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May 2013 Eclipse Messages and Horoscopes

by Elissa Heyman

On April 25th there was a full moon in Scorpio lunar eclipse, and here in Santa Fe the skies switched back and forth from grey and threatening to bright blue. I was over at a friend’s house, sitting around with a couple of people. Everything was eerily quiet and grey at that moment. We were asking the house oracle, a great I Ching book called the” I Ching Workbook” by R.L. Wing, what was up with this eclipse…what did it signify?

The other two people asked the oracle for personal omens, but I had my readers and the May newsletter on my mind. I asked for an eclipse message for all: what helps us be in harmony with nature now, what actions and attitudes did the I Ching recommend?

The hexagram MODERATION came up. It described moderation in unusual ways: “It must be understood that acting in MODERATION means not only limiting the obvious excesses, but also exposing yourself to new areas of experience. Through MODERATION you can now gain some real control over your destiny.” Being tolerant of everything, including peoples’ weaknesses and inferior elements—indulging in a little bit of everything—was a successful navigation technique in May 2013.

Then I went outside to walk a few dogs and myself, and under the full moon, spontaneously came up with a new divination system to get messages for the fire, water, air and earth signs. It uses found objects in nature, that happen to be inside circles I drew in the sand of the arroyo where I was walking. Here’s what I got, your comments are welcome:

Psychic Horoscopes for May 2013

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Your spirit guide’s advice: Go to places where “they know ye not”, it’s educational and could lead to career opportunities. Wherever you are going, literally or figuratively, start to get ready. Here’s how: Step #1: DROP ALL ARGUMENTS. Step #2 DROP ALL SELF-DOUBT. Step #3: EXPECT TO HAVE A GOOD TIME, AND PLAN FOR IT.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Don’t be hasty. Weed out the rot. Polish up what isn’t great. Don’t be heavy-- travel light. Don’t tell long stories. Feel free to advise others only if you have conquered the subject yourself. A blessing from the spirit guides of the Fire Signs: “We will always be here, helping you, guiding you into the unknown. And it’s into the unknown that you should be going.”

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Any weak links in the chain stand out and need to be strengthened. Don’t be afraid to concentrate on just one thing and build it up. It’s better to be pregnant with something at which you wish to succeed, rather than be trying to push it out into the world. “Beyond belief! Amazing!” you might think about some of the things that are happening to you now.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): You are in a protected place, the right place to deal with whatever emerges in your life. “Bring it on!” should be your mantra. Bigger things want to be released from within you. This passage in your life might journey through the dark but it leads to a lighted home.

Elissa Heyman is a professional psychic counselor and healer with a practice based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She gives workshops nationally in psychic development and is a featured radio guest. Elissa writes for Examiner.com and produces a monthly prediction newsletter. Her website has many free features readers use to develop their own psychic ability. Her specialties are spiritual healing and energy release work, clairvoyant reading and divination. Sessions with Elissa are in person or by phone, www.elissaheyman.com, 505-982-3294. (Manhattan in person: May 9-16th)

With a stick be inspired to draw a circle for one of the elements, and where I drew it and what objects in nature were inside, executed it in a dry arroyo, drawing circles in the sand for each element as it came through. The elements that came into play were the physical objects inside such as “tolerating weakness and inferior elements” that I’d never thought of before, but they seem appropriate for now. The new views of moderation include not only “avoiding ostentatious values but also tolerating weaknesses and inferior elements. ‘Everything in moderation’ means just that.

Elissa Heyman

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