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Transformational Healing: The Spiritual Role of the Healer

by Mary Sise, LCSW

Healing is not about making the illusion better, but about releasing or getting out of the illusion. We have become separated in our mind from our true essence, which is pure Light." — Her Holiness Sai Maa

What is the illusion? Sai Maa, creator of the global Transformational Healers Program, teaches that the illusion is the voice of our ego, telling us that we are our story and continually trying to justify our existence, moods, and opinions. From this space of ego and separation, we contract our energy field, which then creates "dis-ease" within us. Western medicine frequently overlooks this, treating only the symptoms of the energy contraction such as back pain, cancer or depression.

Transformational Healing transcends the "treat the symptom of disease" model of healing. Rather than focusing on symptoms or collecting various healing techniques, transformational healing focuses on the cause of the contraction in our energy field, mind or body; and also on the spiritual role of the healer. Moving beyond the ego’s concept of disease or conditions, we naturally enter a place of esoteric knowledgethe spiritual dimension of healingand learn how to transform contracted energy with love and compassion.

In the role of the healer, we recognize that, similar to a tuning fork, our own energetic vibration impacts others. When we acknowledge and release our own lower vibrational fears, we are then able to experience the higher dimensional levels where healing occurs naturally. The mechanism or modality for the transfer of energy (i.e., talk therapy, surgery, massage) although necessary, becomes much less important. All great masters have shown us that healing occurs when higher vibrational energy comes into contact with a lower vibrational condition.

There are two important questions to ponder: If the healer’s vibration is so important, how do we increase our own capacity for Light to flow through us? And, if we are not coming from a space of pure Light, will we incur karma?

The issue of incurring karma was one of the most shocking things I became aware of during my training with Sai Maa. Sai Maa states that everything is karma, and if we take money when we ourselves have not healed something, we are incurring karma. When I first heard this, I reflected back on my years as a therapist, and I couldn’t help but think about those clients with whom I became frustrated with or might have labeled as "resistant." Did that mean I had the same issues as the client and just couldn’t help them until I cleared the energy from within myself first? The answer was a resounding yes. And, if I was taking money for this, not only was I not helping clients, I was preventing them from receiving the help they needed.

All healing happens in the vibration of Love. The minute I become frustrated or controlling, the Light can no longer flow through me to the client. This doesn’t just apply to energy healers, but to everyone in the healing roledoctors, massage therapists, talk therapists, etc. When we are "in the flow," it seems magicalwe ask the right clinical questions, have brilliant insights and say the perfect thing. This is what is meant by being in alignment with our higher self, the Divine within us.

As described above, healing happens when a higher vibration meets a contracted vibration. Since there are only two energies on this planetlove and fearthis means that healers cannot have the same vibration as the client, otherwise the healer will be triggered and go into contraction themselves. The expression of the fear may be different (shame, judgment, anger, terror, guilt, unworth-iness), but the healer must have healed that energy within themselves to be a clear, effective conduit of healing Light. If the healer isn’t coming from that higher space, than he or she is using their own personal energy, which is exhausting and, frankly, not very powerful. This is how those in the healing profession get sick themselves.

As I continued to learn Sai Maa’s teachings on healing, I began to notice that when I was giving advice that I didn’t practice myself, the other person didn’t receive it. It was uncanny. I also realized that, at times, I would be listening to someone speak and it might be something I had heard a million times before, but this time it just "sank in" in a new, powerful way. I discovered that this was because the person actually embodied what they were speaking about. I learned that healing doesn’t happen with the words I say. Healing only happens with the energy I AM. If my words don’t match my vibration, then they have no power to heal or transform.

At this moment in time, we are blessed to have the presence of a living Master, Sai Maa, who brings to us the esoteric knowledge of vibrant health and healing at all levels. Sai Maa states that everyone is a healer and created the Transformational Healers Program to educate and empower us to align ourselves with this Divine knowledge to serve others. In addition, just simply being in the presence of a living Master attunes our own frequencies to a higher level. This, in turn, serves the planet. Each Transformational Healing workshop with Sai Maa includes esoteric teachings as well as initiations of Divine Light to empower us in our daily lives and to serve others.

A Transformational Healers Day with Sai Maa will be held on June 28 in Albany, New York. Those serving in the healing role as professionals, volunteers, and students are welcome to participate. That same evening, Sai Maa will be offering Darshan, and on June 29, Sai Maa and her teachers will present a day-long workshop for the public titled Love is the Key. More information may be found at www.SaiMaaAlbany.com.

Mary Sise, LCSW, is a social worker with a private practice in Latham, NY. She also serves as the Program Director for Sai Maa’s Transformational Healers Program. More information may be found at www.MarySise.com.  

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