by Crown and Random house, and translated into 12 languages, Raphael is the only westerner to have studied with the distinguished Taiwanese fengshui expert and astrologer Terry Lee. For more information visit www.trs-fengshui.com.

Feng Shui Step by Step is reprinted and is available at Amazon.com and at www.createspace.com/3472024.

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