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Healing Relationships

by Eve Wilson

Relationships are potent teachers; they mirror people back to themselves in ways that are as mysterious as dreams and often as hard to understand. But like dreams, if we pay attention to them, we can see ourselves in important and valuable ways. Let’s take a look at the dynamic of relationships; what we can learn from them and how we can heal them.

Meditate for a moment on the people in your life; notice where they provide comfort as well as the places where they rub you uncomfortably. Here are your mirrors, what do they tell you about yourself?

A mirror is an opposite reflection, and often what you get from others is confusing because of that. So if someone makes you feel badly about yourself, what the mirror may be saying to you is that you need to love yourself more. It presents a challenge to rise to that situation and be truer and stronger in yourself. Think of it as a workout gym, when you need to gain strength you use the opposition the other person provides to strengthen yourself.

If someone brings out the aggressor in you, it might be an opportunity to learn to love yourself more so you won’t need to project your negativity onto others, or to deal with old anger and frustrations through healing work. It could also be an opportunity to align your power with a higher purpose and direct that energy toward your own growth or in service.

We seek relationships for comfort and companionship, but they can also make us very uncomfortable and in some you can feel more alone than when you are alone.

Relationships are most powerfully for our soul development and growth. Where there is no growth in a primary relationship, it begins to break down. Often where a relationship needs to grow there will arise feelings of irritation, anger or separation. You can use these opportunities to ask yourself what elements of your true self have you been neglecting in order to be comfortable in your relationship. If you will allow those aspects of self to blossom despite the resistance, in a good relationship, that independent growth will make the relationship stronger. No one can fill all the needs of another and no person can abandon their selves without self-damaging. Each partner can benefit by being their own self as fully as possible so they bring all of their self to their own life. Then they have more aliveness to invest in the areas where their partnership really blossoms. This creates a dynamic and interesting relationship which can continually grow and inspire.

As a healer, I love looking at the dynamics of relationships. I see the ways that two opposites attract and create between them a sense of one whole. At first this can be comfortable and feel right, but over time it often becomes oppressive. Where one person is strong, the other is weak and vice versa. People begin to resent the strength or weakness of the other. They can feel stuck in either role. However, if the weaker person will persevere in becoming strong, or the strong can back off and make room for the weaker to grow, in a good relationship the other person will adjust over time to accommodate that change and even find it to be a relief. Not everyone is able to change, and that is a risk that you take when you grow within a relationship. However, don’t give up at the first sign of resistance. Love yourself and your partner and reassure them that you are growing so there is more of you to love; not to overpower or abandon the other, but to be a better partner.

I love working with couples and families to help everyone flourish within these relationships. Using my intuitive gifts, I offer a loving perspective on the dynamics they are reacting to and help everyone realize more of their true selves. Looking back through each person’s lifetime we see where they have been wounded and how those wounds are limiting their ability to be close in the present situation. We can address karmic lessons and soul contracts, smoothing the way for issues to resolve and people to relax. They can begin to respond in new ways within the present and their relationships begin to live up to their great potential.

One great lesson of any relationship is learning when to stay in it and when to let it go. A key I have found is that where no growth is possible, it may be time to move on. Another is the joy quotient: how much joy does your relationship generate compared to the amount of negativity you experience. Think of your relationship as an investment. You have been given this life, like a savings account. How is the best way for you to invest that abundance? What is the path that your personal growth requires of you and which will pay you the greatest dividend of soul development and growth? Balance that with your need for comfort and security, of course. There are no simple answers because everyone has different soul contracts and there are as many ways to do relationships as there are people. One person’s restriction is another person’s growth. Through meditation, prayer and healing it becomes clear over time just when to stay and when to go. Making these hard choices you learn to trust yourself and that is possibly the greatest single gift for you to develop.

Eve Wilson is a naturally gifted intuitive healer, able to read the aura and the soul’s contracts, healing the root cause of disease for humans and animals; also training legally accredited Healer Practitioners since 1986 through The Healer Development Program courses. Her classes reach people around the world via Skype or phone. She is skilled at helping people and the planet through the current changes and ascension. Visit her website for The Weekly Word for Healing and Ascension and more information www.spiritualhealers.com . evew@spiritualhealers.com - 734-780-7635.

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